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Hi guys i am going to start from my ff from viplav and dhaani separation as i am fed up with current track

The episode starts with dhaani coming to ashram cryingly rajlakshmi opens the door everyone in the ashram is shocked to see dhaani crying. dulaari asks what happened dhaani why r u crying
dhaani; maai everything is finished ,viplav breaks his relation with me
dulaari is shocked
dulaari; what r u saying , do u know what u r saying
dhaani;haan maai viplav breaks his relation with me,sab kadham ogaya
dhaani explains what happened
dulaari is shocked
dulaari;did u say this to viplav
dhaani;haan i said this to viplav thats why he breaked his relation with me
dulaari;just try once more
dhaani;no use he will never believe as dashrath is like a god to him,viplav will come to me when he comes to know about dashrath deeds i will wait for that moment,thats it
dulaari;dhaani come with me we will go to meet viplav and clear this
dhaani;maai i have said there is no use of that as he will not believe us .leave this matter and no one must not go to dashrath house for this matter
dhaani goes to her room
dulaari;didi what she is saying
bade amma; leave it dulaari as per her wish

next morning while doing puja
dhaani feels uneasy and faints dulaari gets shocked and asks rajlaksmi to get water .sita maai checks her pulse and says it is a good news that dhaani pregnant
everone gets shocked as well as happy
rajlakshmi sprinkles water on dhaanis face
dulaari;dhaani u r pregnaant
dhaani gets happy and hugs dulaari happily and says viplav will get happy after hearing this news she calls viplav
viplav sees dhaani number on phone and ignores her call
dhaani tries again and again .
viplav switch off his phone
dhaani thinks to tell this news to viplav after meeting him
dhaani waits for viplav outside the ayoda nivas
viplav comes out of ayoda nivas .dhaani sees him and shouts viplav
viplav tries to go by ignoring her dhaani comes infront of his jeep
viplav gets down from jeep and asks her what is your problem
dhaani says viplav
viplav;see i have broken my relation with u then y u r coming on my way
dhaani ; i want to say u a good news
viplav recalls how dhaani misbehaved with dasrath
viplav gets anger and says there is one and only good news for me
”’i want u to get get out of my way and life”” and shouts at her .viplav goes
dhaani is broken with his words and breaks down into crying

later in night
dhaani writes a letter to viplav .dhaani goes to ayoda nivas to give this letter to viplav
Here viplav is drinking wine and says sorry dhaani i must not talked to u like that i am really very sorry he cries. kamini comes to viplav room.
kamini;viplav what happened why u r crying
viplav;i made a big mistake i love dhaani very much but today i hurted her very much (kamini gets angry )
dhaani enters viplav room by window
viplav rests on kamini shoulder and says i did a big mistake. kamini says yeah viplav u did a very big mistake..dhaani sees them together and gets shocked she recalls viplav words ”i made a big mistake by marrying u ”’ (dhaani misunderstands viplav) she cries and runs out of ayoda nivas cryingly
dhaani comes to ashram cryingly.dulaari asks what happened .dhaani says to dulaari what happened .dulaari is shocked. dulaari asks her to meet viplav once dhaani shouts there is no use maai and hugs her cryingly.viplav betrayed me .dhaani cries very badly.dhaani says viplav was my one and only strength my life was totally changed because of him.i was living my life only because of him but now he is no more to me .i will not enter his life ever again and I will not let him to enter my life ever again. I am going to live my life for this child this child is going to become my strength.dulaari asks her not to take any quick decision ,she asks dhaani not to snatch fathers right from the baby.dhaani says I am going to be a father as well as mother to this child .i can grow this child on my own believe me maai .dhaani asks dulaari to bless her.dulaari blesses her and hugs her.dulaari and dhaani comes to the ashram dhaani asks dulaari to pack their stuffs .dulaari asks why.dhaani says we cant stay at ashram.somehow I will meet viplav if I stay in ashram I don’t want to see his face so we are not going to stay in ashram .we are going to leave banaras .dulaari is shocked .where will we go we only know ashram. Dhaani says I don’t know if u are willing to come u may come with me or else u can stay in ashram.dulaari says but didi will not allow as to leave the ashram.dhaani says they will not know.we r going to leave tonight .dhaani and dulaari gets ready to leave the ashram.dhaani writes a letter she keeps it near the mirror .dhaani and dulaari comes out of the ashram they both saw the ashram for one last time.dhaani recalls all the happy moments she spend in the ashram with viplav she cries.ishq ka rang safed plays………….she recalls pot making ,bubbles scene etc….


Rajlakshmi comes to dhaani room she sees a letter ,she calls bade amma and other ashram ladies bade amma asks what happened.rajlakshmi says bade amma dhaani and dulaari maai was not in intheir room I got this letter from dhaani room
Bade amma asks her to read it.rajlakshmi reads it
Bade amma thanks for ur love and care now due to some problem me and maai are going to Mumbai pls don’t take any step to search us we don’t want to live in ashram and if viplav comes to ashram pls don’t say where we are I want to go far away from viplav so that’s why me and maai took this decision love u all
Bye by ur lovely dhaani .everyone in the ashram is shocked.

rajlakshmi says bade amma can we give a missing complain to police .bade amma says no need of that beta I believe dhaani had taken a right decision .i believe that she could overcome all the obstacles in her life and I believe one thing destiny will make dhaani and viplav meet again because there love is true

dhaani and dullari reaches Mumbai they see the place with very much crowd they stands still and don’t know what to do where to go

PRECAP:it is night dhaani and dulaari don’t know where to go some men tries to misbehave with dhaani ,he is about hold dhaani’s hand some one holds his hand (who will be)

Drop ur comment whethere the first episode is bored or interesting I think u will be little bored

Credit to: varsha (philo)

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  1. Phillo it is awesome ?too good✌✌it seems like reading hasan jjs update. Wish yr story happen s in real ikrs .?

  2. Phile not boring at all…
    The first part was similar to what actually happened but still enjoyed reading it again…
    Good going..


  3. varsha ……keep rocking dear……

  4. varsha ……keep rocking dear…… 🙂

  5. Enjoyed it, it was not boring 🙂

  6. Really nice varsha…a brief summary of last few epis….but eagerly waiting for the next one

  7. Varsha good going. Go on dear.

  8. hiii …sis ….so varsha …..you also start your ff ha ..very good episode it was … All the best for future episodes … and if you get time then read my ff too ..
    “the talking mirror:destroyer of all..IKRS” … 😛 ..


  9. Philo what is your age? Can you tell me?

      1. I am 16

  10. Philo good starting …

  11. varsha my dear too good, really love it……keep it up

  12. varsha it was too good keep writing 🙂

  13. Hey Varsha! Excellent! I am still not comfortable with leap its much better reading your FF. I like the suspense and keen to know who it will turn out to be.
    Looking fwd!

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