Let Me Love U (RagSan) 3 shots- shot 1

Hiiii friends..again lahari with ragsan 3shots…hope u guys like it..

One boy nd one girl sits in restaurant..anothet girl came to them..the boy nd girl turned at 2nd girl…they revealed to be swara nd sanskar…the second girl revealed to be our ragini..
Ragini( looked at sanskar):i love u
Ragini(with beautiful smile):i love u(blushing)
Swara:hello excuse me..im his fiance

Swara:ok ????
Ragini:i dont have any pblm with that..
Swara( looks at sanskar):sanskar what is this..who is she
Sanskar:i dont knw swara..it was d first time im seeing her..
Swara:see miss..we r engaged..we r getting married in some days..
Ragini:k..i love him..im not saying he should love me..

Swara:r u mad
Ragini:ha..mad about him..
Swara( gives her disgusting look):chalo sanskar..
Sanskar nodded nd goes with swara..
Ragini mumbles sanskar..that means my hero name is sanskar..
Ragini(shouts):sanskar name doesnt suits u..bye hero..love u

Swara glares at ragini nd gets into car..
[Swara dad nd san dad wr family friends..so they wants to get swa______san married..swara loves him..sanskar agreed as he knw her since childhood..he thought she will perfect him]
@rag place
Ragini was recalling the incident when she saw sanskar nd fell in love with him..

It was night..ragini was running on road as some goons r chasing her..finally one goon caught her..she shouts for help…the men laughs evilly nd about to touch her..one man came nd punched him hard..her back was facing him(our hero)…ragini turns to see his face but other goons came nd surrounded him..she about to walks to him..but one goon who was fell on ground due to hero punch ,gets up nd holds ragini hand..ragini jerks nd pushes him nd runs..she goes nd hides behind tree being scared…the man was fighting like hero..ragini watching this frm behind tree..still she cant able to see his face..he hits all d mens ,all fell on ground..then he turned.. his face revealed, he was none otherthan sanskar…ragini was jst lost seeing him nd his heroism..sanskar called police nd made arrest them..nd he warned them to dont try to harm any girl..(he too havnt seen ragini face properly)..Ragini comes to sense when her mbl rings…she looks st sanskar who was getting into his car..she quickly runs to him but before she could reach he left..
She comes to her home being lost in sanskar thoughts..
Her mom:ragu..y r u late frm clg..kya hua

Ragini doesnt respond
Her mom shakes her..ragini smiles widely nd hugs her..her mother gets confused nd asks what happened..ragini brks d hug nd says im in love maa..im in love..she twirls her mother nd walks to her room without paying any heed to her mother who was calling her..
Fb ends..

Ragini smiles at herself..it has been 2days..i was searching for u madly..finally i saw u at restaurant..my happiness was no bounds..i told u what im feeling..but my heart pierced when i heard u r engaged..but i jst want love u more nd more..i dont knw whether im doing right r wrong..but i love u..i love u so much..i will love u till my last breath..

@sanskar place

Swa________san comes to home..[their families living under same roof]..swara seems angry..
Sanskar:calm down swara..leave it na…
Swara:how could i sanskar..how dare she..she told i love u infront of me..that too knowing that im ur fiance.tell me truth sanskar..u really dont knw her na..
Sanskar:swara promise..i dont knw her really..i think she was played some prank..leave it na..
Swara nodded and goes to her room..

Suji(who jst cme there):how was ur dinner date
Sanskar recalled d incident.. Unknown smile crept on his lips thinking about ragini..
Suji:sanskar..im asking something..where wr u lost..
Sanskar:kuch nay maa..it was nice..
Saying he walks to his room smilingly while murmuring pagal ladki(ragini)..

@next day
Swa_______san came to pub…someone patted sanskar shoulder..sanskar turned nd sees ragini who was giving bright smile to him…
Ragini:haii hero
Ragini:ha mein
Swara:r u following us

Ragini:no..im following only my hero(pointing towards sanskar)
Swara looks at sanskar who was giving i dont knw anything look..
Ragini:may i dance with u

Ragini(with cute puppy eyes):kyun swara:bcz he is mine
Ragini:im not asking him..im asking jst dance(saud innocently)
Swara:no..sanskar..y u r not saying anything..see how she was talking..
Sanskar(who was staring ragini innocent face.jerked by swara voice..nd composed): See miss
Ragini:Ragini(with smile)
Sanskar:see ragini

Ragini(interrupted sanskar):u called my name..yippee..my hero called my name..i want to celebrate this moment..she jumps..
Ragini:i will hear u later hero..first let me celebrate..
Saying she stepped into dance floor nd asked to DJ to increase volume…she started dancing crazily…
Sanskar jst smiled at her antics..ragini twirls her head her loose black hair fell on her white shinning face..sanskar looking at her without blinking his eyes..
Swara fumes seeing this..she drags sanskar out..
Swara:sanskar..dont forget u r engaged with me

Sanskar:what i have done
Swara:dont act..i saw ur attention on her..
Sanskar(stammers):vo.vo.. I jst seen normally
Swara:im not blind..im watching u since we met her..she was talking like het wish..but u didnt say anything..u(cutted by ragini who jst came there)
Ragini:dont scold my hero..he was not at fault..if u want to scold me..i have no pblm..u can
Sanskar(sensed swara anger seeing ragini):ragini u stop it..dont involve between we both..
Swara happy by sanskar words..
Ragini( hurted but as soon as composed):k hero as u say..
She turned at swara nd said plz dont scold my hero again..it will hurt me..
Sanskar jst looked at her..

Swara:stop ur bakwas..its waste of time to argue with u..come sanskar..they walks..
Ragini:good night hero..good nighr diii
Ragini:ha im fixed u r my dii..bye dii..
Sanskar smiles but composed seeing swara who gives a irritated look to ragini..

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  1. Shrilatha

    Awesome ..kaani akka problem avadu kada..u know them right.. Neptune monna thana ff lo mana topic discuss chesindi.. whole ff mana bashing undi…akka I have posted my os do read it

    1. Lahari

      Thank u so much shri..

      About bashing..vallaki ade telusu..valla pblm ento nakardam kavatledu….manamenduku bhayapadali..manamem tappu cheyaledu kada..vallu kullu kuntunnaru..ragsan fans ni chusi..ignore them shri…

  2. Shrilatha

    And haa sorry akka I didn’t comment on ur previous ff..I loved it waiting to know why our prince hates our princess

    1. Lahari

      No need to say sry desr..take care of ur health

  3. I know that this story is urs only when i see 3 short with RAGSAN. FABULOUS dr love u soooo muuuuccccch for giving us RAGSAN story u know am crazy fan for RAGSAN

    1. Lahari

      Thank u so much mk…love u toooo dear

  4. Amazingggg again RAGSAN superb dear

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      Thank u so much aditi

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      Thank u so much aleeza

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      Thank u so much vini

  9. AMkideewani

    Superb I love the crazy Ragini and thanks for such a mindblowing 1st shot of the story. Ragini rocks and Swara shocks. We RagSan fans have tremendous story writers?

    1. Lahari

      Thank u so much crazygirl

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      Thank u so much sug

  10. Follybraverl

    Cutiepie Ragini???

    1. Lahari

      Yeah..she is

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      Thank u so much niriha

  12. Naz_Temish

    It’s superbbbb Ragu is such a sweetypiee???update next soon

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      Thank u so much dharani

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  18. My Rago chocopie is tooooo much sweet :-*

  19. RagSan is LOVE ❤Ragini is aoo cute and crazy ?? Sanky is a sweetheart ?? This shot was superb dear????Loved it soooo soooo much ❤❤ Thank u soo much for RagSan ffs and stories ???

  20. Bela

    Pehli Nazar mein Ragini Ko Pyaar???

  21. P112111

    Amazing…… Cute antics but hurt gini…. Lovable adorable ginuu… Lot of kisses on her cheeekkkkkkksssss

    1. P112111

      Pehli najar mei kaisa jaadu kr diya tera bn baitha hai mera jiya…

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