Let Some Missunderstandins Wash Away TS Part 3 (Last Part)

Hi Guys Here I M With Last Part Of My TS I Hope Yoyu All Have Enjoyed It So Lets Starts…..

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Next Morning everyone got ready and come for breakfast they were about to start breakfast just than Taniyna came there and apologized for her behaviour from Swara and Swara being innocent forgave her

She comes towards the dinning table and sat beside Sanskaar which was notice by Sujhata who was fuming with anger but sidnt say anything in front of Swara and keep herself calm

Swara feels bad when she sat with Sanskaar but didn’t pay heed to it

Days are passing like this and whenever Swara tried to talk to Sanskaar always Taniyaa came there and Takes Sanskaar from there with some lame excuses

One side Taniy a and other side Kavita who always says to Swara that Sanskaar had only married to her due to Her property Swara didn’t pay heed to Kavita talks but with the passage of time she syarted realise that may be Kavita is right

Swara started to belive that Sanskaar didn’t want to marry her and Taniyna is right that he loves her as Whenever Taniya and she was alone Taniya always says that she was his Fiance and he still loves her and He only married you because of Sujhata Aunty this thing started to bother her

And as a result she started to stop talking with sankaar

On the other hand Sanskaar thought that Swara needs time to adjust herself that’s why she is quite

Swara’s behaviour with Uttar and Sujhata was very good she always talks with them and spend time but when Sanskaar came she go from there

Now Sanskaar also feels that there is something wrong and decide to talk to her

He goes to his room and was about to talk with Swara just than he revived a call from Shekar who was inviting them after their wedding at dinner

Sanskaar says that they will come

He says all this to Swara and she becomes happy as she was seeing her father after a long time


Next Day

At Evening


Swara was getting ready in pink Saree and was looking beautiful but her Dori of blouse was open which she didn’t notice

She was combing her hair standing in front of Dressing table just than Sanskaar came there and becomes mesmerized to see her in Saree as it was the first time he was seeing her in Saree

He was standing there at door just than Swara who was combing her hair sees her through Mirror and feels shy as she was feeling his intense gauze on her

Sanskaar breaks the eyelook and comes towards her while Swara was standing still facing his back towards Sanskaar

He comes closer to her and places her hair on one side Swara’s heart beat started to raise and she closed her eyes to feel his touch

He slowly caress her milky back and than the the Dori and goes towards the washroom for freshnup in this whole Sence Swara had closed her eyes Swara who feels what he had done becomes shy and Furiouse which she herself don’t know why?

After getting ready they left from there and soon reached towards Gagodia Mansion where Shekar welcomes them with Shomi who was just standing their to see Swara


In Gagodia Mension

They came inside and see Kavita and jabya sitting on sofa and she greets them while Shekar takes Sanskaar with him in study till dinner time

Trio sisters were talking in fact only two were talking and they were kavya and kavita and trying to create missunderstandinfs between Swasan which Swara liste8n without any heed

After some time she gets up from there and goes towards her room and take some rest

It was almost dinner time and Swara was alone she thought to talk with his mother and started to go towards Shomi room

When she reached there she was about to open the door but stops listening her name from kavita


Kavita(Angrily) : Mom I don’t know what to do Rajat’s Business is going on loss and now he don’t have any investor it’s all because of Swara I hate her

Swara becomes shocks and her eyes filled with tears listening to all this

Shomi(Confused) : what are you talking how can you blame Swara for this if you husband has loss in his business than how Swara is responsible for it?

Kavita(Angrily) : Beacuse of her stupidty she has a chance to marry Sahil than why she reject her Just because of Swara He was investing his money in Rajat’s Business and now he is also not ready to help Rajat you know Mom if Swara had married to Sahil instead of Sahil than today all will have been happy but I din5 know why she choose that cheap middle class Sanskaar

Shomi(In Strict Tone) ; Kavita behave yourself now he is your Jiju

Kavita(Causually) ; Oh please Mom to help with this Jiju (Battring) Mom I have a solution of my problem but you have to help me

Shomi(Confused) : what solution and what kind of help do you want from me?

Kavita(Trying to Convice) : See Mom girls do so much for their family please convince Swara that she make an affair with Sahil today it’s common at fi4st also he was investing in Rajat’s Business because of Swara and if Swara do some affair with him than Rajat’s Business will get profit again and I know she is not happy with that Sanskaar so what’s the matter

Shomi(Shocked & Angry0 : I’ll not do that are you mad she is your sister

Kavita : Par Mom….

Swara who listening all this feels like her soul is killed by her loved ones she immediately ran to her room and closed the door she sat on the floor with thud and started to cry miserably


IN Swara’s ROOM

Swara Was Crying bitterly sitting on the floor

Just than Sanskaar came inside the room and shocked to see Swara in very bad condition

He ran to her and cups her face

Sanskaar(Worried) : Swara what happened why are you crying

Swara losteing to Sanskaar becomes to sences and hugs him tightly

Swara(Cring Bitterly) ; i ……I wantttttt tttto gggo homeeee please…. Take ….me home

Sanskaar becomes shocked listening to her and pacify her with his talks

Sanskaar(Trying to Make Her Relax) : shhh Swara plz relax you want to go home na we will go after dinner but first ….

Swara(Still Crying) : no I want to go home now plz I don’t want to stay here plz Sanskaar plz

Sanskaar becomes more worried listening to his pleads and said.

Sanskaar : ok ook we go home but first you stop crying You have such a beautiful eyes and look what have you done to them by crying so much ok I’ll go and talk to Shekar uncle you stay here

Swara : Sanskaar I don’t want to meet with anyone plz …

Sanskaar becomes shocked but didn’t say anything and left from there leaving Swara alone

Swara don’t know what he said to her Family she was just sitting in car and crying

The whole way to home she was crying and Sanskaar was very worried for her he tries to ask her but she didn’t tell him so he thought may be she needs time but he do know that something big had happened because of whom she has broken too much like this

On reaching home Swara was burning with fever and Sanskaar takes her to their home

Sujhata and Uttar both are worried for Swara and Sanskaar knows that she is nearing something unbearable but he don’t want to talk as he thought it’s better to give her time

After one week she recovers from her fever and in this whole week Sanskaar had taken good care of Swara due to which Swara’s heart started melting and now she had fallen in love with Sanskaar fully

But the problem was same which was earlier Taniyaa

She didn’t let Sanskaar alone for one second always around her and now Swara was posses off due to this




Swara was standing at terace and chit chatting with Uttra just than they see Sanskaar’s car coming in porch and from car Sanskaar and Taniya came out she was seeing all this from terrace and burning in jealousy

Uttra : Bhabi you wait here I go and brought our tea here

Swara simply nodes and goes from there

Just than she heard foot steps behind her and someone places a cup of tea in front of her she tought it’s Uttra

Swara(Curiouse) : Uttra did your brother always roam around with Taniyaa is sshe really was Sanskaar’s Fiance?

Person(Smrilks) : Well not all the time

Listening to unexpected voice she turns around and becomes shocked seeing sankar standing their with a smrilk she becomes shocked

Sanakaar(Mischiviouse) : I didn’t know that you are so jealous from Taniyaa

Swara(Don’t Know What To do) : No it’s not like that I was just asking

Just than Clouds gather and a rain drops fell in Swara’s tea cup

Swara was wearing white curidaar and now she was unable to move due to Sanskaar’s guaxe she turns around and now Sanskaar was facing his back

Sanakaar goes under a shade and stands their and rain started falling with speed now Sanskaar can see Swara’s curves which were visible due to his white dress

Swara was feeling his gauze opened her dupatta and wrap around her she was still standing in rain

Sanskaar(Shouting) : Swara come under the shade other wise you will tell ill

Having no choice she goes under the shade and stands beside Sanskaar

As shade was smaller so their was just few inches distance between them

Swara becomes more uncomfortable and was about to go down stairs just than he holds her hand and pulls her towards him

Sanskaar(Naughtyli Smiling) : You have so much missunderstandings about me na so stay here with me in this rain and LET SOME MISSUNDERSTANDINGS WASH AWAY with this rain

Swara becomes shocked and sees in his eyes their romantic eyelook was broken by Taniyaa who came to called Sanskaar

Taniyaa : Sanskaar can you please drop me at home

Sanskaar left Swara’s hand and was about to go

Swara who kissed of sir to Taniy a thought to teach her a lesson and holds Sanskaar’s hand and said.

Swara(Smrikls) : where are you going ? You yourself was saying that LET SOME MISSUNDERSTANDINGS WASH AWAY in this rain and now leaving and you Taniyaa please take driver he will drop you

Saying so she sees in his eyes and Sanskaar who was shocked with her boldness stares at her while Taniyaa becomes Furiouse and leaves from there stamping her foot in the floor

As soon as she left Swara left Sanskaar and was about to leave but sankaar holds her hand

Sanskaar(Shocked) : I thought You are so innocent but you are so sharp minded girl what a trick I must say you are not which you show

Swara(Says All This Flow) : so what you are my hubby I’ll do what I want to do nobody has any right on you expect me

She says all this in glow and latter realise what she had said and runs from there leaving Sanskaar smilkling

Next Day

At Evening

Swara was sitting in room and crying Just than Sanskaar enters and becomes worried to see her crying he goes towards her and cups her cheeks

Sanskaar(Worridly) : Swara what happened why are you crying?

Swara(Crying) : You are again going out with Taniya you don’t love me she was right you love her not me

Saying so she again started crying while Sanskaar who listeinwd to her talks becomes shocked than happy.

Sanskaar : Swara I told you earlier that you have beautiful eyes now see what have you done to your beautiful eyes now stop cring and Taniya I think you are jealous of her.

Swara : no I’m not Jealouse

Sanskaar(Naughtily) : ok than I go to her

He was about to go but Swara hugs him and said

Swara : ok yes I’m jelouse because I’m your wife and

Sanskaar(Raising His Eyebrows) : and what ?

Swara : nothing

Sanskaar : tell me truth other wise I’ll take a leave

Swara : no wait I LOVE YOU

Sanskaar becomes happy listening to this and said

Sanskaar(Happily) : And I LOVE YOU TOO MY MOON

Swara(Confused) : MOON?

Sanskaar : Yes MOON you know when I first time saw you on that MOON light that time I fell for you and than I got to know that you are the one with whom I have to masy and I was happy but you was not happy and than I came to know from uncle that you love someone else so I thought to give you time but your sisters strated to full your eaars with misunderstandings but I didn’t say anything and now see My love win

Swara becomes shocked listening to him

Swara : If you loved me than why didn’t you say earlier?

Sanskaar : because I know that is I said you that I LOVE YOU than you wouldn’t believe me because of your sisters

Swara becomes ashmaef and now down her head

Sanskaar(Hapily) : you don’t need to feel embarce swara now it’s past let’s begin our future with a fresh starts

He was about to kiss Swara just than door flew open and Taniyaa came inside

Taniyaa ; Sanskaar plz can you drop me at home

Swara becomes angry in her interference she goes towards her and said.

Swara(Angrily) : Taniyaa don’t you have manners that when a husband and wife are alone in room than you should knock before entering in room

Taniyaa becomes shocked seeing her bold avatar and sees towards Sanskaar for supports but he shrugged his shoulders

Swara(Shouting0 : Now leave from here and Sanskaar is not your driver who always takes you home shopping and etc and now leave and Next time knock before opening the door

Taniyaa becomes embarc and leave from there while Sanskaar started laughing

Sanskaar(Teasing) : omg what you said you were awesome Swara today you done absolutely right thing

Sanskaar comes near Swara and holds her from waist and said

Sanskaar(With Naughty Smile) : so where were we?

Swara becomes shy and now he’s head down Sanskaar taking it a positive response places his rough lips on her soft juicey lips and started to kiss her she also responded it with dual passion and love they kiss almost 5 minutes and than braked apart

Swara hugs him due to shyness and Sanskaar hugs him back

Swara(Worried) : Sanskaar please don’t leave me ever

Sanskaar break the hug and cups her face

Sanskaar(Assures her) ; I’ll promise I’ll never leave you because you are my life

Saying so he again hugs her and now it was the start of their married life….!!!


So Long Part I Hope You All Liked It …..
Tell Me How Wa That???

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