Lethal Deal- Short Story Manmarziyan (1)

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A Private Super specialty Hospital,
A middle aged woman was sitting gravely in the nearby bench of payment counter. She was shaking. She was not getting any idea how she will manage. Her husband is admitted in the hospital for last three weeks. Her husband suffered from third Cerebral attack now he is in the ICU with the support of Ventilator. The couple belongs to a middle-class family & her husband was working in a Private Firm. They also have a daughter. And, the wife almost spent all their savings in her husband treatment, the long bills of ICU, medicines, doctor fees, hospital fees. Now, she is running out of money. Day by day treatment is getting expensive. She is losing the hope that her husband will be fine. Now, she is getting anxious what will happen to their daughter, her education, her marriage. She is sweating sitting in the AC. A ward-boy who was following her from weeks, came infront of her & told her that the Doctor want to meet with her.

The lady entered in the Doctor cabin in a trance & said in a low voice ”Doctor.I cant spent any more.I am giving up. I don’t know what to do next.”
“I can Understand & I can also help you to handle the situation”- the doctor replied.
“How??”- the lady replied in a hopeful tone.
“For the last time, you have to pay something. But not to the hospital.”
“I am not getting anything Doctor”- the lady replied.
The Doctor instructed the ward-boy to close the door & don’t let anybody to disturb them. The ward-boy nodded & left the cabin by closing the door.
After two days, the lady removed her mangalsutra & hugged her bitterly crying daughter, afterall she lost her father.

In a Resturant,
Arjun Mehra was eating Biriyani with his best friend Neil Malhotra. Arjun was in bad mood, so Neil offered him the Biriyani treat as Arjun is a complete foodie.
Arjun- Bonnie Ray, I will kill you. You still don’t know me.Idot…………………
Neil- Don’t Arjun. She is a girl, don’t use abusive language in public.
Arjun- That Surpanakha Bonnie stole my Report & you are saying me no abusive language against her.
Neil- Then, Who is the Idiot??
Arjun- You are not my friend. You are my enemy.(in a dramatic tone)
Neil- Is it over??
Arjun- No, not over. What the use of saying abusive language here when she is not hearing?? But I can give her curse. Bonne, I am cursing you, You will get the worst mother-in-law. She will taunt you every time & you have to do all the works of household including washing dishes & washing clothes without washing machine.
Neil rolled his eyes. His friend Arjun is a complete natunki.
Neil- Nobody said tathastu Arjun.( with a smirk).

Arjun- Shut up. Hilter Boss threatened me that he will kick me out from the job right?? Now, I will show them who is Arjun Mehra & what his efficiency. I just need some sensational news then I will kick his job & he will plead don’t go.
& he angrily kicked his foot.
Neil- Now, you are kicking me. Say Sorry else I am don’t going to pay the bill of Biriyani.

Arjun Mehra- Crime Reporter of Newspaper Daily News.
Neil Malhotra- Sports Reporter of Same Newspaper.Best Friend of Arjun from Childhood.

Note- Euthanasia,is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.In India, on 2011, The Supreme Court of India legalized Passive Euthanasia, withdrawing of treatment or food that would allow the patient to live in Aruna Shanbaug Case with some guidelines.For more Information, Search Google.But Active Euthanasia,including the administration of lethal compounds,still illegal in India & most of the countries in the World.

Its a short Story.Posted the Prologue.Expecting Honest opinions.

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  1. Sounds gud.

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  4. Here comes my fav writer madhumaita ..madhu this story is awesome ..and arjun wao . Something different …supnarkha I was laughing at his dialogue ..lol only you can do that Neil and arjun best friends ..a treat for us ..pls update your ahalya …I badly missing it …and chakravyuh ..and checkmate too …pls update your stories 🙂

    1. sammy dear w8ing for lost patience dear plzzz post it nah eagerly w8ing for it

      1. Sorry Natasha dear actually last few days iam not well. .and now when decided to update tu is not accepting it for 2 days ..but now iam well so will update it soon:-) 🙂

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      First of all, A big Thanks Sammy.I am glad that you liked it too.This story you will witness a different Arjun, much different from usual.Yes, I am soon coming up with updates.Actually, my computer was crushed & I unable to write for a week.By the way, I am reading stories from Mobile for this week. I read yours also.My Lost patience really impressing & Engagement ring also. After reading your horror story, one idea came in my mind.

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  9. It’s interesting continue with the story. 🙂

    Madhumita I have wrote a ff it’s called rectify: Manmarziyan, if you have time read and comment, I would really appreciate your opinion, thank you. 🙂

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  13. madhumita its really amazing.arjun abusing bonnie was too cute..n hey euthenasia is really controversial topic in india..n aruna shanbaug case always left me numb..topic is very interesting..

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      Thanks Dipika. i am glad that U liked. You will get to read many cute moments of Arjun. Hope I can live up to your expectations. Thanks again.

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  16. Madhumita. …wowwww you’re back
    ..I missed you sooooo muchhhh. ..very interesting concept n as always outstanding narration. ….the lady, her husband and daughter scene was very heart wrenching. …how her husband died…arneil scene was quite interesting. …the note on euthanasia… great….you always find some very rare topic….i love you sooooo muchhhh for this…..I’m in for this amazing story. ..plzzzz continue dear. …love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh. 🙂

    1. Madhumita

      Hii Roma. How are U?? I also missed your comments so much. Here I get so many interesting readers.Thanks dear for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it.How the man died its a question mark, you will know as the story progress.Thanks dear. Hope I able to handle it.Updates coming up soon. Loads of Love To U too dear. Keep Smiling.

  17. nice one

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  20. Hey madhu darling….. how r u????..I missed u soo much…..very interesting plot dear…. First part heart touching scenes….. arneil bond superb ……n their convo was very funny….. I loved it to the core….u always giving us such type of dhamaka ….. Very welldone…..Keep going dear….n update ur others story too…..love u lot. …tc…..muaahhhh…

    1. Madhumita

      Hii Susi, how are U?? I am fine. Missing You all. Thanks dear for your lovely comment. I am glad that U liked it. This Fic I am trying to portray a different Arjun. Hope U like it. Yes, Soon I am coming up with updates. Loads of Love & Keep Smiling.

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