Lessons to share…(KKB) Shot 2- Final shot!


Pragya “Bulbul! I am warning u! You can’t tell about my plan to him!” Bulbul “Arrey! How can u warn me and after all he is my friend too! I will save him!” Pragya “Acha…then I will tell that u are the one who made that plan and not me….” Bulbul “What? Are u serious? How can u think like this?” Pragya “You very well know that he would believe me if I tell him like that….” Bulbul “Omg! U are so cunning yaar…Okok I won’t tell him but why did u call me now?” Pragya explained to her something and Bulbul said “Now I even have to do this ah?” Pragya “Yes…please for our love….” Bulbul “Now someone is pleading me….Ok fine I will do it!” Pragya “Thousands of thank you to u!” Bulbul “Okok let me call him now…” Bulbul, Never in my life I thought Pragya would be like this when she is in love….

Bulbul called Abhi “ Hey Abhi! I have something to tell u about Pragya….” Abhi who was lying down on the bed quickly sat on the bed hearing Pragya’s name….Abhi “Is she fine? Do u know I proposed her yesterday but she ran away with tears…I couldn’t talk to her as I was stuck with my fans yaar….u know I cursed myself for being a rockstar at that moment…How is she? Is she alright?” Bulbul “Omg! You are talking non-stop! Wait I have to tell u something and u have to listen to that first!” Abhi “Ok tell me Bulbul…” Bulbul “She is getting engaged tomorrow!” Abhi “What? How is that possible? Is it that’s why she ran from me with tears? Does she loves me or not?” Bulbul was feeling how to handle him now….Bulbul “Listen Abhi…She herself didn’t know that she is getting engaged tomorrow…It’s a surprise for her by her parents….” Abhi “What kind of surprise is this? Is this a joke? How can they not tell her about this?” Bulbul “No Abhi…Sarla aunty just called me and said Pragya is very naïve…and she can’t make this kind of marriage decisions properly so they want to surprise her by choosing her life partner!” Abhi “This is not surprise!

This is a shock to me!” Bulbul “Abhi! Calm down…Actually I called to tell u this as Sarla aunty wants us to come early tomorrow morning without Pragya knowing that we are there…” Abhi “What are u telling yaar? I love her and u want me to see her engaged to someone!” Bulbul “Not like that Abhi…” Abhi “Then like what? I am going now to ask her whether she love me or not!!!!” Bulbul “Abhi! How can u go now? It’s so late at night!” Abhi “I don’t care Bulbul! All I care now is whether she loves me or not! I am going and don’t try to stop me!” He ended the call by saying that and Bulbul smiled….Bulbul, Now her plan is successful but I don’t know how will Abhi is going to survive her plans…..

Abhi secretly entered her house and slowly sneeked into Pragya’s room. He hid under the bed and Pragya was already informed by Bulbul that he is coming to her house. Pragya was excited but she pretended that she was not aware of his arrival. Pragya now entered her room and looked around for Abhi. Pragya, Where is he? I thought Bulbul said he is coming here….By right he should be here now!

Pragya, managed to see him hiding under the bed and thought to herself, not bad…lessons are starting soon…
Abhi, Why am I sweating a lot? Am I scared? Or is this place too hot? Of course I am not scared! I am a Rockstar! Let me get out of here and ask her! But what if she shouts after seeing me?? I am scared now…..

Pragya, Oh god! How long is he going to stay under the bed? I can’t go and call him too…then he will know that this is my plan…hmm…what shall I do?
She was keep on thinking and finally she got the idea!
Pragya went out of the room. Abhi saw that and wondered why is she going out now…She came back with a broom…Abhi, Like seriously? Sweeping the room at 1 am? She doesn’t sleep at this time? Oh no! She is sweeping the floor then I will be caught right?
Pragya start sweeping the floor and tried to hide her smile when she was about to sweep under the bed. Abhi was keep on trying to move from not being touched by the broom…Pragya, not so easy…Fine I will sweep until he comes out!

Abhi couldn’t handle it and he sneezed loudly and came out finally!
Abhi still scrubbing his nose asked “Are u mad? Why are u sweeping at this hour when u are supposed to be sleeping?” Pragya in shock asked “I should be asking u what are u doing now in my room?” Abhi stammered “I….just…am…no…as..I..” Pragya smiling inwardly said “I don’t have time Abhi…I have to sleep now…and Ma told me to wake up early tomorrow…” Abhi “Haan that’s why I am here! U shouldn’t wake up early tomorrow!” Pragya “What? Why I shouldn’t? My Ma had told me and how does it bother u?” Abhi “Pragya…no Chasmish! Just listen! I am here to ask do u love me or not?” Pragya “Is this the time to ask?” Abhi “I have to ask u now if not it will be very late…” Pragya turned back and was smiling widely…she thought, That’s fast! But still lesson haven’t started yet….

Abhi “Chasmish! Answer me now!” Pragya “I am not sure…I have to ask Ma first…u know like discuss with her first?” Abhi “What? I am just asking do u love me? What does it have to do with Aunty?” Pragya “Hmm…I always share what I feel with my loved ones first…It’s not only about loving u…but it’s also about sharing my feelings…” Abhi took a moment to understand what she have said….Abhi in excitement said “It means u love me! Am I right?” Pragya “What do u think?” Abhi “Why can’t u be direct ah?” Pragya smiled and was walking towards the door. Abhi “Where are u going?” Pragya “To tell Ma…” Abhi “No u can’t! U can’t tell her now!” Pragya brushed off his words and walked towards her Ma’s room. Abhi was now very scared and he just followed her. Pragya knocked the door and there was no response. Abhi “You see Aunty is sleeping now….I think u should tell her later…” Pragya “No! It’s now or never!” Abhi “Why are u being so stubborn?” Pragya continued to smile and although it was dark he could see her smiling with her eyes shining…Abhi, I am dead for sure! This Chasmish is so stubborn but why am I not able to share what I feel…I feel it’s difficult for me to tell her what I want to tell….

Pragya, It’s so fun…Ma is not even at house and he is scared of Ma now….
Abhi “How long are u going to knock the door like this?” Pragya “Ok fine…then I have to talk about a lesson that I have learnt few days ago….”Abhi “You still have the time to talk when Aunty told u to wake up early tomorrow!” Pragya asked in pleading tone “I want to tell u…will u listen?” Abhi couldn’t deny after that and said “Carry on!” Pragya held his hands and brought him back to her room….Abhi was lost in her touch and was mesmerized in her looks….

Pragya “Sit down on the bed and I will tell….” Abhi sat down and she too sat beside him. Pragya “I was thinking that u proposed me but u never really proposed me….” Abhi “What? I said I love you! And I also gave the most expensive bouquet! Did u forgot?” Pragya laughed hearing that and said “So that’s it? As in u said u love me and then that bouquet…all this express your feelings to me?” Abhi “Ya! Then what else can I do when I am not sure how u feel about me….” Pragya “That’s a point….but u find it difficult to share your feelings with me…Am I right? Abhi was stunned and said “Haan…yes….I also don’t know why…”Pragya “I said I learnt a lesson na…in that I learnt it’s only easy to share feelings with their loved ones….”

Abhi “Are u saying you are not my loved one?” Pragya “I never say so….but maybe u feel so….” Abhi “No! I love u! Ok just listen now! I love u from the moment u said that I am cute!” Pragya chuckled hearing that “U loved me just because I said u as cute? That’s cute to hear!” Abhi “No…actually I love u because I want to share my feelings with u….But I was not sure whether u will share your life with me… I don’t know as u are always busy in making your life better….but I really want to be part of your life…” Pragya was touched by hearing his words…Pragya “Then what else?” Abhi “I love u more than anything…” Pragya “That’s filmy though…but it’s nice to hear…” Abhi “Is it? Ok Then I love u as u are cute!” Pragya “Hmm…so both of us are cute and that makes us as a cute couple! Is that your point to love me?” Abhi “Arrey it’s not only like that…

I have so many things to share with u but first u should love me like how I love u….then spend time together so that I can teach u love lessons!” Pragya asked “Love lessons?” Abhi “Ya like how u want to teach me a lesson of sharing my feelings to u!” Pragya denied saying “I never wanted to teach u anything!” Abhi “Stop lying! I heard everything from Bulbul!” Pragya was angry now and said “This Bulbul na…never hide anything from u!” Abhi “You are so cute! You know right she can’t hide anything from anyone!” Pragya “Then all this while u were acting ah?” Abhi “Not really…Half acting and half reacting!” Pragya “What u mean?” Abhi “First half was reacting to your actions…and after that it was all acting…but my words are real baby!” Pragya “Go away now I am angry now!” Abhi “Oh baby…how can I leave u alone when no one is around in your house?” Pragya “You even know that?” Abhi “I know everything baby…” Pragya “Stop this baby thing…I am not a baby!” Abhi “You are my cute baby!” Abhi gave her a side hug by saying that he didn’t let her go….Pragya was trying hard to move but after a while she too remained in his hug….

After a while, Pragya “I love you Abhi!” Abhi “Hmm…I think just by saying I love u is not enough right?” Pragya lightly patted on his chest and both of them laughed heartily…..
That’s how their lessons to share their love was….They spent the rest of the night sharing their feelings about each other…..


As usual I don’t know how I ended up scribbling this….I don’t even know whether I was able to give a clear two shots! Thanks for all the lovely comments and support!

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