Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17
♥We need to talk♥

Laksh’s POV ~

I have been waiting outside Swara’s office for an hour now and still there’s no sign of her. Oh god! I would never understand the SF standards. I mean, its already 11 when the employees leave and they are expected to place their butts back on the chairs at 9, the following morning. This is total sh*t. And Swara, what a nonsense she did while joining this company.

But I had to talk to her anyhow, so I decided to stay back and lied to her that Sanky was busy with the club and that Ragini wasn’t in the city. I saw a figure making an exit from the gates of the huge building. It was Swara, finally.

‘What got you so late today?’ I asked as she got inside the car. ?


‘What..? Swara, you know you cannot lie to me. Come on .. Speak up.’?

‘Laksh, yaar.. I cannot come with you guys. I need to be here no matter how much I hate not being with you guys. Everyone here works so hard, or at least pretend to. They stay up late only to show their bosses how much more sincere they are than the other people around. I just.. I am just a little, well, scared.’ ?

‘Scared? You don’t need to be. I know you work really hard. And staying up even after the completion of work.. What’s the point in that?’?

‘I know Laksh.. That’s a silly thing to do. But even if it helps a little. I cannot go back to my old life. To Delhi.’?

‘You won’t have to. I promise.’?


‘Cross my heart and hope to die. Just in case they fire you, come and work in my company. But I won’t let you go to wherever you came from.’?

‘Thank you Laksh. You are the one true friend anyone would love to have. Thank you for being my friend.’?

I smiled at her sentence and we drove off to a cafe. All the while, she didn’t speak anything and just looked out of the window, thoughtfully. I promise you Swara, you won’t be like this anymore. I’ll make you realize your love for him.

We talked a lot over the cup of coffee. But yet I wasn’t able to start off with the most important thing. I was actually confused. Ragini would have definitely handled the situation much better.

‘Umm Swara.. What do you think about love?’ I started somehow. But it was a bad one.?

‘Laksh.. Are you okay? What happened to you suddenly? Love and all.. I hope everything’s fine between you an Ragini.’?

‘Nah..! Everything’s good. Just that.. I wanted to know your views. I know, uh have never felt that LOVE thing, after your Grandma left. But still you might have given it a thought. You might have imagined how your partner would be like. Right?’?

‘Not actually. I mean, love and all.. I never understood it. All it means to me is not being together physically, but being connected through the soul. It can never be experienced, but can only be felt. And my partner, someone like me.’?

‘Okay.. Impressive..! So you do want fall in love, right?’?

‘Actually no.. I am afraid to fall in love. When I lost the only person I loved, it left me shattered. I was broken. I never had the guts to love someone again.’?

‘What? Swara yaar.. Why are you like that? I mean, its amazing to fall in love. You have someone by your side who cuts down your sorrow and multiplies your joy.’?

‘But what if you lose the one whom you loved more than your life? The world then comes to an end. I have felt that pain Laksh. Its really difficult to see your beloved go far away from you. It really is..’?

Tears came rolling down her cheeks which she seemed to have been controlling all the while. I knew what it felt to her, though I have never been through this phase. But still when you see your best buddy crying, you can actually feel the pain.

‘Swara.. Be brave. In know you are. Come on now.. Smile.. Oye..! My workaholic doll.. Lemme see your lips form into that beautiful curve. Hey..’?

‘Laksh.. I am not crying. See I am so brave. I won’t cry Grandma. Never. I know you wanted me to smile, no matter what.’ She said, looking heavenwards.?

She is such an adorable girl. Perfect for Sanky. She is the only who could fix him and he’s the one who will fix her.

‘Smiley.. Smiley..! Keep it in your lips forever. Don’t you dare lose it. And don’t think that you’re alone. Your best friends will always be with you in every walk of life. Right there in you heart. Find us there and every problem would be solved in a minute. Okay..?’?

‘Thank you so much.. I don’t know what my life would have been if I had not met you all. You all make me feel ALIVE.’?

‘Thank you? How many times will you say that, eh? Sanky always na.. Friendship mein no sorry and no thank you.. Understood?’?

‘Ha ha.. Yeah..! By the way, is Sanky that busy today? I thought of calling him tonight. I feel quite relaxed after pouring my heart over to him. And today was a hectic one, so I really need to talk to him. Badly..!’?

‘Umm.. Yeah.. He was busy with the club. But you call him na.. I am sure he won’t be that busy to talk to you. Never..!’?

‘Whatever.. Well.. I’ll call him. After all that’s what best friends are for.’?

No dear.. That’s what soulmates are for..! I got the answer to my question. I know that you love him. You’re just a bit scared to love him because you don’t wanna lose him. And that only shows how much you care for him. You will realize that soon.

I just hope that Sanky feels the same. Ragini would talk to him tonight, anyway. And when their day doesn’t gets over without talking to each other, its 100℅ love. But realization is a difficult task. Hope you complete it soon. My lovebirds..! ❤

POV ends ~

Love isn’t about finding a perfect person.. Its about realizing that an imperfect person can make your life perfect..

I hope you guys enjoy the bond the four of them share. I love writing the friendship tales much more than the romantic sequences. ?

♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

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