Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 10


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Chapter 10

Sanskar’s POV ~
This girl is totally out of her senses. I mean how could she land herself in troubles all the time..? She’s crazy..! What was the need to wait for that b****y Rohan in the parking lot? She could have come back to the party. Or she could have called out to me. But no.. This girl wants to be INDEPENDENT. Oh god..! No one can ever understand these girls. They are so weird..! ?

We reached her place and it didn’t take much time as the roads were almost empty at the midnight. I could feel her being tensed about the incident till now.

Without saying a word, she got out of the car and walked towards her apartment. I stood there staring her go away. Suddenly her feet came to a halt and she turned around to look at me. She looked worried as well as scared. I called out her name, and she, in a nanosecond, came running towards me and hugged me tight.. Real tight. I could sense the mental state she was going through. The whole incident have made her feel helpless. She was crying. Bitterly. I could feel her sobs on my chest. It was hard for me to bear all this. Not that I loved her or something, but somehow her crying stabbed my heart.

Soon, it started raining and we both still stood there, completely drenched. She was still hugging me and crying. It seemed as if the weather was cherishing our togetherness. After a few more minutes, she composed herself and wiped the tears off her cheeks. Even through the tears, her face glowed like a moon in the dark, illuminating the world.

‘Hmm..’ ?
‘Could you please stay up here tonight. I really want some one near and I could trust no one other than you. Please. Loneliness kills me.’ ?

What? I mean seriously.. We have met like two times only and she already started trusting me? Moreover, she wants me to stay at her place tonight. ? But I couldn’t refuse either. She is scared. The incident left its long lasting imprints on her mind.

‘Yes.. Why not..!’?

She led me inside her apartment which was not a big one. But definitely a bigger one for an intern. It had a living room, a kitchen, two small bedrooms and a master bedroom.

‘Sanskar.. You please go and change otherwise you’ll catch cold. There is the room.’ She said handing over a T shirt to me which seemed to be hers but was loose enough to fit me.

I got inside the bathroom and came out all fresh. I was changing when I saw her peeping in through the door which I had mistakenly kept open. I saw her stealing glances at me and I smiled at her cute innocence. I stood there SHIRTLESS for some time more so that she could have the proper advantage of my workouts at the gym. Finally I slipped into a T shirt and came out of the room. She was already in kitchen by then. Girls are really fast at it..! ??

‘Will you have something?’ She asked. ?
‘Have you had anything?’ ?

She smiled and shook her head.

‘Never mind. I’ll make you something good to eat.’ ?
‘You can cook?’ ?
‘Of course I can. I used to cook a lot in my college days.’ I said with a contorted face as if been insulted.?
‘So what are you making for me today, chef Sanskar?’ ?
‘It’s a very easy thing to make but tastes like heaven. It is probably French but I make an Indian version. It’s spicy and works well with ketchup. You just wait and watch..!’ ?
‘No but what is it?’ ?
‘You might have heard about it. It is very popularly known as MAGGI.’ ?
‘Ugh..! Loser..’ ?

She said out loud and begin to hit me playfully. We got into a cute mock fight which ended up when the contents in the pan began to crackle.

‘Okay.. I’ll sit here while you cook.’ She said and climbed up the slab right next to the stove. ☺

I proceeded to crush the cakes into small pieces and adding them to the steaming hot water. All the while, she sat there looking at me, as I did very carefully what people could have done with their eyes closed. It took ten whole minutes for the Maggi to cook, and I slathered it with ketchup.

‘You are sweet.’ She said as I rolled up a noodle around the fork and made her eat it. I made her finish the Maggi and then led her to her room. She got in her bed and I tucked her inside the quilt. ?

‘I am not sleepy.’ ?
‘But you told me that you were tired and all..’ ?
‘Yeah.. But seems as if my tiredness has vanished along with the Maggi.’ ?

She got out of her bed and led me to the balcony. It was beautifully done with two chairs and a small tea table at the centre. We sat down and had a look at the city. Her apartment was on the eighth floor and the views from there were to die for. The city looked beautiful without the traffic and the regular blowing of horns.

‘Beautiful, isn’t it..?’ She asked. ?
‘Huh..! Oh yeah it is.. Way too beautiful.’ ?

She continued talking about how much she loved to be in this city.. And how much she disliked Delhi, although it was her home town. She talked endlessly and I sat there listening to her, patiently..!

A couple of times in our lives, it happens like this. You meet a stranger and all you know is that, you need to know everything about the person. Strangers are just friends waiting to happen..!

Did she already start loving him? Does Sanskar too had feelings for her?

Friends please tell me how it was. Was it boring? Should I stop?
Need your advice people..!

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  1. Actually I loved the emojis. They give unique touch. And this was the best chappie so far. Maggie lol 😛

    I remember how I used to blabber about boiling water in front of my mom. Its a tough job sis ? ? ?

    Love u! Update soon ♥

    1. Definitely it is .. I don’t know how to make it till now..! My condition is no less than Sanskar in this story..!

      Any way thankya..! Keep reading..!
      And of course love you too..

  2. gud epi..:)

    1. Thankya.. Keep reading❤

  3. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Superb….di……….lol….the maggie part was hilarious……u keep me hooked to ur story di……ur choice of words is outstanding…………ur an awesome writer di…….luv ya????????…tc?????

    1. Thankya Natasha..! The Maggi part was somewhat relates to me.. Actually mine was even worse .. I ended up crating a nuisance when I cooked for the first time.. And that is the reason my mother does not allows me in the kitchen.. Lol.. I am so clumsy there..! ???

  4. Awesome dude!!? it was amazing. The Maggie part was good? whenever anyone asks me tht can u cook nd I have a proud smile on my face like I’m an international cook nd if anyone asks me which dishes u know? Then I’m like? chup raho yahi accha hai kyunki Maggie ke alawa kuch nhi aata??

    1. Lol..!? But uh are better than me .. At least you know how to cook Maggi.. But I don’t even know that.. ?
      Any way thankya.. Keep reading❤

    1. Thankya.. Keep reading❤

  5. Arey!!!sorry for little late comment….
    When I started reading yesterday my phone went total black and it took me a few seconds to realise that my phone dozed off….I mean switch off???
    Now only I completed reading it…..

    Awhh just superb…..
    Swara Sanskar rocks as always….
    Loved it….
    Mainly Maggi ???
    Very funny…..just laughing over it…..
    Overall the part was good….
    Waiting for next

    1. Doesn’t matter Dharsha.. Its all your live which keeps me going on.. Thank you so much dear..
      And yeah give your phone some rest dear..
      And Maggi..lol.. I too laughed a lot at it.. ??
      Keep reading.. Love❤

  6. Awsm…..

    1. Thankya.. Keep reading❤

    1. Thank you Anjani.. Keep reading❤

  7. nice oone

    1. Thanks Soujanya.. Keep reading❤

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