Lessons to share…(KKB) Shot 1


Hi everyone! Totally overwhelmed by the support given to my random shots…and I guess my craziness is also reaching its unlimited level….so now here goes another story….Again a two shot! I am also obessessed with two shots as I don’t want to spent too much time in typing if not i am scared i won’t have enough time for revision…

In a garden….

Pragya was seen sitting on a bench with a bouquet full of roses beside her. She looked at the bouquet and tears rolled down her cheeks….

Pragya, Why does it have happen to me? Why like this when I am like this now?

She took the bouquet and was about to throw onto the ground when someone stopped her. She looked up to see who it was….To her shock it was Bulbul, her friend….

Bulbul “This is such a lovely bouquet and u want throw it away? Are u sure Pragya?” Bulbul took the bouquet and sat beside Pragya. She looked around and looked at Pragya. Pragya ” You know na Bulbul….I am like this now and he now proposed me!” Bulbul “Who?” Pragya “Who else? Abhi! How can he do like this now?” Bulbul ” Don’t u think u are exaggerating this?” Pragya gave a pout and said “No! I am not!” Bulbul just bursted into laughter making Pragya even more angry. In her anger she cried even more….Bulbul by pacifying her said ” I know u are worried that u are now jobless and hopeless about your life….but that dossn’t mean u can’t love him right?”

Pragya “I know but why can’t u see that if i accept his proposal then how would he know that I am not like this…” Bulbul “Oh god! Pragya he loves u not your status or lifestyle! Do u get that?” Pragya ” Really? How do u know?” Bulbul ” Come on Pragya we are all friends from childhood and he did shared about his feelings towards u!” Pragya in a doubtful tone asked “Then why he never shared those feelings with me? Am I not his best friend?” Bulbul was finding Pragya very childish and said “Aww u are being very childish now! He loves u and as a friend he is scared what if u mistake his feelings…that’s why he shared with us…” Pragya ” U mean Purab also know this?” Bulbul nodded her head in response with a wide smile…

Pragya, He can share with others but not with me! I will show him that he is wrong…how to show it?

Bulbul placing her hand over Pragya’s shoulder said “Seems like Pragya is planning something…May I have the privilege to know that?” Pragya shared her plans to Bulbul which made Bulbul to have her eyes widened in shock!

Bulbul “Don’t u think this is too much? What if he gets scared?” Pragya “I am here na…to make him feel better..” Bulbul “Omg u want to make him scared and at the same time make him feel better…like 2 in 1!” Pragya hearing that chuckled and said “It’s a lesson for him not sharing about his feelings to the person he loved…a lesson that i want to play with him…i also never shared my feelings to him…at the end of the lesson we both learn something…and just by saying i love u it’s not enough Bulbul!” Bulbul was surprised by Pragya’s feelings as she never really talk like this before…

As for Abhi he was feeling scared after his proposal as Pragya just took the bouquet and ran away with tears…He tried to follow her but his fans came in between making him lost track of Pragya….That was the first time he scolded himself of being a rockstar…

Abhi, Why am I sweating a lot? Am I scared? Or is this place too hot?
Pragya was looking around for him and found him hiding under her bed…She thought to herself, not bad…lessons are starting soon….

By the way thank u to silent readers who had commented in the past few updates and no sorry pls for late comments or not commenting…i can understand and keep reading all the ffs here and keep smiling!

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  1. PrincessesMadhu

    Haven’t really commented in ur other ffs and shots but read them and loved them all…include this 🙂 All the best for ur exams di 🙂 btw what exams is it? if its ok for me to ask?

    1. Maya

      I saw you commenting before in one of my previous ff so don’t think I don’t know u! Thanks for the wishes! Ya no issue in that it’s semestral exams! Just waiting for it to be over as this whole semester had made me tired and stressed for many reasons….

  2. Abiya

    Always rocking with ur random thoughts dr

    1. Maya

      Thanks Abiya! Keep reading and supporting too!

  3. Oyie Princess tum teeke ho na ????? So much of craziness ???? Seriously U are The Perfect Princess Man !??✨ I am loving all your random shots . To me they are Amazingly Awesome shots ! Two shots obssession huh ????? Then I am crazy for your writings and Obssessed with U Maya The Magical Princess !????? Love u sis !? Take care ?. And Happy Revising ! ???
    NOTE : Due to unlimited craziness and obssession this cutie never did fail to comment in your previous updates !??? yeah actually i wasn’t there at times due to unavoidable reasons but then i am sure i would be the regular crazy fan of yours always .? U would know how much crazy i am from my comments ???! Hope u read my pre comment in your last shot ?. i am missing texting u .wanna share more to u .?
    Thank You and I LOVE U So Freakinggggg Much !??????

    1. Maya

      Haha I don’t know whether I am fine or not haha! I also missed chatting with u! Don’t worry I would be free soon! But how about u? How’s your studies going? Happy studying and take care! Thanks for your craziness and see u! Bye ttyl! Sorry for no emojis as I am studying using my laptop!

      1. ttyl ? now what was that ? I am abso not fine ! once i text u na i will tell everything ! i am waiting . And thank u so much !

      2. oh i am sorry my brain stopped working due to sickness ! ttyl is talk to u later na ! yeah my studies are going well . and u no need to be sorry to your cutie ! bye !

  4. Awesome dii…as usual u rocked it dii

  5. I am loving these random shots of urs???????? this one was also perfect??????? i am so crazy for ur writings just can’t resits reading ur stories????? i would have made the comment long but running out out of time?? so bye for now take care love you?????

  6. Hw r u Maya sissyyyyy ????????u r just unbelievable?????? unexpected shot really awsm lovely cute shot❤❤❤❤???? loved to the coreeeeeeee ???❤❤❤so cuteeeee???missing u and ur ffss waiting 4 dec 12 all the best sissy ????keep rocking ???eagerly waiting for ur nxt shot????❤❤???

  7. Omg!! Omg!!! When I started to read this.. I know that it would be my cutie sissyyy.. Maya Di!! It is awesome!!! Wonderful…. I know dii.. I was not able to read and comment dii.. Sorry for that… I missed ur writings soo much… Now I have decided to become the constant reader of this.. I missed u soo much diii… I am very happy to see this.. Again u proved that u are Indian Shakespeare!!!??????????

  8. B_Ani

    cool…cool…cool. u know di? u feel ur writings to b crazy…but i feel them to b adorable…
    yeah…i missed to cmnt in a few of urs…but i never missed to read them…a proud reader of ur ff and random shots i am 🙂 and that makes me more proud 🙂
    and asusual this was just mind blowing…loved ur OS and now loving ur TS???…
    love u didi….❤❤❤❤
    and do well in ur xams…

  9. Wow superbbb… New craziness…. New thoughts.. Overall amazing… U made abhi the rockstar to go behind our simple and cute Pragya… She is little mad too…

  10. Reshma_Pradeep

    SUPERBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!If I say it in My language,POWLICHUUUUUUUUU???????????????????????????

  11. Super…yaar..what a story..really di gud

  12. so nice sis always loved your writings all the best for your exams

  13. Suhani11

    I knew it..when you said the word random I understood that it is Maya akka??Awesome shot..i am in love with your craziness and randomness???love you♥️♥️♥️q

  14. Maya where do you get those ideas from? And everytime you write you come up with wonderful story lines. Hats off to you yarr!!! I think I enjoy most of the time reading everyone’s ff than anything. Love your ideas and imagination.

  15. Prathi

    My CS , Random Queen is back!! Yaay!!

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