let the music speaks everything -Raglak OS to my bestie sangi

RagLak OS-let the music speaks everything..!!
Hpy b’day Sangi..!!this one’s for you..
It was a dark night but that place was glittering brighter with the artificial lighting effect.A pair of hand is shown trembling when a gust nearly knocks her to the ground. Gasping in shock, she press against the forceful blast.

She turns back and waves her hand painfully when she entered the queue.
“next please..!!”
She forwards something inside the counter and that is verified and the seal is stamped on it .
It was a passport and a flight ticket.Then it is given back to her after being assessed.
Her legs were travelling towards the scanning area where she set her luggage for scanning.
She stumbles while lifting the luggage and proceeds towards the departure.
“Singapore airlines has been delayed for 15 minutes.Passengers are kindly requested to be seated in the waiting area.sorry for the inconvenience..!”

This announcement increased her nervousness level.she started twisting her dupatta’s end inorder to control her fear.
After few minutes,another announcement came regarding the flight and she rushed towards the direction where she needs to be right now.
She stepped inside and an airhostess pointed her seat which is allotted for her..!
She seemed to be nervous all the while,why won’t she since it’s her first flighting and apart from that something is bothering her badly.
She lost herself somewhere when she peeps out through the glass window.she was like exhausted completely which can be read easily through her face.
“excuse me..!!”she felt a tap at her shoulder.she turned towards to react but she could not hear anything.

“huh..!!”she kept repeating this until he himself makes her wear the seat belt.She bends her eyes down and gazed the belt which he tied on her.
“sorry I was lost somewhere and thank you..!!”she initiated the conversation.
“that’s ok Ms.”he was interrupted..!!
“Ragini..!”she said..!!
“nice name and am laksh..!!”he forwarded his hand for a gentle shake..!!
She closed her eyes in fear and pressed his fist tightly when the flight gets jerked while taking off.
“are you ok..!!”he asked in his husky tone..!

“yeah..!!”she said and takes her hand back realising something..!
Their journey gets started and all the while laksh clearly observed her weird behaviour which is far away from her original character.
Laksh(furious):so what are you upto..?
Laksh:I mean r u visiting Singapore for ur higher studies or to pursue ur career..??
Ragini(hesitates):um..for my higher studies..!!
Laksh:sounds great yaar..!!which university u have taken..??
Ragini:why should I unfold it to u..??look I don’t wish to have this kind of conversation to a complete stranger like u got it..!!and thanks for helping me out (pointing the seat belt)
Laksh(murmurs):attitude huh..!!
Ragini:what did you say..!

Laksh(frowning):it was nothing related to u..!!
Both sealed their mouth being irritated with the response of the other and slowly dozed off welcoming the pleasant sleep to take off their bitter thoughts.
Few hours later.,flight gets landed and everyone started despatching from their seats.Ragini was standing in the queue for the security check while laksh is behind her in the queue.
Many girls started to drool over him but he kept ignoring them.
Ragini(murmurs):Show off..!!

This statement was damn irritating for him.He completely ignored her words and focused on his work.
All the process gets over and laksh was stepping outside the airport,he stopped there for a moment when his gaze falls on her.
She was seemed to be completely broken and her eyes were swollen.He slowly approached her ready to face her bursting crackers.
Laksh:hey Ragini.,are you ok..??

She slowly looked up and found him concerned but she doesn’t want to say anything to him.
Ragini(controlling her emotions):ofcourse I am..!
Laksh:but you seems to be worried that’s why I asked.don’t mistake me..!!(he was about to leave but interrupted by her sobs)
Laksh turned back immediately and found her weeping.

Laksh(concerned):what happened..??is everything ok na..?
Ragini(bursts out crying):not at all laksh.i came here after crossing all the hurdles but the first day itself showing me the biggest threat.
He wasn’t able to see her crying like this,it hurts him somewhere deep inside.
Laksh:Ragini.,please calm down.control yourself..!!am there na tell me what’s your problem..!!everyone around were looking,please calm down..!
Ragini muttered huskily about her problem which created boiling effect in laksh’s blood..!!
Laksh:stop kidding ragini,I can’t accept this fact..!!this is just a simple thing for such an attitude type of girl like you..!
Ragini(glares):why won’t you say..!!it’s my mistake of sharing my pain with a flirt like you..!!
Laksh:ok ok cool down..!!I have a solution for ur problem..!!
Ragini(excited):really..!what was that..??
Laksh:yeah..!!the address u said was next to my apartment and if u believe this flirt means..(he paused there for a moment)u can come with me..!!
Ragini without thinking stood up lifting her luggage.
Laksh smiles stupidly and moves towards his car and Ragini followed him.
They drove off from the airport,there exists an complete silence and both of them were upto something.

Laksh’s pov**
She was a very pretty girl and her hair was thick with satin jet-blackcurls that blew softly in the morning breeze..!!
Her eyes became oceans and lakes and rivers but there is no doubt if they could become the spark that set forests wildly ablaze when she turned into angry bird…!!
She was very sensible and simple..!
I don’t know why but my eyes aren’t coming away from the force that she owns..!!
My heart skipped a beat when I found her with the pool of tears but she didn’t failed in giving shocks to me..!

Her statement created an heating sensation in my blood..!
I compared the one who showed attitude to me few hours ago and the one who weeps for her friend who didn’t come to pick her up..!!
How could a same girl possess two exactly opposite character..!!
I understood her innocent nature and she is a stubborn and brave girl only for this outside world..!!
I don’t know why but some instinct feeling is hitting my heart badly..!!
“Do u love her..??”my heart peeps out..!!
“no way how can u love such a attitude waali..!!”my brain crushed the statement of my heart..!!

********pov ends
He came back to this world when he heard her voice that was like music under a summer breeze, almost lost against the noise of the morning traffic.
“What I dreamt and what’s happening was totally opposite.I don’t have any idea what I gonna do next..!!tomorrow is health screening bhai.,how could I go by myself that too in this new country.!!”she sobs to someone on phone..!!
Ragini(wiping her tears):am hanging up..!!bye ..

Laksh:Oye..!!shall I say something..!
Ragini:umm..,say it..!!
Laksh:u seemed to be brave but why are you feeling nervous for silly things.see I can understand this is completely new for u but that doesn’t mean u can’t survive here.the people in this country are also kind hearted and generous only and trust me u can feel a safe environment around u and atlast don’t hesitate to interact with the peoples here.
Ragini places her hand on his hand and sighs him “thank you” through her eyes..!
Laksh(chuckling):be my attitude girl always..!!

Laksh:woh..kuch nahi..!!your place have come..
Ragini(forwarding a warm smile):sorry and thank you so much for everything..!!
Laksh:for what..??
Ragini:sorry for behaving rude with u and thanks for consoling and dropping me safely..!
Laksh(smiles sheepishly):oh ho..that’s ok friends..??
“ofcourse friends..!!”she widened her hand for a gentle shake..!!
“bye..!!”he said and was about to leave..!!
Ragini(furious):where are u staying..??

Laksh(peeps through the window):xxx apartment.,the building beside ur place..(he waves his hand)
She too did it..!!
Everything was perfect,she got somewhat adjusted to the new environment and it’s morning she got ready for her health screening but her brother’s friend nithya held up with some work and she wasn’t able to accompany her.Now her head starts spinning and her vision turned blur.
She composed herself and stepped out with a thought of hiring a taxi to the university.
She waited for almost 15 minutes but could not found any taxi and at that moment a car stopped infront of her.yes its none other than our laksh only.!!
“hey u said today is ur health screening but what are you doing here..!!”he quizzed her scratching his head.
This time she doesn’t felt hesitating and blurted out everything to him.
Laksh(laughs):I think ur time is good..!!
“why..!!”she got curious..!!

Laksh:because I have an work on jurong only so will u accept my offer..!!
Ragini(smiling):u are really good..!chale..!!
She stepped inside the car without having any second thoughts because she started believing him.she doesn’t feels like he is a stalker or something else because his eyes are speaking the truth and straightly facing her eyes.
Both started sharing their background with the other and his image created a greater impact in her heart when he stated that he is an lead singer of his band “The Stupids” because she loves music and it’s everything to her.Music doesn’t failed in making her smile whenever she feels alone.
Laksh ignored his busy schedules only for her which he haven’t did in his lifetime before since he is an workaholic.Ragini felt safe whenever he is around her since everything is newer to her.He spends his whole day with her and after the health test he took her to the restaurant for lunch and atlast they roam over several famous temples across the city.She kept admiring him all the while.

They reached lord Krishna’s temple where Ragini started singing Mann Mohana song..!
“Raas Rachaiyya Vrindavan Ke Gokul Ke Baasi
Radha Tumri Daasi, Darshan Ko Hai Pyaasi…
Shyam Salone Nandlala Kishna Banvaari
Tumri Chab Hai Nyaari
Main To Hoon Tan Man Haari..
Mann Mohana… Mann Mohana… Mann Mohana… Mann Mohana…
Kanha Suno Na… Tum Bin Paaon Kaise Chain..”

He was just admiring her other than that his mind doesn’t strike anything.Her voice is really sweet and it is melting him like a fluffy candy.
“Mann Mohana… Mann Mohana…Mann Mohana… Mann Mohana…”
She sighs him through her eyes for which he shooks his head in no.
They left after feeling blissful and started to their house from there.All the way Ragini kept talking.,talking and talking alone without sealing her mouth.laksh keeps admiring and also amazed due to her sudden change of behaviour.
Laksh:Ragini,shall I ask you something..??
“haan laksh bolo..!!”she said..!!

Laksh:actually I really got amazed no no confused about your change of behaviour..(he hesitates)
Ragini laughs at first which he never expected and he blinks like a toy.
Laksh:sorry if I asked something wrong.
Ragini:there is nothing wrong laksh and everyone who doesn’t know about me will think like that only I mean ur first impression about me and by now u might have contrast thought about me na and that was my true behaviour.usually I won’t get mingle with anyone so easily and I hesitate to share about me that’s the thing which hurts everyone and am sorry if I behaved rude to you yesterday and I must say u are that luckiest person with whom I became close within a day.

Ragini nods while laksh grinned for her reply.Her place has come and she have to leave by now.laksh felt heavy in his heart and he doesn’t want to leave her company forever.
“bye and thank u once again laksh..!”she stepped down when the car gets stopped and waves her hand..!

“suno..!”he rushed to her panting.
She turns and raised her eyebrows.will you be a part of my band..??,he said.she gave “what do you mean” look.
“I mean will u be the female lead singer in my band..?”he said rubbing his fist.
She thinks for a while and atlast muttered “dekho laksh.,I don’t have much knowledge in singing and moreover am not an trained singer..”
But interrupted,laksh:training alone is not a matter.i asked u because I loved ur voice it’s something more than sweet like what will you feel when u are eating ur favourite candy..!!
She laughed at her extremity and muttered “u are a chocolate lover right..!”
Laksh(smiling sheepishly):yeah.,diary milk lover..!!and don’t forget to come tomorrow ok..!!bye for now.i will be waiting ragu(he shouts madly at his high pitch for which she turned back and forwards a cute smile)

The whole night she thinks only about him and his words and something popped up.she thought and atlast came into an conclusion that why can’t I give a chance to it.yes she decided to say ok and started wrapping the bed cover above her and dozed off.
The next day morning,since her studies starts only after a week she thought to give it a try and so she departed to laksh’s apartment and knocked the door.
She has been outside the door since 20 minutes doing rhythm with it.,but there is no reaction from inside.she just remembers only his apartment name and the flat number.both doesn’t exchanged their phone number yet so she decides to wait outside until he comes out.
Finally he opened the door rubbing his eyes and was hell shocked to see the angelic beauty standing infront of him.
“Ragini..!!”he said surprisingly and asked her to come in..!!

Ragini stepped inside and found the entire house as dirty and untidy,it was messed up completely.
His gaze falls on the couch and he started cleaning his room.
“so what have you decided..!”laksh asked..
Ragini:umm..,actually I decided to..(she paused)
Laksh was eagerly waiting to hear her reply.
Ragini (cont):I have decided to give it a chance..!!
Laksh (was floating):thank u.thank u so much.
He dragged her into the bone crushing hug in excitement which happened unexpectedly but released her from his grip when he realised it..!

Soon they become close friends and their band gathered everyone’s attention with her arrival.People started liking their duet version of songs and few girls started to drool over him which she never likes.
A kind of jealousy feel aroused in her heart which she never understand and behaved like a kid always.But laksh always ignored them whenever Ragini wasn’t there with him.He is doing everything for a reason just to give birth to jealousy in her heart.
Ragini stepped out from her relatives flat and started sharing the room with smriti,the guitarist of their band.she saved the penny which she earned from the band for her basic needs and successfully completed her studies.
On that beautiful night,laksh expressed his feelings for her through his song which she doesn’t dreamt off.

Laksh sighs Smriti to change the notes through his eyes..she started playing the guitar which Ragini is unaware.
“Since when is it, You come into my heart
My heart keep thumping even for your little smile
For a long time, I’ve been waiting for this fate like love
It’s you, I know it.
Oh..! That my love is you..”
He bends down on his knees and held her hand for granted.

“You’re like a cotton candy that melting all day in my heart
You’re like rainbow that coming dazzlingly into my heart
Will you whispered me with your sweet voice
That from the beginning your heart everyday loving me too
i love you just be my love.”
He sang and kept her hand at his forehead.Ragini who never expected this from him silently leaves after shooting him with the death glares.
Crowd applauses for his proposal and they thought that Ragini left the place due to her shyness but that wasn’t a real reason.
Laksh ran behind her because he felt the weird reaction she gave when he proposed in front of public.
Laksh(husky tone):Ragini..!!

Ragini(fuming in anger):atlast you too proved na all men are same only.(she started crying bitterly and sobs continuously)
Laksh:actually Ragini..!what u are thinking was completely wrong..!!I thought that you too love me like I do and that’s why I confessed my feelings before everyone.
Ragini(closing her ears):just leave me alone laksh..!just leave..!
Laksh left giving some space to her and everything comes in front of her right from their first meeting.,the way he helped her.,their practice hours.,her jealousy and everything dances in her brain.

Her mobile rings.,she picked the call composing herself when she saw the caller id.she was shocked when her father said that they are coming here.
Ragini immediately leaves to airport and was waiting outside for her family,to her surprise everyone from her family including her grandma came to visit her.she found something is wrong and tried asking her dad on the way to her home but he remained silent as always.
A biggest shock was exposed when her sister revealed the truth to her.she was like broken completely with the things that is happening around her.

First it was laksh who pierced her heart by proposing infront of everyone making her to embarrass without asking her feelings and now it’s her family who fixed her engagement with a guy who is a resident of Singapore and that too without her permission.This is really a toughest phase of her life.

One side it’s laksh who is true about his feelings but the way he revealed it was disliked by her and moreover she was not able to realise the relationship between them.is it called love or friendship..??it kicked her head badly whenever she thinks about laksh.
On the other side,her family who believed her and fixed an alliance with the most eligible bachelor of the city.
She was confused because it’s not a dress or something else to choose between the two,it was her life which she wants by her wish.
She tried convincing her family that she doesn’t want to get married now but her family did emotional drama and makes her agree for the marriage.
She unwillingly accepted for the alliance and smiled sarcastically thinking about her fate.
Laksh came to know about this and tried to contact Ragini but instead her dad attended the call and warned him.

Yes,they wanted Ragini to get married immediately when they watched laksh’s proposal on TV.
Ragini who unaware about anything started ignoring laksh and trying her best to forget him.
Suddenly her sister pressed something on her phone and it started playing
“unnodu vaazhatha vazhvenna vazhvu en ul nenjam solgindrathu..!!”
{Meaning:What is life, if living, is not with you – so asks my heart.}
Her world stops there and took a u turn towards the past where Laksh used to taught her Tamil since her mother is an tamilian.
Both used to hear some songs in Tamil and unnoda vaazhatha is one among them which was laksh’s favourite and later becomes her favourite too..!!
That night turns into an sleepless one when laksh’s thoughts kept disturbing her.At that time only she realized the fact that they haven’t spoken anything from the past 3 days.

She took her mobile and was about to dial his number but it was missing from her contacts but she remembered his number in her memory so she dialled it but that was under switched off.
She pulled her sister who is in sleep and quizzed her about laksh’s number missing in her contact list.Her sister tried hard in changing the topic but failed and atlast revealed that her dad threatened him to not to disturb her anymore.
The moment when she was not able to talk with him,laksh started occupying both her heart and brain.Now she came to know the answers for everything like why he is so much important to her.?why she used to get possessive whenever girls drooling over him.?why he is special for her..?
She kept reminiscing something and she doesn’t know when sleep occupied her mind.
It was morning.,the birds started chirping in their lovely rhythm,the sun started spreading its light throughout making the sky to turn yellowish orange in colour and at the same time rain started drizzling in between symbolically indicating her tears.
“if both the climate occurs at the same time then u should know that I’m crying..!!”her words echoed in his mind.

His eyes turned moist and he falls down on his knees weeping.
Laksh(sobbing):am sorry ragini for hurting you.i have done wrong,am sorry.
There Ragini was weeping when she reminisces their happy moments..!!
Laksh(whistling):Oye..,won’t you talk with me..?
Ragini didn’t replied anything in return..

L:idhayam karugum oru vaasam varugiratha..kaatril kanneerai yetri..!!(Can you smell a burning heart?…I added my tears to the wind.)
But interrupted R:naan sayum thol mel verarum sainthale thaguma.(when people rest on the shoulders, that I rest, Oh is this fair, who is to say?)
L(chuckles):unnodu vaazhatha vazhvenna vazhvu en ul nenjam solgindrathu..
But interrupted R:meri hasi tujhse,meri Khushi tujhse tujhe khabar kya beqadar..
L:oh penne penne unmai sonnal enna..{oh girl..!!please tell me the truth }
R(blushing):ini neeyum naanum ondrai serthal kadhal irandu ezhuthu..(When You and I come together, Love becomes a two letter word.)
They shared an intense eyelock which gets disturbed by their friends who were enjoying the skit..!!

“wow..,it’s awesome..!!I think Ragini will be perfect to be your love interest laksh..!”Smriti said..!
Ragini widened her eyes and her mouth turned into ‘o’ shape while laksh gave a weird look but smiles inside silently..!!
Smriti:just for this script only..!!(she controls her laugh when she looked at them..!!
Ragini(sobbing):I gave up everything laksh, now am surrendering myself to you.
Laksh:I know ragu u do love me.please accept it..!!
Ragini:I wish I could have realised it before.I love you laksh..!!
Laksh(slamming his hand):I love you Ragu..!!
Both broke down separately at their respective room and dying for their love.
“didi.,you know about dad na he won’t accept laksh.please try to forget him and move on..!!”ragini’s sister tried to convince her.
Ragini(crying bitterly):how could I..??

Before she could say further her mom cuts her sentence.
Mom:get ready soon.,groom is waiting for you..!!
Ragini’s sister adjust her makeup and wipes the kajal that gets smudged due to her weep.she brought Ragini outside and she was the centre of attraction.everyone’s eyes got glued on her with happiness and she was feeling awkward when the groom stares her intensely.
When the pandit asked the couple to exchange rings,suddenly there exists a “Thud..!!”
It was the ring falling sound which happened when Ragini backsteps suddenly and rushed towards the entrance of the grand hall.
She then run away from the house lifting her heavy weighing beautifully embellished royal blue lehenga making everyone to go stunned.

Ragini knocks the door and keeps chanting laksh’s name but the door wasn’t opened and at that moment only something gets striked on her mind.
Immediately she stepped out and stops the taxi in the middle and get into it.
“am sorry laksh..,I can’t live without you..!!”she murmurs in between her sobs and the place has come which she mentioned.
She ran towards the huge crowd without paying the driver.It was crowded and she could hear people keeps on saying his name only.she slightly pushed everyone and reached towards the stage where he is weeping on the floor not able to bear her absence.
“I couldn’t make it Smriti.Without her am nothing and today is her engagement.she isn’t mine from now..!”he bursts out crying badly hugging Smriti.

“I am always yours only..!”she said and started singing those lines which he proposed for her.
He was like really melting like a cotton candy and her words made him stand numb and the next moment she was in his embrace showing him how badly she missed his absence.
“I missed you Ragini..!!”he said
“I love you laksh..!!”she said while crying and it’s an sigh of happiness.
He pulled her deep into him and kissed her cheek fondly.

“Unnodu Vazhatha Vazhvenna Vazhvu En Ulnenju Solginrathu..”she whispered in his ear and he planted a kiss on her forehead gently..!
“Hey Pillagada Endhiro Pillagada
Naa Gunde Kaada Lolli..!!”plays in the bg..!
Both entangled their hands together and gets lost in their beautiful love making.
“Hey Monagaada Sampakoi Moratoda

Naa Manasantha Gilli..!”
He twirls her according to the beat and pulled her back to him.
The live concert now turned into an dance competition.Everyone including ragini’s family watches their performance.
Ragini’s dad agreed to their marriage when no other option is left out to him..!!
“Gira Gira Thille Neelona
Bira Bira Sudulai Thirigena
Nilavadha Nuvem Chestunna
Dorakanu Andha Nekainaaa”
Laksh adores the sacred thread around ragini’s neck and she smiled through tears..!!
Happy ending ..||
Meaning of Pillagada song:

hey boy, what boy?
this craziness in my heart.
hey manly hero, don’t kill me strong by pinching my heart..
bira: it rounded as whirlpool

won’t it stay calm whatever u r doing.. did it say you can’t catch it..
Translation credit goes to Astra Akka..love u lotus..ummaahh..!!
And my dear Sangi.,iniya pirantha naal vazhthukkal da chellame.i love you more and more daily and miss u a lot da.
Even we may be far by distance but v r connected by heart.
I wish you all the luck and stay happy forever..!!

With love.,
Urs Vp

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