Lets do some criticism! Part-II


Hi guys, your Suhasini is back with another slot of criticism… So lets begin, and and and, do not forget to comment after reading!!
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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
-Gayatri is dumbo
-Anyone can tell that Savitri is Gayatri. I have previously seen in many other serials, they try to disguise their actors, we clearly understand who they actually are, but their family members don’t I mean wtf? Bring some reality, get some life!
-I dont know where this serial is leading to. I mean A raja loves his dead wife, he gets married to another girl, he initially hates her, then he falls in love with her, all of a sudden the dead queen returns and asks for her rights, the raja gives her the rights, the 2nd wife stand hopeless, then it gets revealed that she is a beherupiya and gets kicked out. Then this Rageshwari enters, I dont know from where she gets in, His second wife shoots him, he gets married to Rageshwari, and then he hates his second wife The second wife disguises as a nokrani and enteres the palace and then the raja starts to have feelings for the nokrani… Is he characterless?
-If Savitra was some other nokrani with similar attitudes would that mean rana ji would start having feelings for that girl too!!

-Too much dragging, I mean how long will this YV keep tormenting the viewers. Get some life writers, please kick this YV and bring a new villain if you love villains so much
-From where on earth did twinkle’s father and sister pop out? Initially we were shown that twinkle’s mom hated anita and her family because anita’s husband tried to abuse a besahara lachar vidwa. And now we find out she isn’t a widow. What message is the show trying to deliver to us?
-I do not see Tashan in the serial any more.I mean YV has Tashan, but isn’t it supposed to be the lead actor and actress who should give meaning to the title?

Siya ke Ram
-I’m a hindu, still some times I’m forced to think, Ram ji loved his father so much, even King Dashrath loved him. Then why didnt Dashrath go with Ram to Vanvas? That way both could have been happy in their places.
-In the original version of Ramayan Bharat curses Keikei that no father would ever name his daughter keikei as she is the reason for kul vinash. This dialogue hold high significance. But this serial didnt show it.
-Bharat did not throw Keikei out of the palace originally. what was shown then? I dont know. Our religious tells us to respect parents even when they are wrong, you know why? because they did the biggest favour on you by bringing you to this world. If it not had been them, then today you wouldn’t be able to speak your mind. Bharat was also an adarsh son, and though mad at keikei he didnt throw her out. This was really misleading.

Saath Nibhana Sathiya
-How old is Baa? She is going to see her par par pota but I dont see any changes is her apart from that wheel chair. Ssuch people do not exist(I wish people lived that long but this is the rule of nature and the serials are misleading)
-lets consider Baa was 18 years old when she got married. She had Chirag when she was 20 and Parag when she was 22. When Chirag was married(at say 25, Baa was 45 and when Parag got married, Baa was 47. When Ahem was born Baa was 49. When Ahen got married to Gopi, at say age 27, Baa Was 77 Years old. When Meera was born after four years, Baa was 81 years old. When Meera was 2years old and got lost, Baa was 83 years old. When They found back Meera t the age of 12, Baa was 93 years old. Then Meera lived with them for two years, that makes Baa 95 years old. Then they took ten years leap. BAA IS 105 YEARS OLD. After the leap lets assume it’s been two years. even then Baa is 107 years old… Ouch Baa, live live, you will surely make it to the guines world recorrds! Cheers… I really wish people lived that long.

General Comments.
-In every serial till date, the elderly people are seen alive throughout. The main characters may die but the Baa’s the dadi’s the dadaji’s the nani’s never dies… Please recall.
-Nowadays the serials shows elderly figures misleading. Forr a while, your parents love may be selfish because they want you to take care of them when they grow old. But the love of Grandparents is absolutely selfless. They know that maybe they wont be alive till you will be earning but still loves you unconditionally. But what are the elders of this generation’s serial doing? See Shanti devi from Mere Angneme, how can and old lady be so stupid, so idiotic and so weird? what will she win by destroying Riya and Shivam’s life? She stills gets priority, why does she need to be the sole decision maker? Why does she want everyone to hate Riya?I dont think anyone would have minded if she till sat on her Jhula. Never mind! Then coves the Bari Rajmata of ETRETR, She is stupid, selfish and I dont know what more, she wants to kill her own Grandson.. Then cones Suhani Si Ek Ladki, dadi claims to love Yuvraj more than anything else, yet she wouldn’t accept Suhani. That stupid Rags and Menka are really dumbo azzs, still dadi loves them more and not Suhani, Just because she looks bad?I find Suhani more prettier than Menka. Menka looks like a pressurized donkey who would poop anywhere (No offence to the actress, she is doing fabulous job)

No one in this serial world has self respect! everyone would beat them with their sandals yet they would go to them to ask if they want a shoulder message in a good sense.

-Why Does Ragini’s look change so many times? every time she changes her mind or looks life she is changing her ind, she simply chages her getup. First desi anarkali, then ultra modern Swara look, then innocent Marwari bahu, then Ultra modern owner owner look, and finally this new look which I dont know how to explain.
-Shekhar’s anger is absolutely justified. I would never take back a guy who DARED to raise hand on my dad. Ok I know Ragini has no shame no self respect, why doesn’t she think about her father’s self respect?
-When ragini did so many crimes, Shekhar took her back. But when Swara wanted to go to her sasural he cut all ties with her? Why? Oh because he loves rgini more and shows fake sympathy for Swara.
-I like Ragini’s new avatar, lets hope this lasts till the end of the show. I dont know why I’m having a feeling that ragini would conceive, would have a miscarriage and would blame swara for that and want swara’s child in return, trust me guys, this serial’s writer can make Teju that bad!!

Yeh Rishta Kya kehelata hai
-We saw Akshara getting married, we saw Naksh’s birn, now we shall see his marriage.. Akshara doesn’t get old, kaitik doesnt get old. We are getting old and fooled instead! I sometimes feel as if I’m Naksh’s grandmother and not an average 16 year old who didnt even join high school yet.

Ok Guys, enough for today, I should study now!!
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Credit to: Suhasini Khanna

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  1. Hey you dear if don’t like tashan e ishq and any other serial please stop watching it don’t complain to us about this idiot .How you dare to tell anything about my favorite serials ????
    Stop watching it and sorry if u are hurt but I said all this because I can’t hear anything about my favorite serials…..

    1. Come out of your fictional world. Just because you like the serial doesn’t mean that it does not have any flaws.. Every serial has flaws and we are here only to discuss them. If you don’t like this then don’t read it. I liked whatever suhadini said. If you don’t then shut your mouth and stop your fingers and leave from the analysis…

  2. saima siddique

    I’m still laughing. Next update soon..

  3. You should be a professional critic

  4. This comment thread is too funny. Can’t believe how worked up and upset people are getting because someone criticize their favourite Serials/characters. These are just entertainment shows, not real life.
    Let’s be honest – everyone of these soaps (don’t know about SKR) have some really far-fetched story line that we, as viewers, are supposed to believe. The majority of these Soaps have similar story lines. I only watch ETRETR and love it, but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t see the flaws and the idiotic story line as well. Here also we have a superwoman granny who will give Superman a run for his money.
    Suhasini is only pointing out what most of us know already, so don’t understand why some people are taking it personally. I had a good laugh!

    1. Suhasini Khanna

      Thank you. You were the first to understand ?

  5. Agreed! I also had a good laugh…

  6. suhasini i dont think etretr is correct because they did not have much difference between savitri and gaytri so we could recognise her
    and ranaji is not chacterless because he feels a connectin with savitri
    i dont watch this serial but ii think it is not that bad

  7. i wondered the same thing about baa from sns
    but i love meera

  8. manisyha malaysia

    ya, i agree the comment about ek thi raja ….hopefully writter and producer take in to concideration….

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