Let’s Fall in Love – Chapter 18


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~Laksh’s POV ~

It had been a week long since I had talked to Swara about the love thing yet there was no sign of realization of it in her. The same night, Ragini also talked to Sanky and guess what..! His reaction was exactly what you call a dumbest one. I mean, he asked Ragini what exactly does she meant by LOVE..?

Hell man..! I feel like a stupid cupid who couldn’t make his best friends fall for each other over a whole long week. But what else should I have done..?
We had even planned a sleepover at Ragini’s place so that both could be together and soon realize the kind of bond they shared. But what happened was exactly opposite of what me and Ragini had ever thought. They both ended up fighting over a petty movie issue and went back to their respective places. Though the argument didn’t went on for long and Sanky was able to cheer her up again the following morning only. Yeah..! Why is it that we boys only have to pacify our better halves..? Huh..! They enjoy the perks of being pampered by us..

Ah..! Now coming back to the point.. What should be done in order to make these two fall in love..? I shall discuss this with Ragini. She is much better at suggesting.

I took my eyes round the whole living area and found her playing with my 8 year old nephew, Varun. Ah..! She looked beautiful in that white ethnic attire. Such a beauty she is..!

I called out to her and she immediately responded.

‘Kya hua Laksh? All okay..?’

‘Well I was just looking for Sanky and Swara. They didn’t show up yet?’

‘They will arrive soon. Chill..! And you don’t needd to worry Mr. Cupid. I have settled it all. Planning..! And you know it never goes wrong.’

‘Never.. The way sleepover thing went..’

‘You idiot..! You want to fight with me or what? I so hate you..’ She said hitting me playfully.

‘Aww..! But I so love you.’

I was about to hug her but just then her parents arrived. What a timing..!

It was a small get together wherein both mine and Ragini’s family were meeting to discuss about the most beautiful day of our lives. Yes..! Our wedding day.. I was so excited.

I touched both of her parent’s feet and her Dad took me into a bone crushing hug. My family has reached by then and as all of them greeted each other, I got some little time with my lady.

‘So.. Are you excited to be Mrs. Laksh Kapoor?’

‘So much..! Feels great thinking about the lovely days awaiting.’

Just then I saw Swara and Sanky entering in. They too greeted both the families and came towards us.

‘What took you both so late?’

‘You know what.. Its always the same thing which can make a man late to the party. Lol..!’ Sanskar answered in a husky voice which was almost inaudible.

‘Oops..! I understand.’

‘What you both are murmuring?’ Swara asked.

‘Nothing yaar.. Let’s get along with everyone. Come..’ I replied.

All were seated in the living area and what was streaming up was what day should be chosen for our wedding. I felt damn excited inside. And the way Ragini stole glances in between to give me flying kiss, worsened my condition.

Our family Pandit Ji was called to decide an auspicious day for the marriage processions to take place. My family was a bit superstitious when it came to any of the grand occasions taking place. And neither I nor did Ragini’s family mind it. And there it was, Pandit Ji decided that the most propitious day was 12th of August, just two weeks from now.

I was in the seventh sky learning about the date as it was the day I proposed to Ragini. I knew she remembered it and the happiness on her face showed it all.

And as Ragini’s parents wanted their daughter’s day to be a grand one, it was decided that it would be a destination wedding.

We went through a lot of places so as to be chosen for the wedding and what at last came to Swara’s mind was absolutely what I would call a brilliant idea.

‘Why not we choose Udaipur, the city of lakes? I know that Ragini always wanted to get married like a queen. So why not in one of the palaces in Udaipur? Won’t it be a perfect fairy tale wedding? What say..?’

‘Perfect. Amazing idea Swara beta.’ Said my Mom, patting Swara’s back.

‘Thank you aunty..!’ Swara replied.

‘So now that the city is decided, shall we discuss the venue also? Laksh and Ragini, beta, you both tell us your choices.’ Ragini ‘s Dad said.

‘Lake Palace facade..!’ We both shouted in unison. And realizing that not only our thinking but our choices also match, all of us laughed hard.

‘So that’s final. Chacha and my to be Chachi will be getting married in Lake. Udaipur.. Yayy..!’ Little Varun said, excitingly.

‘Ha ha..! Not inside the lake, Varun. Its a hotel named Lake palace, situated right in the middle of a huge lake.’ Ragini corrected.

Everyone was so excited and so was I. I would be getting married to my love. Just two weeks more and I’ll make her mine forever. This day was much awaited, both by me and Ragini and of course by our families.

This was a life time moment to be cherished. We would be stepping into a new phase of our lives and the only thought of it was enough to relish for these two weeks.

It was decided that the wedding would be purely Indian with all the functions taking place such as Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, The Cocktail party, The reception and obviously the marriage rituals. In totality, it would be a big fat Indian wedding, the way my lady always wanted.

Swara and Sanky took the responsibility for the procession and I wish they would, in turn, realize their love.

I took my eyes round the place. It was filled with the air of happiness and I was filled the satisfaction that my family and friends were with me to rejoice the biggest day of my life. They cherished during my happy hours and consoled Mr while I was broken. That’s what my family and friends were like. And Ragini, she was the one who could make me laugh through the most difficult days and the one who promised to stay with me through all the ups and downs of my life.

Sanky pulled me out of my straying thoughts and made me stand right in the middle of the living hall and handed me a guitar as our families wished me to sing a song. I used to sing a lot during my college days and it was my passion.

All of them set their hands free and clapped lightly as I started to sing.

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

I saw the tears of happiness in my dad’s eyes. They wanted to see their children happy with each other and I felt contended to see them so delighted.

And I went on…

Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Mere Humdum
Na Seekha Kabhi Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Seekha Jeena Tere Bina Humdum

Dehleez Pe Merey Dil Ki
Jo Rakhe Hain Tune Kadam
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi
Likh Di Mere Humdum

Haan Sikha Maine Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Sikha Maine Jeena Mere Humdum
Na Sikha Kabhi Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Sikha Jeena Tere Bina Humdum

Sacchi Si Hain Yeh Taareefein
Dil Se Jo Maine Kari Hain…
Sacchi Si Hain Yeh Taareefein
Dil Se Jo Maine Kari Hain…

Jo Tu Mila To Saji Hain
Duniya Meri Humdum
O Aasma Mila Zameen Ko Meri
Aadhe Aadhe Poore Hain Hum
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi
Likh Di Mere Humdum

Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena Mere Humdum
Na Seekha Kabhi Jeena Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Seekha Jeena Tere Bina Humdum

POV ends ~


Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the earth doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never should you doubt true love…
-William Shakespeare
People fall in love because the whole world conspires to make them fall in love.

Hope you all like it..

Love! ❤
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