Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14
♥Party preps..!♥

Ragini’s POV ~

It was Swara’s birthday today and we haven’t yet prepared anything. I mean, the gifts were all ready but the main part, the party, was still unplanned. The three of us have decided to surprise her with a small party at her place when she returns from work.

And these two lazy lads..! I have been calling them for past two hours now but none of them has the courtesy to even pick up the phone. Huh..! Pick up..! Pick up the call guys..! I so hate them.

It was already 12 in the noon and swara might have left for the office by now. I dragged the two of them and we three quietly sneaked into her house as Sanky had a key of her apartment. We decided to get the frills, balloons and other stuff which we would require to decorate the place.

After an hour or so, we finally set off to work. I decided to order the cake and other delicacies for tonight. Coming out of the room, I saw what I should have never seen. The two boys had created a complete mess in her house as both of them fought over the color, Swara’s name was to be written in. Seriously? Boys can never grow up. Dumb heads..!

I fumed in anger as the two of them still fought over the most stupid thing in this world.

‘Enough is enough..! Are you guys mad? Its already late and we have still not prepared anything. For heaven’s sake, just stop this nonsense of yours.’ I shouted. ?

‘Baby.. See.. I was just telling him that we’ll write Swara’s name in sparkling silver and golden. She would definitely love it. She likes these kind of things. Hai na..?’ Laksh said. ?

‘Nahi nahi Lucky.. She loves pink color very much. And she’ll love it if we write her name in pink rather than in silver and golden. I know her likes and dislikes really well..!’ Argued Sanky. ?

‘But san..’ Laksh was in a full swing to continue with the debate but was unfortunately cut off by me. ?

‘Oh shut up..! Stop it, will you? You guys are fighting over such a petty thing. We’ll do it in pink with a shiny silver border. Happy..?’ ?

‘Yayy..! You’re so intelligent baby.. I love you..!’ Laksh said. ?

‘Yeah.. I agree with you Ragini.’ Sanky too agreed. ?

‘Hmm.. But for now, both of you have to clean up this mess before we proceed for the decorations.’ I ordered. ?

‘What..?’ The duo shouted in unison. ?

‘What what..? You created it, so now clean it. Till then, I’ll go get a beautiful dress for her to wear tonight. And guys, please do it fast. We are really short of time.’ ?

I could see both of them talking through expressions and giving each other tough looks. I felt like laughing at their little innocence. They were impossible..!

‘But listen baby.. Actually I was thinking that you and Sanky stay here and do with the cleaning part. I’ll go get Swara a beautiful dress. I mean where would you go searching for it. Its too hot outside. I don’t want you get ill. Please baby.. Try to understand..’ Laksh said with pleading eyes. ?

‘Umm actually.. I know Swara’s choice better. May be I could get her a dress, a beautiful one. What say Ragini?’ Now Sanky came up with an excuse. ?

‘Boyssss….! No one can understand a girl’s choice better than a girl itself. So you don’t have to take the pains of going out. Stay here and clean the mess you created some time ago. As for the heat outside, I am going in a car. And do not bother, I shall switch on the AC.’ ?

‘Ragini.. Come on yaar..! How are we going to clean it all alone? Have some pity on us. Please.’ Sanskar said. ?

‘You’ve have to clean it as you are left with no other choices. And pity..? Oh please.. I know your acting skills quite well. So it would definitely not work up on me. Total dramebaaz..! Now stop making faces and get to our work. Faster..!’ It was me this time. ?

‘Yes ma’am..!’ The duo said. ?

Two of them tied a handkerchief around their faces and covered their hands with the gloves from Swara’s hair color box. They were gone..! I watched the duo, as they cleaned every part of the house with utmost dedication. Lol..! How cute they both looked. They would do anything for Swara.

By the time I reached the place, after roaming in the whole city for a single dress, I saw the place all shining. I must say, the boys had done a brilliant job. And the two of them had slumped on the ground due to tiredness. It was already evening when we started working on the decorations.

The whole white wall was now covered with our pictures and in the middle was written FANTASTIC FOUR in big bold letters. Another wall had HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWARA, written in pink and silver, as decided by me earlier. Some more time, and the room was filled with balloons and stars and other glittery stuff.

Satisfied with what we had done, we rested our butts on the floor and soon went off to sleep. But in no time, three of us were awakened by the incessant ringing of the bell by the delivery guys. Not even a single soul rested today. We all worked day in and day out to give our Swara a lifetime surprise, the one which she would never forget..!

It was already 9 and we were ready with the surprise. Swara might turn up anytime soon and I was waiting for her in the lobby outside her house. We decided to blindfold her and take her inside the house while all lights would be switched off. Everything was perfectly done and we waited for her to return from the office. And there she came.. Our BIRTHDAY GIRL..!

POV ends ~

Friends are someone who understand your past, believe in your future and accept your present just the way it is. They are like stars in the night, you do not have to see them daily to know that they are there.

Such was the bond amongst the four of them. A sacred one..!

What this birthday has in store for Swara? And what our cupid Ragini has planned for tonight?

♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

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