Let Some Misunderstandings Wash Away TS (Intro)


Hi Friendz Here I Am With A TS I Have Never Written Any TS So I Thought To Give It A Try…!!!
I Want A Little Break From My FF So Here I M With A New And Lovely Stroy….!!!
So Lets Start….!!!


Tital : Let Some Missunderstandinds Wash Away

Character Introduction

Swara Gagodia : A Very Cute Bubbly And Innocent Girl Always Belive Her Sisters And Mother She Always Do What They Said And Loves All His Family Blindly Specially His Dad She Never Rejects Any Decision Of His Father And Obey It Whther She Like it Or Not

Kavita Shikawat : Swara’s Elder Sister A Spoil Brat And Greedy Woman Married To Rajat

Kavaya Gagodia : She Is Elder To Swara But Younger To Kavita She Loves Kunal And Also A Greedy Woman Like Her Mother And Sister Kavita She Loves Her Fiance As He Is Rich

Shekar Gagodia : A Business Tycoone And Loves His Daughters Very Much Always Worried About Swara As He Knows That She Is Innocent And Trust Anyone Specially Her Sisters And Mothers Blindly Who Wants To Use Her For THeir Benifits Always Protect Her From Her Elder Sisters

Shomi Gagodia : A Social Woman Always Want That Her Daughters Play In Money She Always Advices Them That Money Is Everything

Rajat Shikawat : A Greedy Business Man Always Think About His Profits And Can Do Anything To Gain Profit In His Business

Karthik Mehra : Fiance Of Kavya And Loves Her Also A Greedy Person Wants To Marry With Kavya Just Because She Is The Daughter Of Shekar Gagodia

Sanskaar Maheswari : A Very Honest And Charming Person He Is Very Kind Hearted And Always Fullfill His Duties As A Son Brother And Friend Never Disobey His Parents Wish He Is A Employ In A Company

Uttrah Maheswari : Sanskaar’s Yonger Sister Naughty Bubbly And Talktive And Always Tease His Big Brother

Sujata Maheswari : Widow Of Ram Maheswari And A Very Nice And Loving Lady And Wants To Do Marriage Of His Son With A Very Nice And Good Girl

Kavita Mehra : Sanskaar’s Cousin Always Wondered Around Sanskaar She Wants To Marry With Sanskaar

Shekar Considers Sujhta As His Sister


So Here Was The Introduction I Hope You All Like It….!!!

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  1. Rabia

    rosey 2 kavita??? btw seems interesting 😉

    1. Rosey

      srry its My Mistake I aWill Clear It In First Episode

  2. G.Chandu

    interesting…!!Waiting for first part…!!

  3. Mica

    aawww.. it you Rosey!! continue soon Dear!

  4. 2 kavita and kavya’sfiance is kartik or kunal

    1. Rosey

      sorry there is some mistake i will tell u in next episode

  5. Nice

  6. Superb
    …very interesting

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