Let’s Fall in Love (Chapter 1)


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Chapter 1
❤ pains and sufferings ❤
Swara was sitting in her room when the results were announced. She had been selected as an intern to Silverman Finance, one of the most esteemed investment companies in India, which promised all it’s employees a lavish lifestyle. She looked out of the window wordlessly and thought, maybe it was the way out of her wretched life.

She went back to scratching her chipped black nail paint off her fingers. It had been years since her nails had seen any other color. Her long black hair were always left open and her eyes had kohl smeared carelessly.

Apart from this, she was fine with the emptiness around her and no matter how hard people tried to get close to her, it never worked. There were a lot of things to like her for : her smile, which was once in a lifetime opportunity; her face, beyond the kohl, fair as moon and glowing. Guys often fell for her, but her cruel disinterest used to break their hearts into a million pieces.
Swara’s POV

Years .. It had been years since it happened to me..still I did not forget a single flash of that man. Why? Why only me? I have asked this question a million times to myself now… I needed them badly, but they never turned up..my Mom and Dad.. Still they claim to love me .. Was their love only limited to buying me all the luxuries of life? Was it not meant to listen to me or spend time with me?

Anyway.. Now I’ll show the world.. I’ll stand up on my own feet. Silverman Finance. I can’t be the prisoner of my past, rather I’ll be the architect of my future…!
POV ends

Swara had made up her mind to join Silverman Finance (SF). She moved to Hyderabad leaving everything behind.. Her home; her family; and that dark past.. She left so as to set on a new journey of life …

Pain is the only thing in us that tells that we are still alive..
Life is unpredictable. It turns upside down in a matter of seconds.
What will Swara’s life turn out to be? Will she be able to move on? Will she be able to trust people? Will she be able to forget her past and follow her dreams?

Guys I know I am not a good writer and still you people bear with me.. Thank you sooooooo much … Without your support I wouldn’t have continued.. Thank you once again… ?
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Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Nice start.. nxt part wil b sanskar pov ah?? Cn u plz give little long chaptr

  2. Interesting

  3. Awesome ? but expectING sanskar pov…. also if u can please update a bigger part

  4. Nice start nd dont worry you have writting skill much better than me.keep it up

  5. Nice. I liked those words very much. “I can’t be the prisoner of my past, rather I’ll be the architect of my future…!” ??????????

  6. does this ff include ragini also?????????????/plz make me clear

  7. Thankya soo much.. But still I am a bit depressed as I got a much better response on the introduction part.. Still hope for the best.. But please guys tell me frankly if it wasn’t good .. I’ll stop writing.. Criticism is most invited after all it helps you improve yourself… And as I am new here I really need do improve..
    Navi and Dharsha .. Guys I’ll give POVs as per the situation..so you have to wait a little more for Sanskar’s POV..
    And anonymous this ff is only about Swasan.. There will be no raglak.. Sorry if I disappoint you..
    I’ll definitely try update a longer one next time.. ♥?

  8. Thankya guys for the comments…but I think I had a better response in the introduction part.. Tell me frankly if this wasn’t good enough.. I’ll stop this ff.. I think I need to learn much more as this is my first ff.. Criticism is most invited .. afterall it helps us improve ourselves…
    Navi and Dharsha I shall write the POV as per the situation.. So you have a little more for Sanskar’s POV ..
    Anonymous this is only a Swasan story.. There is no Raglak in it.. Sorry if I disappointed you..
    N yeah I shall try to give longer updates.. But I cannot promise as I have my entrance exams coming up..
    Luv ya guys…. ❤?

  9. Shreya i must say u r much better than me!!! What a start yaar….
    AWSOME!! I dont think rhese words r sufficient…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Well that’s so sweet of you.. I know I can’t match you.. Anyway keep reading.. Luv ya.. ❤

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