Let me love you (Part 2)

Sonakshi’s pov:

I came out of the car and was rushing inside the airport as I was eager to get back home.

It’s a crowded day as its weekend and next week is New Year.

I stood in the line to get my boarding pass and I can’t wait to get back home as I was very eager to surprise my parents.

I got my tickets and begin to go to check my luggage.

After that I entered a coffee shop and had a cup of cold coffee.

A man stood behind me.

Do you know French asked the man slowly as If he wasn’t sure about what he is saying.

I said yes.

Then you most be American and I am sure you will know English.

He really spoke very fast and asked me to help him.

That help for him was to narrate his house address to his cab driver.

I looked at the time. I had plenty of time before my flight to fly.

But I was confused to leave the airport. He said that the place is very near.

He lead me to the parking area which I felt it to be very far from the airport.

I did not find anybody at that particular area.

We reached the cab. I started to speak to the car driver in French and explained the address to him.

While I was speaking to him, suddenly someone came and pulled me by my waist and I started to scream he closed my mouth with a kerchief.

I tried to remove it and scream but all went in vein.

Don’t scream a loud voice said in my ears.  I nod terrified.

My hands were roughly pulled behind my back and something got my hands together tightly. I guessed it to be a zip tie.

I turned back to look at his face, he was the same person who asked me to help him and I cursed myself for trusting him blindly.

Two men sat beside me and one man started to drive the car. I only had my purse with me.

That man snached my purse and threw my phone. He took the cash and had it with him.

I watched all this and tears filled my eyes.

They ordered me to control my tears and I was tried to do it.

I tried removing the kerchief from my mouth but it was too tight.

They took me to a plain ground were only one helicopter was standing.

I was taken inside it and I only knew that they are taking me far away from my happy world.

After sometime sona was injected and she losed her consciousness.

Thanks for reading……. And please let me know whether I should continue or know

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