Let Some Missunderstandins Wash Away TS Part 2


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Let Some Missunderstandings Wash Away

Part 2

Everyone see towards the source of voice and becomes shocked to see the person

Person : This marriage cannot happened without me and you Swara how can you forgot to invite your bestie Me The Abhijeet

Saying so he laughs and everyone got relive

Swara(Dont know what to say) : sorry Abhijeet it’s just …

Abhi(Making her Relax) : Its ok my little Princess so now let’s start the wedding

Shekar : Yah you are write come beta sit here

Now while marriage happened peacefully and it’s time for Bidaai

Swara was crying as she is leaving her home where she spent her all life

Sanskaar was seeing all this and feeling bad for Swara

Shekar(Crying) : Sanskaar plz take care of my Little Princess of she do any mistake than plz forgive her

Sanskaar(Genounly) : What are you saying uncle I’ll take care of her don’t worry now she is my responsibility

Shomi who was seeing all this comes forward and said

Shomi(Taunting to Sanskaar and Sujhta) : Take care beta and if someone did anything with you than call me without any hesitation ok

Sayying so all left to MM



Sujhata was standing at the door with some ladies to welc9me SwaSan soon their car arrive at Mansion and Sanskaar open the door for Swara

Swara was walking just like a lifeless body without any soul Sujhata instruct her to the rituals and when she comes inside the house all the ladies were around her and looking at Swara’s beauty and praising Swara who was already tired due to wedding starts feeling dizziness and was about to fall just than Sanskaar holds her and she fainted in her arms

Everyone becomes worried seeing Swara fainted Sanskaar lifted her in his arms and take her to his room and carefully make her ly in the bed

Sanskaar(Worried) : Uttra call the Doctor Now

Uttar : G bhai you stay with bhabi I’ll call him

After sometime doctor came and said everyone to leave the room but sanakaar said

Sanskaar(Dont want to leave Swara Alone) : Doctor can I stay I’m her husband

Doctor : ohhh than ok you can stay everyone else can leave

Sanskaar’s cousin Taniya who disnt like this whole Sence said to Sujhata in front of guests to defame Swara

Taniya(Trying to Defame Swara) : Oh my God what kind of daughter in law is she in the first day she fainted in thinking is she loved someone and pregnant with his child ….

Before she complete her sentence she feels a burning sensation in her cheek and see towards the Sujhata who was fuming in anger

Sujhata(Brust out Angrly) : How dare you to talk cheap things about my DIL she is far better than you I know why you are doing this you wanted to become wife of Sanskaar not I reject you and now you are trying to defame my DIL so that you can prove my choice wrong for Sanskaar not let me tell you one thing I have full faith in my DIL so you just shut your mouth and get lost from here before I told the guards to do this

Taniyaa leaves from there fuming in anger while doctor came out from room and said

Sujhata(Worried) : How is my DIL Doctor

Doctor : She is absolutely fine she was just tired rhats who fainted and I have given injection she will ragain her cosiousness in some time and after getting her consciousness plz make her way something I think She has not eaten from mourning

Sujhata(Calm) : ok Doctor thank you

Doctor leaves from there than Sujhat a enters the room and see Sanskaar sitting beside Swara holding her hand

Sanskaar see his mom and said.

Sanskaar : Mom you don’t worry you go and take rest I’ll take care of her

Sujhta : ok But if you need anything just call me ok

Sanskaar simply nodes her head and Sujhata leaves from there


IN SwaSan Room


Sanskaar was lying on couch and was trying to sleep just than he heard something sound of bangels

He sees towards the bed where Swara was trying to sit

He immediately ran to her and make her sit properly

Sanskaar(Still Worried) : How are you feeling now?

Swara(Scared) ; I’m I’m fine…

Sanskaar sees Swara is little scared said

Sanskaar(Trying to Explain) : You fell unconsious so I brought you here you sit here I’ll be back

Swara nodded and he left from there

After 5 minutes Sanskaar comes inside the room with a glass of juice

Sanskaar(Giving Juice to Swara) : Doctor said that you didn’t eat something so I brought this for you as it’s night and everyine is sleeping so… I hope you understand

Swara simply smiles

Swara : it’s ok and thank you for the glass but first I want to change my clothes

Sanskaar(Remembers) : ohhh ya Uttar has hanged a nighty for you in washroom you can go and freshnup

Swara simply nodes and tried to stand but due to weakness and tirdness. She was again about to fall but Sanskaar holds her from her waist

Both have a romantic eyelook which was broke by Sanskaar

Sanskaar(Holding her from Sholders) : wait let me help you

He help Swara in walking towards the washroom and left her there

Swara goes inside the washroom and thinks

***********Swara’s POV***********

What is happening to me I know I love Sahil but why I always feel attraction towards him

Whenever he is near me I feel good I feel save in arms

Everyone expect Dad says that he only married me because of my money but I didn’t see any greedness in his eyes

His eyes shows his pure heart which only cares for everyone

Ahhh my head is paining I can’t understand what’s right and what is wrong

Dad will never do any wrong Decision for me and if he had chosen Sanskaar for me as my Life Partner then I’ll do every possible thing to make this relation strong

***********ENDS POV***********

Swara comes out from washroom and sees that Sanskaar is sitting on the bed and feels his Guaze on her and looks towards Sanskaar

Sanskaar who hear the sound of door opening sees Swara who was looking beautiful in pink nighty but he also see Swara’s hesitation so divarte his gauze

Sanskaar(Breaking the eyelook) : it’s quite late you sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on couch I know you are still uncomfortable so

Swara who was feeling uncomfortable with environment feels happy with Sanskaar’s words and said

Swara(Happy with his Gesture) ; no it’s ok you can sleep in the bed the bed is big enough for both of us you can sleep on one side

Sanskaar becomes happy and shocked with her reply

Sanskaar(Happy from inside0 : Are you sure I mean you will feel comfortable of I sleep in same bed with you.

Swara(Happy) : yah I’m sure

Saying so both sleeps on their sides



Shekar was still waking and thinking about the incident which had happened a few days ago

***********FB STARTS***********

Swara(Nervouse) : Dad I want to marry

Shekar(Happy) : Really I’m so happy I will chose the best groom for my daughter

Swara()Still Nervouse : no dad you don’t need to select groom actually I I like someone.

Shekar becomes Seriouse as he knows that his Swara is very innocent and he doesn’t want to let anyone play with her dignity

Shekar(in Seriouse tone) : who is he?

Swara who feels Seriouse atitude of his father said

Swara(Tries to explain) : He is very nice guy Dad and Kavita Di and Rajat Jiju knows him

Shekar(in seriouse tone) : Swara I’m not asking you who knows him I’m asking you who is he?

Swara : His name is Sahil

Sanskaar becomes shocked listening to Sahil name as he knows that he is a womanizer and uses girls like tissu papers.

Shekar(Angry) : No I’m not accept8ng him as my SIL he is a bad guy and did you forgot he is a womanizer

Swara : No dad he is not it’s all just fake news about him he is a very nice man I met him

Shekar who sees his daughter’s stubbroness

Shekar(Angry) : ok if that all are fake news about him than what about his wife he is a divorced person I can’t allow you to play with your life.

Swara : Dad I have already talked about it with him and he told me that his wife had an affair with boy that’s why he left him plz dad for me for one time just go and meet him

Shekar : ok

Swara becomes happy and hugs him

Swara(Happily) ; You are the best Dad in this whole word I LOVE YOU DADY

Shekar(Worried) ; And I Love You too my little Princess

After Two Days

Shekar was going home as today he become free early so he thought to cost Sahil

He goes to Sahil Home and was about to knock the door just than he sees Sahil sitting with a Boy and they were talking about Swara listening to Swara’s name Shekar stands their and listeinted their whole talks


Boy ; I must say Sahil you are very intelligent there is something in you that you have triked that Swara Gagodia

Sahil : Hahaha it’s all called personality my dear friend that Swara she is really beautiful I just want to spent one night with her at first but than I came to know that she is the daughter of that Shekar Gagodia so I thought to marry with her and through her I’ll ask that Shekar to merge his company with me and in that way I’ll become also big business man

Boy : wow man you are geniouse

They both were laughing with their victory but Shekar who was standing at door becomes angry and left from there silentely

With the Passing Days Now he was more worried for Swara and he wants to do her marriage with respobsible a and humble person who takes care of her innocent daughter

That’s than he meet Sanskaar one day at his friends company where he go to visit for some deal and got to know about Sujhata and Ram and than he tells sujhta that he wants to make Sankaar as his SIL

That day when Shekar was retuning from office he got an Heart Attack and admit in hospital

Their family Doctor told eveyone that if he got any shock or someone give him any stress than he may die

That’s when he talks to Swara about Sanskaar and Dr marriage and she agreed due to his health

***********FB ENDS***********


PERCAPE : Let Some Missunderstandings Wash Away…..!!! 🙂


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