Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 12


Hey friends..! Shreya here.. Thank you so much for your love and for supporting me. I hope you will keep that going.

And this chappy is specially for my TU sis Anu. Dear, I am sorry to make you cry in the last chapter. I really didn’t know about your Grandma. And yeah DON’T YOU DARE CRY.. EVER..! I cannot imagine such a cute girl crying. Was it cheesy? Never mind, even if it was.

N yeah my performance got really well.. Thanks to all your good wishes. I love you all from the bottom of my heart..❤

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Chapter 12
♥Sacred Bond♥

Sanskar’s POV ~
Its been three months.. Three months since I first met this crazy girl. And these three months were the one wherein I spent my most happiest days. Actually, we both did. We used to enjoy every moment of our togetherness. Hangouts and hangovers became our daily routine. Everything was perfect.. Just perfect..! We cherished the bond we shared and our being together was in itself a big strength to us.

And today, as my crazy best friend has taken a leave from her tiering schedule, she demanded me to take her on a long drive. And as usual, she was late. She was habitual of making me wait. I was sitting in the living room of her apartment, fiddling with my phone and thinking about today’s outing. But it was becoming really hard for me to wait anymore. I was getting impatient now..!

‘Swara.. Swara.. Come on yaar. How much more time will you take?’ ?

‘Sanskar, I am coming na. Just five more minutes.. Please.’ ?

‘Oh God.. I am not taking you to a party. Come out fast. Please. We’re really getting late.’ ?

Five minutes.. That’s what I’ve been listening from past half an hour. Oh god..! These girls.. They can never get ready on time. And why the hell do they take so long to dress up. I mean all you have to do is choose a dress from your closet, put in on, make up your hair and there you go. And for Swara, it was much more easier. She looked beautiful even in her bed clothes. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw her waving at me. This time it really took her five minutes..!??
She wore a pink tank top which had SUGAR written on it in glitters and a pair of blue rugged denims, which really got along well with her sneakers. She looked amazing. ?

‘Lost..?’ ?

‘Umm nah..! But why did you took so long? See.. We are late now..’ ?

‘Okay.. We are already late and if you want to pass some more time here, arguing with me, then let me please cancel the plan..’ ?

‘Okay.. I am sorry.. Let’s go..’ ?

She is so bossy. I cannot even tell a word to her. Are all girls the same? I am sure even god would have not understood them till now.
We were in the car, somewhere out of the city, away from the noises of the traffic and people shouting. All the while, she sat silently listening to the songs and humming them at times. Her lips synchronized perfectly with the lyrics of the song. The air blew the heavy strands off her face and she looked enthralling. Her face had a regular smile and I loved her seeing that way.

‘Sanskar, where are we going?’ ?

‘There..’ ?
I stopped the car in front of a pani puri stall. I knew she loved it.. A lot.

‘Paaaani puriiiiii…! Yummiee… Yayyyy..!’ ??
She squealed like a child of four. She is such a kiddo. A sweet innocent kiddo..!
She had already ordered by the time I reached there.
‘Bhaiya.. Jaldi.. And make it spicy ha.. Very very spicy..’ ?

She ate the delicacy enjoying every bite of it and stuffing in my mouth as well. She was looking adorable.

‘Ah ah.. Pani.. Sanskar pani..’ ?

This girl was unbelievable. Minutes back she wanted to have spicy food and now she is shouting for water.

She drank the water and we drove to a far off place. It was an abandoned house which was never visited for years. It had a huge garden with lots of flowers and trees. I felt refreshed there.

‘Is this your house, Sanskar? You guys don’t maintain it or what?’ ?

‘No Swara.. Its not my house. I don’t know to whom does it belong. It was abandoned years ago. I used to come here in my school days when I needed to spend some time alone.’ ?

‘Oh..! Its beautiful. Really. Quiet and green.’ ?

I took her hand in mine and we went upstairs towards the terrace. Everything was covered with dust but somehow it was still beautiful. May be it was her who made it even more wonderful for me. We sat at the terrace boundary, our feet hanging down. She held my arm and rested her head on my shoulder and watched the sun quietly, as it crossed the horizon. The orange color of the sun reflected on her beautiful face increasing its beauty even more.

‘Its amazing Sanskar. Thank you for bringing me here.’ ☺

‘Swara, I love you..!’ ?

She looked at me shocked, with big eyes which could pop out any minute. She immediately left my arm raised her head.

‘Are you nuts? What the hell yaar? How can you even say that? I thought of you as a friend. My best friend…’ ?

‘Oh no.. As a friend Swara. I love you as a friend. Nothing else. I swear. And please don’t say like that. You are my best friend too.’ ?

‘Omg..! You scared me. Really. And of course, as a friend, even I love you. So much.’

She became happy and the marks of tension got off her face. Her face again glowed in the sun. And I meant it. I really loved her as a friend. And she has to know it.

‘Sanskar, what do you think about all this love and relationship stuff?’ ?

‘The only thought in my mind regarding relationships is that they SUCK…! I mean true love and all is a big S**T. These are all imaginary according to me. Filmy. Never real.’ ?

‘True. 100℅ true. I mean I definitely believe in love, but love with your family and friends or may be any other thing. But relationships are still a big question mark in my head. Specially the long term relationships. Its just that you fight less and that’s, I guess, is the only parameter of a successful relationship. You get used to that person around you and so you do not want to hurt him or her. That’s how it works. It’s like somebody cuts off your TV connections. You throw a fit. But after a while, everything becomes normal. So yeah, when the person you love, moves out, there are withdrawal symptoms and also suicidal tendencies, but you survive it. Isn’t this obvious? You start loving a person more than your best girlfriend in a matter of days and are ready to leave her for him. It is just that being in love is an idea, which is so beautiful. Plus, my friend won’t tell me how good I am and how pretty do I look. We want someone from the opposite s*x to do it, to satisfy our needs, our ego. That is what love is: a desperate need to feel good. Love is an illusion, nothing more, nothing less.’ ??

I stood there speechless. This was it. What she said was actually true. Very much true.

‘Woah.. This was amazing. You know what? A person in love, whether a boy or a girl, should listen to you for once. Hats off man..!’ ?

‘Oh.. Well I have used it many a times on brokenhearted girlfriends and distraught boyfriends. The guys start looking for someone else and the girls never understand. That’s the universal rule..!’?

‘So no love for you? Means you are definitely going for an arranged marriage? I don’t think that’s too bad a deal.’ ?


‘Yes why not? They are deals. You choose the best possible match for yourself. A compromise between looks, family background and economic strength is struck and then you marry him or her. This isn’t any different than a deal..!’ ?

‘Oh yeah.. They surely are.. And who knows whether I am getting married or not. Although I never want to. I can’t lose my freedom. My husband won’t allow me to hang out with you late at the night like this, would he?’ ?

‘Ha ha.. True.’ ?

Love is not what you live for. Love makes it a little easier. When you fall in love, you are actually rising up from your bitter sufferings.

But these two souls now don’t believe in love and marriages. What will happen when they themselves will fall in love? Will they be able to take it?

Omg..! Swara’s part.. I really don’t know where it came from. Guys I know that most of you believe in love and so do I but after reading this, please do not bash me.

So this one was for my sis, Anu❤.. Tell me how you liked it.

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♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Its awesome….u nailed it shreya………i am in luv with ur writing….srdly u have magic in ur hands………waiting for the nxt epi eagerly……..luv ya????????

    1. Aww..! Thank you so much dear..
      Next part coming tomorrow..!

      Keep reading..

  2. Well swara’s part was quite real. Looking forward to the story.

    1. Hey dhara di..
      Your daughyer.. Omg..! She’s so cute..!

      Well yeah swara’s part was kinda real but I don’t know from where it came to my mind..

      Anyway keep reading..

  3. OMG such a long explanation for love on swara’s part……..
    But to me…..I totally agree with that what u said……
    Though when u asked me about love…..I said I believe in true love and my definition of love is the love that the earth is bound by……yet I felt swara’s pov of love is also almost like a true one (again it’s my pov)…..

    Aur waise bhi the love said by swara is like more or less u imagined and created first swara or is it really ur pov in real(just asking and if u don’t wanna answer plzz don’t take me wrong; just ignore the que.)

    Love u sisy?

    1. Thanks for liking first of all..

      N yeah swara’s part.. I really don’t know where it came from.. I mean seriously.. I typed it all in a go. And when I read it, I was like ..no that can never be my thinking..
      So yeah that was just an imagination..
      It wasn’t my thinking..!

      Keep reading..

  4. I very much lyk the theory of Swara…. I too some what think the same… lyk of ppl gets habitual of the other prsn n is nt provided the love n appreciation every prsn wants thn they go in a hunt for love….
    I feel it… n even agree abt what you said…
    Loved the ep dr

    1. Thank you so much suju..!
      Yeah its somewhat true but I believe in true love.. Like the one that makes you believe in your partner and the one which gives the strength to fight all the odds..
      A relationship wherein you are adjusting so that your partner doesn’t gets hurt .. Those are fake ones..!

      Anyway keep reading..

    1. Thanks kumu..!
      Keep reading.. ❤

  5. its awesome……amazing…..

    1. Thanks soujanya..
      Keep reading❤

  6. Aww! That’s so sweet of you. I read that dedication multiple times. ???

    And the chap was amazing as usual. God. How can you write so beautifully? Though I believe in love a part of me agreed with Swara and whatever she said.

    And I want Pani puri really. And I always tell the shopkeeper to make it medium spicy cause I can’t stand too much spice!!

    And u did a dedication and i did something else for you 😛 😛

    Read childhood sweethearts you’ll get it. And I’m sorry for that! In advance ??

    1. Okay.. The dedication first of all was to make you feel good as I made you cry in the previous chappy..
      That relationship and stuff.. Oh gosh.. I really don’t where that came from..
      And pani puri.. Lol.. I love it so much..
      And thanks for the appreciation..!!

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