let it be swasan the destiny play (3 shots) 2


Next shot is ready.today iwant to count how many true swasan fans have here by cmmnts. Pls reply for my hero and heroine.
Recap: swara is called by ragini. Dushmani b/w sanlak. Swarag and raglak bonding. Raglak death.
adars: why u talk like lucky. Why u hide the truth.

Sanky: becoz by the way she talk its evident that she is his heart. I lose him why we also loose her by telling it thru phone.
That time swara arrived there. She is hell shocked to saw his lifeless body in front of her eyes. Everyone shock to see the most beautiful piece of gods hand in pink saree . They really like her.
She came forward and sat near his body. Slowly caress his face and.
Sw: why lucky why u gave me fake hope if u can’t fulfill it . When i try to cut my wrist u feel aimense pain than me like that seeing u like this u feel i’m no yaar i’m thinking how i can see u again. Raginidi u also make me alone. How u guyz do that. If u can’t stay with me why u guyz save from death bol.

Ap: beta i know u feel very pain due to the sudden lose of him but stay strong for my laksh.
San: ha swara stay strong for him. There body where taken for funeral custom. Swara stand like statue. Aftr that they all stay in the hall that time kavy is crying hardly. Sujatha try to console but in vain.

San: beta pls . But she contd angrly sanky forward his hand to beat her but then swara came forward and stop him. Swara took kavya to her embrace. Beta why are u crying don’t cry .
Kav: maa papa began to beat me .
He is bad.
Swa: haa haa yes s ur dad is a bad boy. Hai naa kavya.
San: tu phi mujhe bad boy bula diya meri pyaari kavya.
Suj: beta this is laksh phone may take this its belong to u.
Kav: chachu’s phone contain record clip’s play it maa.
Swara play record in which.
Lucky; swara audio message fr u dear. I love u somuch. No no this not gud bhabhi she don’t like it so other idea. Ur love is similar to sanky like the way she talk evrythng is same.
3 week passed.

Swasan married for kavya . She totally care sanky very much but really didnot find out the feeling . Sanky also taste the flavour love once again.

Precap: swara accident brng swasan karib or far away.

Credit to: devanandhini

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  17. devanandhini

    Thank u to all cmmnts. But still need more for counting heva fan

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