Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 13


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Chapter 13
♥New friends♥

Swara’s POV ~

I was in my office when Sanskar called me. He had planned a dinner for four of us – Me; Him; Laksh; and Ragini. Laksh was Sanskar’s best friend since college days and Ragini was Laksh’s girlfriend. He told me about the the little party and I was only too glad to join in.

A part of me was actually excited for I was meeting them for the very first time. And as from Sanskar’s talks, both seemed to really good and now I was getting desperate to meet them.

At night, we reached the restaurant and waited for both of them to turn up. It was a quiet place with an adjacent dance club. They finally showed up. Laksh and Ragini. A perfect couple, they made. Both of them really looked adorable together. As soon as Laksh saw Sanskar, he came running towards him and took him into a bone crushing hug. The hug itself spoke loads of the kind of the bond they shared. They were more of the brothers than friends. Oops..! Best friends. Sanskar hates it when I call them “just friends”.

Ragini was beautiful. With a perfect figure and an amazing height, she looked like some model on the ramp way.

‘By the way, you guys came early?’ Laksh spoke up. ?

‘Yeah.. Actually, keeping in mind the time Swara takes to get ready for a party, I told her to be ready at 8 instead of 9. But this time, fortunately or unfortunately, she didn’t kept me waiting…’ Sanskar answered. ?

‘Lol..! I know. Girls are always like this.’ Laksh remarked. ?

I and Ragini stood there, giving the two boys death stares. They were so gone. Especially Laksh. He had the guts to make such sarcastic comments on his girlfriend. Brave, I must say.

‘Oh sorry.. I forgot to introduce you to Swara. Lucky and Ragini, this is Swara. And Swara, this is Lucky, my best buddy and his girlfriend, Ragini.’ Sanskar spoke up, realizing the afters wars of the remark, they just made. ?

We were glad to meet each other. But more than we were, Sanskar and Laksh were happy to see each other after a long time. They behaved like typical girls. I mean the BFFs way..!

Ragini and I talked a lot that night. I felt like I have met an old school friend after a long time. And we talked about the most random things we came across – from shoes, to dresses, to jobs and to the new shops in the city… Everything. She is sweet. Very very sweet. Lucky is really lucky to have her…!

‘So what will you guys have?’ Ragini said as she poured over the menu card. ?

‘Not much of a drinker, are you?’ I spoke up this time. ?

‘Not at all. This is my first time. Oh God..; I don’t know how bad does it taste.. I hope it doesn’t makes us puke. And you?’ Ragini asked me. ?

‘I have been drinking for quite sometime now. But I never go overboard. Just beer and that too occasionally and of course that has to be limited.’ I answered. ?

‘Don’t worry Ragini, even we don’t drink much. I have started recently, and anything I drink gets me tipsy.’ Sanskar said. ?

Beer, Chicken Fresco, Penne Arabiatta and Salsa chips were ordered. I and Ragini promptly cut out the cheese and mayonnaise part and Sanskar called us ‘typical girls’, again to earn horror stares from us.

I had been a geek all my life. I was the only one who, even after the last exam of the year, got to my room and matched the answers with textbook. But now, I feel like I am alive. I love it this way.

‘Lucky.. Bhai bas kar. Kitna piyega?’ Sanskar asked. ?

‘Chill yaar.. Tu janta hai mujhe nahi chadhti.’ Laksh responded. ?

Both of them drank like pigs. That night, the beer was making its way to their brains and they were completely out of their wits at the moment. Ragini and I left the two boys alone and came out of the building to get some fresh air. Moreover, we were not at all interested in watching the two of them drinking like anything.

‘So.. Are you two in a relationship? A secret one maybe na.. Because of Sanky’s stardom and popularity.’ Ragini said. ?

‘Relationship and me..? Ha ha.. That’s kinda impossible. And even Sanskar hates it all… I mean, love and all.’ ?

‘Why not? You are pretty. Any guy would fall for you. So why not Sanky? I mean, you guys have been friends for a long time now. I think, both of you would make a great couple. I think you should start dating each other.’ ?

‘Ragini.. I don’t want to fall in love. Moreover, I don’t know how to..’ ?

‘To fall in love, you need not learn how to fall in love. All you have to do is, allow yourself to be loved. Unconditionally.’ ?

‘I don’t know… I feel, being in love is not my cup of tea..!’ ?

‘I was also the same, Swara. When my boyfriend ditched me, I was completely broken. I saw him kissing my best friend. I started being alone and never used to talk to anyone. The only best friend I had, broke my heart in the most unbelievable way. And then I met Laksh. It was all by chance. May be destiny worked. And now, soon we’re gonna get married. The only thought of spending my whole life with him seems so beautiful. He came to me when I had almost list the hope to live.’ ?

‘I understand Ragini. But it’s just that I’ve never thought of him that way. I mean, of course I love him as a friend. But only as a FRIEND. And according to me, this relationship and stuff is totally a big BAKWAAS..!’ ?

Meanwhile, Sanskar and Laksh came out, both of them, out of their minds. Oh god..! They were so much drunk. Sanskar was not even able to stand properly. He came near me and held me, putting his head in my shoulder. We were close. Really really close. Our faces brushed against each other and I could feel his breath on my neck. Somehow, his being close to me, made me to shiver. I called out to him several times, but this guy wasn’t even in his good sense.

I took him to my place and made him sleep peacefully, on a bed. May this was the scene with me some days back, I thought. But I wasn’t drunk. Definitely not drunk..! ?

POV ends ~

Some more months passed and the four of them started sharing an extraordinary bond. Their bonhomie was unmatched and it appeared as if they were long lost friends. The four were complete together.

The best kind of people are the ones who come into your life and make you see the sun, where you once saw clouds. The people who love you, for being simply you. And those are the ‘once in a lifetime kind of people’.

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