Let Some Missunderstandins Wash Away TS Character Introduction +Part 1


Hi Friendz some Of You Have a little Confusion over Intoduction so I M Postind Again As In Previouse one there was some mistakes
So here we go…!!!


Character Introduction

Swara Gagodia : A Very Cute Bubbly And Innocent Girl Always Belive Her Sisters And Mother She Always Do What They Said And Loves All His Family Blindly Specially His Dad She Never Rejects Any Decision Of His Father And Obey It Whther She Like it Or Not And Loves Sahil

Kavita Shikawat : Swara’s Elder Sister A Spoil Brat And Greedy Woman Married To Rajat

Kavaya Gagodia : She Is Elder To Swara But Younger To Kavita She Loves Karthik And Also A Greedy Woman Like Her Mother And Sister Kavita She Loves Her Fiance As He Is Rich

Shekar Gagodia : A Business Tycoone And Loves His Daughters Very Much Always Worried About Swara As He Knows That She Is Innocent And Trust Anyone Specially Her Sisters And Mothers Blindly Who Wants To Use Her For THeir Benifits Always Protect Her…

Shomi Gagodia : A Social Woman Always Want That Her Daughters Play In Money She Always Advices Them That Money Is Everything

Rajat Shikawat : A Greedy Business Man Always Think About His Profits And Can Do Anything To Gain Profit In His Business

Karthik Mehra : Fiance Of Kavya And Loves Her Also A Greedy Person Wants To Marry With Kavya Just Because She Is The Daughter Of Shekar Gagodia

Sahil Sen Gupta : A Business Man And Wants Swara At Any Cost Pretends To Love Her But In Relaity He Just Want To Warm His Bed And That’s Why He Is Using His Money In Rajat’s Business So He Make Himself Good Infront Of Swara And His Family

Sanskaar Maheswari : A Very Honest And Charming Person He Is Very Kind Hearted And Always Fullfill His Duties As A Son Brother And Friend Never Disobey His Parents Wish He Is A Employ In A Company

Uttrah Maheswari : Sanskaar’s Yonger Sister Naughty Bubbly And Talktive And Always Tease His Big Brother

Sujata Maheswari : Widow Of Ram Maheswari And A Very Nice And Loving Lady And Wants To Do Marriage Of His Son With A Very Nice And Good Girl

Taniya Mehra : Sanskaar’s Cousin Always Wondered Around Sanskaar She Wants To Marry With Sanskaar

Shekar Considers Sujhta As His Sister


The story starts with a Hospital

City Hosiptal

It was night time evryone was sleeping in their rooms and A girl is climbing down the staris While suddely Light go off and the Girl fell from stairs and hurt her foot

The whole corridoor was dark only the Moon light was visible The girl was calling for Help Just than some one comes there

Girl(Shouting with Pain) : Help In Any One There Plz Help Me…!

While she was yelling with pain a boy comes there and said

Boy : How may I Help You Mam?

as the girl’s face was covered with her hairs thats why the boy was unable see his face

The girl lifts her head and the Moon Light Reflects on her face The boy becomes mesmerised to see a Innocent Beauty Infront of her and lost in her beauty

Girl(Cryingly) : Please help me i was walking just than my foot slips and i fell can you please take me to Doctors Cabin?

Boy comes to sences listeing to her talks and said

Boy : Yah Sure come

Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

He forwards his hand the Girl holds his hand and stands up but due to pain she cant be able to keep herself balance and was about to fall just than the boy holds her from her waist

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

Both have a romantic Eyelook And both were just lost in each other’s eyes

O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u

the Girl break the Eyelook and tries to stand again but again was about to fall then Boy holds her

Boy : Let me lift you i don’t think so yoiu will be able to walk

The Girl becomes Amazed and said

Girl(Hesitate) : No Let me try one more time please

Boy : Ok

The Girl Tries To walk But Couldnt get succeed so the Boy Without any Hesitation Lifts her in his Arms

The Girl Becomes Shocked

Girl(Shocked and Tries to Resist) : Please put me down i can walk

Boy : Yah I Can See how much you can walk You cant even move a bit and you are talking about walking

Girl : But….

Boy : Miss plz be quite and let me take you to Doctor’d cabin

Girl : Ok

The Boy Starts walking towards the Doctor’s cabin while the Girl was stairing The Boy With Lovably And Boy Was also enjoying Girl’s Attention and lavable Gauze on Him

Soon the Boy Reaches to Doctor’s cabin and make her sit on bed

Boy : So ….

Girl(Pleased) : You can go now i will take care of myself from here

Boy(Worried) : Are You sure?

Boy Does not want to leave her alone

Girl(Happy) : Yah and thanks for helping me

Boy(Happy) : No Problem It’s my Duty

Girl : Ok Bye

Boy(Sad) : Bye

Saying so he walks out of Docytor’s Cabin


The Same Boy Enters in a room where a Man in his Forties is lying on bed

The man sees the Boy and looks questionably towards him

Man : Who are you?

Boy : You don’t know me but i know You Uncle I’m Sanskaar Maheswari Sujata Maheswari’s Son

Man becomes happy listeing to Sanskaar Name

Man(Happily) : Come sit I’m Shekar Gagodia

Sanskaar : I Know this uncle

Shekar : I am very glad that you came and you know very well for what work i have called you?

Sanskaar : I know uncle and I don’t have any objection on it

Shekar was about to say something just than Room door open and The Same girl enters in it with the support of a Nurse

The girl becomes shocked to see The same boy who helped her there

Shekar(Worried) : Swara what happened ??? How You got hurt?

Listeing to Swara Name the Boy Feels happy

The Nurse make swara sit on Couch and left from there

Swara : Nothing Baba I was just climbing dowb the staris then my foot got slipped and A little sprain but it will be ok You don’t worry

Shekar : are You sure Beta?

Swara : yah Baba

Shekar turns towards Sanskaaar who was silently Listeing Daughter and Father talks

Shekar : Swara Meet Sanskaar And Sanskaar She is My Swara My Younger Daughter

Swara whose eyes were Soften seeing Sanskaar there Listeing to his Name She Becomes Shocked and Her Eyes becomes Hard which was showing Thankfullness a Mintue ago now they were showing only Harted

This Change was not go UNnoticed By Sanskaar who becomes confuse

Swara(Gritting her Teeths) : Its Very nice to meet You Mr Maheswari

Sanskar(Confused) : Same Here Miss Swara

Sanskaar truns towards Shekar and said

Sanskaar : Uncle I Should Leave Now Maa Must be waiting for me

Shekar : Ok Beta Take Care And Tell Sujata Hi From My side

Sanskaar Leaves From There

Swara(Angry) : Dad What Was That?

Shekar(Trying To act Innocent) : What???

Swara(Angrily Shouting) : Baba I don’t wanna Marry with Him Why Can’t You Understand That??? I Love Sahil How Can I marry A Person Like Sanskaar

Shekar(Emotionally) : Swara Do You Also think that i will not be able to take a Correct Decision about your Life

Swara(Regregtting her behaviour) : No Baba I’m not saying this I’m Just….

Shekar : Than Plz Accept my Decision Consider It You Baba’s Last wish

Swara becomes shocked listeing to Shekar words and immediately said

Swara(Worried) : Plz Baba dont say like that If You want me to marry Sanskaar than I willbut plz dont say like these words again ok

Shekar : Ok

Swara : Now You Sholud Sleep


Girl 1(0Angry) : How Can You say Yes for this Marriage Swara?

Girl 2(Shouting) : Yah Kavita Di is right how could you marry that Sanskaar?

Swara(Trying to explain) : Kavita Di Kavaya Di please try to understand i can’t say no to Dad and moreover is health is Not Good Doctor had already said that if we give him a shock than he may Die if for Dads happiness I have to Marry Sanskaar than i will Marry with him

Kavita(Girl 1) : But Swara What about Sahil??? He Loves You very much What ill I say To Him

Swara : I Dont Know Di I Just Can’t Oppose My dad’s Decision

Kavya(Girl 2) : Swara Don’t Be So Mahaan What are you trying toi prove that we don’t Love Dad Its Only You Who Care About Him?

Swara : No Di you are missundetrstanding me? I was just saying…

Kavya(Angrily shouting) : Saying what Swara U know its useless to talk with you lets go Di…!!!

Kavita : Yah Kavya you are right lets go she will never understand us let her do what she wants to do But let me tell you one thing Swara that Sanskaar is only marrying wth you just because of your property He is poor guy and he just want your Money Mark my words Little sister

saying so both leaves from there leaving a shatered and crying Swara behind


Days pass like this and now it has been one Month

In this one month everything is changed Swasan Marriage Date is fixed and now tomorrow is there wedding

Next Morning

***********Swara’s POV***********

Today is the Day every GirlDream about I also had dreamed abot this Day but not like that

what have i done to deserve this I love Sahil and now I M going to Marry Sanskaar Whom I Don’t Know

Kavita di And Kavya Di Had Stopped Talking to me Rajat Jiju And Kartihk jijiu also says that I M Doing wrong

And Mom She is also not Happy but Dad is so happy and in his Happinss I M Also happy Sahil he is continousely calling me

But i never show up niether i meet him nor talk to him I don’t know how will I be able to handle things in My new Home

Sujhata Aunty is a very nice and kind Lady and Sanskaar we have never talk sice i got to know he is Sankaar

I just hope I M Not doing any mistake

Right now I m sitting in my Room and Prepairing for my Marriage

***********ENDS POV***********

Person : Swara

Swara turns and becomes shocked to see the person

Swara(Shocked) : You what are you doing here ??? Go Before anyone sees you plz go Sahil

Sahil : No I Will not go without taking you I know you are doing this marriage because of your father but did you oce think about me think about us???

Swara(Worried) : Sahil please go Its not right

Sahil comes closer to Swara and places his both hands on her sholders

Sahil(Trying to change her mind) : Think wisely Swara lets elope

Swara becomes shocked

Kavita who come to see Swara Said

Kavita : He is right Go Swara And live your Life I Will handle Everyone go

Swara(Crying) : No I will not elope with you I Can’t Let my father down You Please go from here Please Sahil Go From My Life Just Leave

Sahil : But Swara….

Swara(Determined) : I Said go

Sahil Leaves From There

Kavita : Think once again Swara

Swara : I Have already Decided Di Lets Go everone must be waiting for us

Kavita takes Swara In Mandap where Saanskaar Was Already Waiting For Her

Pandit Instruct Both To Put Garland in each other’s Neck

Swara was about to put Garland just than a voice came



And here Completes the first Part….!!!

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