Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 1


Hey guys ..! Shreya here.. Firs of all a very Happy Birthday to me..! ? Yeah .. It’s my 18th birthday today.. ♥Adult♥ he he..
Anyway… Thank you to all the readers for liking my ff and giving your valuable comments.. It really means a lot to me..! And thanks to my silent readers also, if any..?

Chapter 1
♥New Beginning♥
Beep Beep…! The alarm rang.
8:00 a.m., showed the screen of the gleaming new Apple iPhone. These rich kids I tell you..?
Swara got up yawning and rubbing her eyes.. Without wasting a second, she went inside the bathroom.
She couldn’t afford to look bad that day as it was her first day at the office…
She had chosen a crisp white shirt and slim jeans for that day..and her hair were perfectly done in a pony tail behind her back …for the very first time.. And with those five inch stilletoes and even through the kohl smeared in her eyes, she managed to look ravishing.
She quickly ordered a cab and within an hour or so, she was there.. At the gates of where she was to chase her dream..
She took a first glance at the huge office building.. It was as humongous as it was beautiful. And at the top shone Silverman Finance in the metallic silver colour.
She went inside and followed the instructions given to her. She was led to a big hall where all the interns who were no less than what we call overachieving nerds were to gather that day. Swara quietly took her seat and after sometime, came a lady in her forties tick tocking the white marble floor with her heels. She had lumps of make up on her face probably to hide her ageing symptoms..?
She would be director or something.. Swara thought..or rather she wished herself there after years…
“So genius little minds, I am Miss Anita Bhasin, chief HR, SF. She went on giving
them a few more important instructions and ended up assigning them loads of work , first day itself.
Swara, without uttering a word, started off with her work. After working for quite sometime she went on to have a cup of coffee. She was searching for the canteen when she bumped into someone and BANG..!

An incident in the past may break you to pieces but it is you who should have the courage to start up everything again on a fresh note..

Whom did Swara bang into? A guy? Was he cute? Was he the one?

I wish I could have given my readers a romantic update on my birthday but that is not meant to come so soon. I know my writing skills are not as good as other people. I just hope I am not boring you all… If so then do tell me by commenting down there… Criticism is most invited. ?

♥♥Luv you all. Keep reading. Do comment.♥♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Awesome
    Happy birthday
    Its sanskar

  2. Happy birthday shreya. .. ovio guy is our hero sanskar

  3. nice….hope it s sanky

  4. Happy b’thday dear… And nice

  5. happy bday dear god bless u

  6. First of all many many happy returns of the day ? ? ? ?
    Secondly a nice start waiting for next part

  7. Nice. I think she bumped into sanskar….

  8. awesome…happy birthday to you shreya

  9. Happy bde shreya…..nc startn lovd reading

  10. Awsome..hbdy

  11. nice happy birthday shreya

  12. Happy birthday to you…..here is ur gift?but u can’t get it : lol…..????…

    U took 3 days to post the first part….u know I was waiting eagerly for this after intro…..k….leave that…..

    Coming to today’s part it was so short but very sweet??just loved it….

    Waiting eagerly for the next part and once again “many more happy returns of the day”…..hope you enjoyed well???

  13. Hey same here its my 18th birthday also

  14. its short yar plz make it long n its mzing

  15. Happy birthday!!! Eighteen ?

    Ur so lucky!!! I’m waiting since eternity to grow eighteen.

    And about the chapter it was beautiful. Short but sweet. Loved the way you described everything.

    Love you! And have a great night ahead ?

    Lots of hugs and kisses ?

  16. Happy birthday shreya and r u from mount Carmel school?

    1. No..I am from St. Mary’s Udaipur..though I’ll be clearing my 12th this year itself

  17. Happy birthday Shreya? is this a second sequel of your ff? If yes then please tell me wht was it’s name

    1. No idea it’s not a sequel .. It’s a brand new ff..lol..?♥

  18. Thank you so much Shagun♥, Sujata♥, Shan♥, Anu Ann♥, Kaynat♥, aqsa♥, Nivi♥, Kinnera♥, Dev♥, Bresh♥, Ruhi♥, Dharani♥, Dharsha♥, Nikita♥, Rosey♥, Anu♥, Disha♥, and Kavya♥.
    It means a lot to me.. Love uh all.. Keep reading..♥?

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