Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 11


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Chapter 11
♥Dark past revealed♥

Swara’s POV~
We sat there talking endlessly or rather only I was. He was just listening to me, patiently. Its strange na..! Really strange.. How some one enters your life, the one who saves you from every trouble and bear your tantrums.. The one with whom you feel like you have met a long lost friend. Best friend. And can talk to him for hours, irrespective of time. This man was one of the kind for me.

‘What? Say something. Or is it only a girl’s right to blabber?’ ?

‘Ha ha.. I like it when you smile. Let it be there on your lips forever and ever…! Don’t you dare lose it anywhere..’ ?

‘You know what? When I was in Delhi, I felt like a lifeless body. A body who can never smile, or laugh, or make friends.. I used to lock myself up in my room for hours. But now seems like everything is changed. I have a better life now.’ ?

‘Things change. Back then you didn’t have any friends. You led a life of seclusion. I too was the same, until my college, when I met Laksh.’ ?

‘Laksh?’ ?

‘Yeah.. I met him in college. It was all by chance. We shared the same hostel room and the same subjects as well.’ ?

‘So you guys are best friends or what?’?

‘Of course we are.. Best friends forever.. BFFs..!’ ?

‘Omg.. Now that was a girl thing..!’ ?

‘Whatever.. He was the person who got me out of that dreadful life, I led. He understands me better than I could ever and he is the sole reason of what kind of a person I am today. We have been friends for nearly eight years now and our friendship has only grown over the years..’ ?

‘That was weird and also new to me. I always thought of you to be a person so cheerful and always ready to help anyone and everyone..’ ?

‘I told you.. He made me like this. Before I met him, I was never the kind of a person you are seeing today. I used to drink, smoke and was always lost in my thoughts. I even attempted suicide but failed. Doesn’t matter, because till then whatever I did, I failed.’ ?

‘Don’t say that. You are the owner of the most amazing club this city has ever seen.’ ?

‘Its now Swara that I am successful but back then I was not. My Mom died when I was 10 and Dad busied himself in his business and his girlfriends. My Mom’s death came as a big shock to me and I couldn’t get over it for years.’ ?

I listened to him with apt attention. I have never seen this side of him. No one would have. No one could even imagine this heart throb to be so much broken from inside. He continued further and I listened to him most attentively.

‘It was then in my 12th standard that I fell in love with Tanya, a school friend. But then again, my fortune wasn’t favoring me. Not that she didn’t love me. She did but that was because of my money. Or rather, she loved my credit card more. When I learnt that she never loved me, I was again left heartbroken. First my Mom and then Tanya. I couldn’t bear the loss. It was then I started drinking and smoking. But it lasted until I met Laksh, who changed my life for good.’ ?

I was dumbstruck. The man whom I thought to be so lucky because of all the fame and money, was actually broken inside. He was definitely not lucky. He almost had tears in his eyes at the mention of his mother. He loved him a lot.

‘That’s it. So.. Enjoyed my Emotional Atyachaar ki kahani..?’ ?

I could not say anything. Words refused to escape my mouth. I sat there staring at him, wanting to hug him and comfort him.

‘What are you thinking? Come on..! That Tanya thing does not affect me anymore. Time heals everything and so it has in my life too. But what about you? Why you hate Delhi so much?’ ?

The mere mention of Delhi and why I hated that place, sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t even want to remember that. I felt nostalgic.

‘Delhi.. The name only fills me with hatred. I was a normal girl then. Although my parents were insanely rich, I never cared about the money. All I cared about was my Grandma. She was the only one near me as my parents were always busy earning. My Grandma had become my life. I would spend hours, sitting and talking to her. She was my whole world. My little cute world..!’ ?

The mention of my Grandma made me teary and soon, tears came rushing out of my eyes. Her face came to my mind. The aged and wrinkled one.. But still, she was the most beautiful woman in the world for me.

‘That’s sweet.. Though I never really had one. I mean of course I had but she died before I was born.’ ?

‘But once I got to know that she was suffering from cancer since long back and that she didn’t have much time left. May be an year or so.. They never told me this. They thought that I wasn’t strong enough to bear it all. They were right. I wasn’t. And the moment I came to know about this, my world collapsed and my life turned upside down in a matter of seconds. And for that one year, I had seen her only suffer.. More and more with each passing day. And one day, she died, leaving me alone to fight with this brutal world. Life changed for me.’ ??

Everything.. Every small thing came to mind. The day she died. The way she was lying on the hospital bed, pale and lifeless. I had never seen her like this. One year back, she was all energetic and full of life.

‘I was sent to my uncle’s house in the same city as their was no one to take care of me at my home, the way Grandma did. I was still in eighth standard by that time.’ ?

‘What happened next?’ He asked immediately. ?

‘Next that happened is what I never want to remember. My uncle.. My own uncle came home drunk and tried to abuse me physically. He tried to r**e me. I was scared and so I ran away from there. I told Mom everything and all she said was that I shouldn’t be afraid.. And that it was all a part and parcel of life. I should learn to resist.’ ?

I should learn to resist.. Agree. I should learn to be careful.. Agree. I should learn to maintain my dignity.. Agree.
But what about that beast..? Does he not need to learn to respect women?

‘The incident made me live in solitude for years together. I had no friends throughout my school and college and the only thing I did was to study.. Study and get out of this hell..! ?

‘You are so… Brave. Hats off to you. A girl like you is an inspiration for all the girls and a lesson to all those who think of women as useless and outcaste them. Seriously man..! You are great..’ ?

‘I have lost much till now, but I am happy.. Happy to find a friend like you. The same kind of friend I had in my Grandma. Thank you for understanding me and most importantly being with me. Thank you so very much..’ ?

‘It’s never like that Swara. Our friendship was planned by destiny. May be God chose only me to save you from all the troubles.. Ha ha..!’ ?

‘Ha ha.. If it is so, then I would love to be in more troubles.’ ?

‘Lol..!’ ?

In life it does happen, we never possess anything for long. Even we ourselves are not a part of this world for long. Trials and tribulations are a part of life. They surely tear us apart, but in long run, they teach us how to live..!

Will Swasan be able to recognize the special bond they share? Or will they end up being “Just Friends” ?

Okay guys.. I know this was way too emotional and I am also not good at it. But still do tell me how it was. It is the first time I am writing something so effusive and I want to know how it went. It is a humble request.

N yeah.. I am adding Raglak too in the story as Swasan’s friends. I cannot promise much of their romance but I’ll definitely try to add it wherever possible.

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♥♥Love you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Just the past is bitter……..
    It’s true that we could never possess anything for a long time…….
    We need to be brave and strong enough to face the world alone if we are bound to and while reading this is remember the line Anu always say…..
    *If it’s not okay;it’s not the end*
    Great going sisy…
    Waiting for next eagerly

    1. Thank you dear.. And yeah Anu is very much right.. After all every story has a happy ending.. ! And you should keep working till the end..
      Love you sissy..
      Keep reading..! ❤

  2. Awww!! This Swara!!??
    Power pact!!!
    Upload d next soon.

    1. Thanks jyoti..
      I am glad that uh liked it..
      N next is surely coming soon
      Keep reading..❤

  3. I like being just frnds..me n my bud Chikku(its not his real name..i’m just giving him a fake name) we are lyk bffe..and we pretend lyk gf n bf infront of his ex… 1day my lil cous saw dat drama..and she blievd it..but she didn’t told anyone..bsides she supported me.. And We started acting infront of her.. And dat was d most funniest things we did…but d most imp was she still doesn’t know d truth..we made her bliv dat we broke up… Don’t feel pity for her…she only did dat coz she had a big crush on my another buddy..and her master plan was to get in his good list by helping us.. But wat to do..my buddy was already commited to books ..# LOL
    I have already fallen in love wid ur ff…

    1. Omg..! Her bad luck baby..! ??
      Aww..! Fallen in love with my fan fic..
      I hope you be in it till the end dea..!
      Keep reading..❤

  4. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Di….it is amazing…..hats off to you………i luv ur #emoji madnesss……it makes ur story unique………luv ya di……..u always rock……???????????

    1. Thank you dea.. Keep giving tour live like this..

      N a request.. Please don’t call me di.. It sounds odd.. I mean I am just a year older than you..
      Call me by my name.. Shreya..
      Keep reading..❤

    1. Thanks Amy..
      Nice name..
      Keep reading..❤

    1. Omg ..! Sujata.. You know I read a lot about you from those analysis.. I wish I could read your work.. Please send a link if possible.. Please…
      N BTW thanks for reading my story..
      Keep reading..❤

      1. Hii shreya thnx dr for the appreciation….
        Analysis about me…. I don’t remember I read any….
        Ovio I will be more thn happy to give you link :
        N I have also wrote a short story:

        Ep 1 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-zindagi-ban-gayi-ho-tum-meri-short-story-1/
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        Ep 3 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-zindagi-ban-gayi-ho-tum-meri-short-story-3/

        Hope you will lyk thm….
        N I have read ur all ep in one go today… u r doing a brilliant work dr… spcly sanky….

        Today ur ep made me emotional too…. I m very very attached to my grandma… she is alive bt it reminded me the scene whn she was taken for a operation….. n my skipping heartbeat in every sec… very beautifully potraited….

  5. Shreya! Darling it’s great! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    #emoji madness!

    1. Jaf..! Long time, eh? I missed uh so much..!

      Where the hell were you..? And where is your fan fic.. I am waiting hurdles to happen.. !

      Anyway thank you.. N this time keep reading..❤

    1. Thanks kumu..
      Keep reading..! ❤

  6. God! I read this while ago but didn’t comment cause it just reminded me of my days. When my Grandma died. And the biggest coincidence is that my parents also never informed me. They did when she was about to die, some six months ago. And I was really attached to her. This again made me cry! Great job dear. I cam feel what Swara felt. She has been portrayed well.

    Ugh! I dont wanna blabber anymore. Love ya! ??

    1. Omg.. Is it so..? I am sorry to make you cry..
      Please do not cry again .. I cannot see my sis crying.. Or rather imagine..!
      Thank you so much for liking .. And
      Keep reading..!
      Love you too..!
      Lots of hugs..
      Omg I want to come there and console you..! But tell Naina yo do it on my part


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