let it be swasan the destiny play (3 shots)

Guyz its just a 3 shot . don’t scroll downwithout reading. I’m ur devanandhini. Commts:D
screen starts from

ragini comes out of washroom in yellow sari. Go towards sanskaar and slowly without waking him kiss his forehead. Then lean to pick the phone from table and rang to a no:
ragi: hello swara are u awake or just still in ur bed meri jaan.
Swa: ya di. Did ur devar wake up . Tell him iam very much much angry . Luk at the time . Iam waiting here for u guyz more than an hour .
Rag: lucky is getting ready, so just chill my pyaari sis.
Swa: tq u u devar and bhabhi’s love 4 this orphan.
Rag; ye kya emotional. Any way bye meet u guys in mall.

Aftr cutting the she go to her devar’s room.
Rag: just wake yaar otherwise ur lady love will kill u.
Lak: oh god i forgt abt the outing . Dear god today she will kill me. Anyway bhabhi go and ask permission for freaking out.
Rag: frm whom. Igot permisson frm my hubby ok.
Lucky: from hitler.
Sanky: the one who gave u birth is him and now he became ur bleedy hitler . Awesome.
Lak: here come the sanskaari prince of maheswari kandaal.
Sanky: lucky pls yaar pls cosider me as ur bhai. Pls ek bar forgive me. I know u want to need a life were i lead a freaking life like previous but death of kavitha that made me stone. But i’m trying to happy with ragz and my daughter kavya. Pls forgive i know u need me like ur naughty bhai…but…sry.
Lak: sry my foot… U just leave me ur lucky is dead that day ownwards when u sacrifice all ur dreams. What ever pls we are leaving for shopping.
In hall.
Gm and mm are staying together in my shot.

Rag; we are leaving.
After 1 hr.
Sanky recieve a call that raglak had died in a car accident. Sanky throw himself into floor. Everybody is shocked. Body were arrived. Nanni pari kavya crying and roaming for maa. That time lucky’ phone rang . Adarsh put phone in loud speakr.
Swa: where are u lucky . Pls ragini di also not responding. Ur silence kill me. Aftr my parents death i love u more than any thng if any thng happen to u then i will die.
Sanskaar grab the phone and the speak way like lucky do.
San: hai baby i want u to come in my home.
Swa: yes i will.
precap: swara entry. Emotional talk to his body.

Credit to: devanandhini


  1. naina

    Nice. Hai i think u r the 1 who wrote sanskar ki hai swara. Wr is 13th part. U just stoped it in middle.

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