Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 19


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Chapter 19


Sanskar’s POV ~

It was such a rough night. Man..! Why the hell do people drink so much? Afterwards, it is we who have to handle them. Just a night before, a boy in his twenties had blanked out and as I helped him, he started talking shit and forcing himself on me. Phew..! Only I know how I escaped..

The clock ticked eleven in the morning and I was yet to be awakened. I was in no mood to get out of my bed actually.  Not that I was sleepy but I just wanted to cuddle some more with my blanket. As I was turning left and right in my bed, I saw a figure standing besides my bed. I couldn’t make who the person exactly was with my half opened eyes. Without minding much, I turned my face other ways and for back to my hibernating mode.

A few peaceful minutes passed and I felt like something cold tickling my right cheek. And I was chocked with something in my nose. As I opened my puffy eyes, I could make our that I was wet and water was falling was still falling upon me. Was it a natural calamity? A flood?

I woke up fully awakened in a matter seconds. What the hell? And I saw Swara standing besides my bed with a jug in her hand and giggling. Not just the jug, it was an empty jug. And I figured what all she had done. Shit..! She was offensive of the disaster that broke a few seconds back. She was so gone..!

‘Swara yaar.. What the hell you have done? You know, I worked the whole night long in the club. You should have let me relax for sometime at least.’

‘Ha ha ha..! You still want to relax? Wait I’ll get another jug. Lol..!’

‘That’s not funny, Swara.’

‘You know the wedding fate is approaching and we yet have a lot prepare. You lazy lamb..! Feet up quickly and take a bath.’

‘No.. First I need to punish you.’

‘Punish..? For what?’

‘For what all you did to me a few minutes back and that wasn’t courteous at all. So you need to be punished.’

‘Woah..! Lol..! All right then.. Catch me if you can.’

She winked at me and started running around the whole room. Ah..! This girl was so childish. It was like we were playing the stupid game of chasing one another. She was now panting and slowed down. I, taking the advantage of the situation, caught hold of her hand immediately and pulled her towards myself when I tripped on my own clothes which were scattered around the room and both of us fell on the bed. She, on top of me..

I kept on staring at her as the cotton feathers inside the pillow blew out. She looked beautiful amidst the whole pillow mess. It was getting weird for me as I have never felt that way with her before. I think Ragini’s love talks have had a huge impact on me. Does that mean I love her? My thought chain was disturbed when I saw her waving her hand at me and trying to get up.

‘Oh god..! That’s such a mess. Now come on get up and make your moves faster. We have to reach Ragini’s place soon. Its already getting late.’


Some more time followed and were at Ragini’s place. The villa was beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and other fancies. Uncle and aunty greeted us as we entered inside. Their face had an usual tint of happiness for it was there inky daughter’s wedding.

Swara immediately took a big basket and started working on it. She was so much dedicated after all it was her best friend’s wedding. She wanted to give her everything Ragini desired of.

‘Sanskar.. Come here na. Let’s decorate these baskets for the invitation cards. We have to send them to all the guests.’

‘Yeah..! Just a second.’

‘So I think that we should decorate the invitation cards in this basket along with the flowers and stuff. What say..?’

‘Hmm.. Good idea..! And who doesn’t love flowers?’

We completed our jobs after some time and were quite satisfied with it. The basket was beautifully decorated with the flowers of paper and sparkling golden cloth pieces. The invitation cards, that were ornamented in the fanciest manner and had Raglak embellished on it in beautiful shining colors, were kept besides a box of chocolates which had red hearts embedded in it. In totality, everything looked ravishing and just perfect for the upcoming Punjabi Wedding.

And it was finally happening..

Ragini Malik


Laksh Kapoor

There dreams were coming true and mine were yet to be scrounged..

POV ends ~



A great marriage is not the union of a perfect couple, but two imperfect people who accept and embrace each other’s flaws. It is the mutual commitment of two hearts in love without conditions and expiration date..

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