Legal Love- Part 1


Suhani is a criminal defense lawyer who is defending Yuvraaj. They meet each other 6 years later in court. Suhani works in a law firm with Rohan. Rohan is starting to fall for Suhani.


Soumya runs away from her husband Krishna to the BH. Krishna’s family troubled Soumya and her daughter a lot so she ran away seeking safety. Krishna and Radhe come to BH looking for Soumya. All BH ladies protect Soumya and her daughter while Saurav stops Krishna. Yuvraaj runs to stop Radhe but Radhe falls into the pool. Everyone worries as Radhe fakes dead. Krishna calls police and they arrest Yuvraaj. Dadi calls Rohan to defend Yuvraaj.

FB ends.

Everybody files into court. Prosecution and Rohan come in. Yuvraaj is there with police.

Judge: Let’s start the proceedings.

Rohan: Please wait one minute your honor, the defense lawyer is yet to come.

Judge: OK Mr Rohan, we’ll wait for five minutes for the defense

Dadi: Rohan, I told you to defend Yuvraaj, not some other stranger

Court doors open… Suhani walks in lawyer clothes

Everyone in BH shocked

Suhani looks at Yuvraaj… and is shocked

Suhani: Rohanji you didn’t tell me I was defending Yuvraaj Birla

Rohan: Right. I’m sorry, I forgot. But you have all the information right?

Suhani: Yes

Judge: Now that defense is here let’s start the proceeding

How did you guys like it? If you don’t like it let me know. I’m planning to end A New Beginning now because it’s hard to come up with a storyline now. If you guys have some ideas for it let me know.

Thank you all for ur support and comments 🙂

Credit to: Kavya

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  1. Nithu

    Awsm kavya

  2. Nithu

    N ua title is intresting

  3. good starting kavya

  4. Resiel

    It’s gud yaar continue , can anyone help me that which episode that ur cover photo ? YuvAni pic ? I didn’t recognize it plzz help me !!

    1. Nithu

      Yes it is yuvani pic

  5. awesome kavya…plz continue

  6. It’s good kavya

  7. Awesome start dear

  8. NAPSHa J

    Too good.. And suhani is a lawyer, its impressive!!
    Plz continue.. 🙂

  9. Nicee 😀 Nice cover pic too,,,yuv-ANI looks too cute

  10. Aqsxxh

    Interesting, Unique, Amazing!

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