A Leo-Libra Love Story (Part 1)

Hey friends….Its my first time writing out…I hope you all will like this story… Please let me know about it…

Radhika was 19. Her black curly hair reached her hips. She always tried to stay friendly with her curls, being the only one except her mother who knew the fuss the curls tend to create when dealt with harshly. Her Black eyes enlightened her intelligent face and surprised anyone who looked into them with the white twinkle that escaped them when she smiled.. Her chocolate brown skin was looked down by others but she favoured the amount of melanin in them and the comfort it offered her from the scorching heat in March. She never considered herself a beauty, certainly not with that chubby frame of hers. Well, she sure did have ample feminine features and a curvy waist but she was no way a match to all the models in her class. What she hated most was someone referring to her skin or chubby frame. Once, her classmate Raj announced that he could no longer bear all the ‘ground shaking’ whenever Radhika passed by… Well that was the last of his announcements. His bleeding nose was the only evidence of the fearful battle.
Radhika’s unsettling anger could only be justified by the fact that she was born under the Leo. A Leo woman can be something ! Her friends always loved her independent outlook, tremendous courage, liveliness and intelligence. Of course boys like Raj feared her.
The other thing Radhika hated was her grandmother’s rude remarks. According to grandmother Leela, her granddaughter had dirt brown skin and was too ‘fat’ to ever find a groom. Fights ensued and finally resulted in a cold war between the two… Radhika’s mother was her only safe haven.

‘Mom, am I ugly ?’

‘No Radhu, Never! You are very beautiful. Its just that some people fail to see that…One day you shall meet your prince charming and he shall fall heads over heels in love with you. You could never be more beautiful to him.’

Every time her mother said this Radhika often wondered if someone would ever fall in love with her. At 19, when her classmates received heaps of proposals, she seemed to repel them. Her positive attitude always saved her from the fuss of ‘being single’.
Right now, the year was over and Radhika was looking forward to college. She loved to write and hoped to become a successful writer someday. After successfully completing high school and its complexities she was ready to move ahead and face new challenges. She had successfully secured admission in Albama College, her longtime dream. She would be joining the new batch in a few days.. Her closest friends Jessie and Paru had to skip college plans due to low grades. Raj opted for optometry although Radhika thought he should have selected ENT, so that he could deal with future nose encounters.
Radhika knew that college life would be different. Very different. She couldn’t secure the college hostel accommodation and ended up knocking on doors checking if they were willing to take up a paying guest. Finally she found luck at the ‘Mehra Mansion”. Mrs. Mehra seemed so welcoming and homely. Radhika instantly liked the small family consisting of the Mehras and their 5 year old son, Ram. So she would be spending the next five years here….
The farewell party at home was a big surprise. Dad was proud of his daughter. Mom couldn’t stop crying. Grandma was happy to finally get rid of dirt skin for a while and little brother Joe was happy to now have all of mom’s delicious dishes – alone !
Radhika reached the Mehra’s parking lot in her favourite Maruti 800. It was a deep red with a noisy engine. She would never give up this car. It was her dad’s first car. Stepping onto the parking lot she suddenly felt inferior.

‘Oh my ! The Mehras are rich!’

What struck her most was that she just had to pay 1000/- per month to stay in such a luxurious place. How could other students miss out on a place like this. So she must be the lucky one. The thought of spending the next five years here brought a smile on her face…
Radhika had somehow persuaded her mom to stay home and not come out to drop her early in the morning. Her dad had volunteered to drive her here but she decided it would be best to get to it alone.

‘Dad…!! I can manage…You know your Leo daughter…!’

‘Keep being a lioness dear !’ ,was all he could murmur without raising his voice against his headstrong daughter.

It was cold and a light shower had just begun. She had a bright red trolley bag and a cardboard box. Runnig over from the parking lot to the doorstep twice, she dropped to catch her breath.

‘Damn ! I Should have packed less and oh my!! what a large parking lot. They should have created a playground here !’

After adjusting the curls that had fallen from its place, she reached out for the doorbell.
No response
No response

Now how can that be ! She had called Mrs. Mehra yesterday and given her all the information about her arrival.

‘Ok Radhika… Lets give it one more shot’ , saying so she once again reached out to press the bell.

A cold wind blew up on her and she shuddered.. She picked up her cardboard box and decided to head back to the car and wait there as the cold air was unbearable… Just then the door flew open.
Standing there, right i front of her was Arjun Mehra – wearing a sweat shirt that clung to his six-pack frame and a cap. Before she could figure out the colour of his eyes he turned around and shouted,

‘Mom !!! The delivery man…huh…woman..?! is here !’

Saying so he walked off without a backward glance leaving Radhika dumb folded at the doorstep.

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

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    The story was perfect amazing lovely

  3. Brin

    Awesome story, waiting for the next update. And welcome Myka to DYM ff.

  4. Introductions were good but a bit long… Radhu just met Arjun … let’s see how it goes. will wait up for the next one…can’t imagine why radhu would be chubby…

  5. Amazing myka.. ….radhika delivery woman. …tat was funny. …good going dear. …..

  6. It was awesome. It had some reality and I loved that. It is not compulsory for a lead to be beautiful. Loved the beginning and request you to update regularly.

    Thanks and welcome. Really hope that you will not leave the story incomplete and readers hanging.

  7. Jnana

    I liked it a way too much…. Waiting for the next….

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    It was a gud start … nice plot
    Update soon

  9. it was awesome…..waiting for next….

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    Very nice myka darling… I loved it…. I liked all the scenes…..tc loads of love…..

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    Superb start… waiting for nxt one…

  12. interesting start.

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    I am a leo too ..i can connect to radhu ..welcome myka to dym family. ..good start??

  14. Hello Myka.. interesting story..go on.!!
    Waiting for Ardhika encounter…

  15. Hey Myka ! Great work . Kept me hooked. Please update soon!

  16. Thank You guys for your comments…. I am happy that u all loved it… I have posted the second part, do go for it….☺️

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