Legal Love- Part 4


Hey! It’s Kavya. I know it’s been a looooooooooooonnnnnnnng time since I’ve wrote. I’m sooooooooo sorry for that. It’s just that I had my vacations and then had to get ready for school. Some of my relatives came by and it was just busy. I know I didn’t keep up my promise for updating every 2-3 days but I PROMISE that I’ll update much more quickly now. You guys can bash me all ya want below.

Here’s the link to part 3:

Recap: Suhani and Rohan meet Yuvraaj. Dadi shouts “Yuvraaj” and everybody runs out shocked.

Soumya is on the floor, unconscious. Everybody stands around her shocked.

Yuvraaj: SOUMYA!!!

Suhani glances at him and is jealous that Yuvraaj has so much concern for Soumya.

Suhani: Dadi we need to take Soumya to the hospital quickly…. Wait I’ll call ambulance.

Dadi: ladki there is no need for you to call ambulance… I already did.

Ambulance comes and Dadi and Rags go and sit in it with Soumya.

Rags: yuvraaj, aren’t you coming

Yuvraaj: Bhabhi, I will take car and come.

Rags: but why, Saurab can take car, you come with us… Ur Soumya’s hubby… She needs u the most right now.

Yuvraaj: OK bhabhi

Yuvraaj steps into the ambulance and gives the car keys to Saurab

Suhani POV:

When I needed Yuvraaj the most.. He wasn’t there. He promised me that he’ll be there for me. He broke his promise.

But why am I thinking about that… I promised myself that I’ll forget all about Yuvraaj 4 years ago. He did what he wanted to do. Now I’ll do what I want to do.

End of POV:

Rohan is in the car with Bhavana, Sharad, Saurab, and Menka

Rohan: let’s go Suhani

Suhani: no rohanji, I want to go home… I’m very tired

Suhani: see ya tomorrow

Rohan: ok Suhani, take care, bye

Plot changes to a three bedroom hotel room

BTW: In my ff, Suhani is from a traditional Gujarati family, so there’ll be some Gujarati words. I will translate for you. Ba means Suhani’s Dadi. Deepak is Suhani’s dad. Saroj is Suhani’s mom.

Suhani: Ba! Papa! Mummy! I’m here

Ba: Good your here! Let’s go to Mandir. Go change.

Suhani comes out in a turquoise blue patiala suit with dupatta.

Suhani: I’m ready, where is papa and mummy?

Ba: they are at market getting things.

Suhani: ok I will go downstairs, give me nannu.

(Nannu is Suhani and Yuvraaj’s daughter. Her real name is Kanak. Kanak is just turned 3)

Ba: ok give her something to eat. I packed something for you and her. I will come down in 10 min. The Prasad needs to cool down.

Suhani: ok ba.

Suhani takes Kanak down and makes her sit on a bench outside.

Suhani: bacha, mumma missed you today. Did you trouble everyone?

Kanak: no mumma I was a good nannu.

Suhani: good job!

Suhani gives a juice box to Kanak and meanwhile her phone rings, it’s from Rohan.

Suhani: ha Rohanji. Is Soumya ok?

Rohan: ya Suhani, she’s ok

Suhani: then what happened to her?

Rohan: um… Nothing it was just…

Suhani: it was what

At the hospital

Rohan is talking to Suhani on the phone and Menka snatches the phone from Rohan.

Menka: Suhani jiji, congrats… Ur ex husband is now going to be a father.

At the hotel…

Suhani is shocked and tears come down her face. But she wipes them away because Kanak was looking at her. She disconnects the phone.

Kanak: what happened mumma, why u crying.

Suhani: nothing happened, bacha, dirt went into my eye.

Kanak: ok mumma

Deepak: Suhani your here?

Deepak and Saroj come. Saroj takes Kanak and Suhani gives a big hug to Deepak.

Suhani: Papa….

Deepak: how was it today… Did you win or lose?

Suhani: before we got to any decision the court was adjourned.

Deepak: ok and yea who’s case was it? You were saying you didn’t know the name of the person…

Then Ba comes from downstairs.

Ba: Chalo aave badha (let’s go everybody) Deepak get a rickshaw

Suhani: papa we will talk later

Deepak: ok

Next episode: Suhani tells everything to Deepak, Saroj, and Ba. Suhani writes her feelings in her diary.


So how’d you like this part? I know that you have a lot of questions. The main one is probably, “how’d Soumya get pregnant?” I promise I’ll clear them all up in the next part. I know I put in a lot about Suhani’s family and used a lot of different names. But I promise, Suhani’s family will play a big role in this ff.

Love ya all!

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  1. Ruksy

    wow nice i like it

    1. Kavya1

      Thanks di! It means a lot

  2. Ruksy

    does yuvraj know about kanak

    1. Kavya1

      No not yet. So far it’s just been the first meeting of Yuvraaj and Suhani

  3. Aqsxxh

    Wow! ITS BEEN FOREVER! I MISSED THIS FF SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I LOVE IT! (please say please please say Somu is pregnant with another man’s child!) but OMG I LOVE IT!

    1. Kavya1

      Hi Di! First of all I must say, the Fanfictions u write are just AMAZING! I get inspired by them a lot. Thanks a lot Di for all ur support! Glad u liked it

      1. Aqsxxh

        Di x It feels amazing when people are inspired by this 15 year old me x I am flustered x Thank you x


    I went back and read all the parts to your ff and i must say, its totally aweeesssomme! I love seeing Suhani as a lawyer since i want to be one myself and the entire courtroom drama situation… I too hope Soumya is pregnant with someone elses baby, i dobt want more issues between YuvAni … x

    1. Kavya1

      Thanks for readings my ff! I’m sooooooooooooooooooo glad u liked it!

  5. kavya its really long time.but i am very much enjoyed reading ur was very nice and suhani’s family members names were from tamanna serial right.any way ur ff is different from all other ffs.pls try to update next update as early as possible.all d best.

  6. Superb… keep it up

  7. Manya

    Interesting ?

  8. NAPSHa J

    Amazing.. And this pregnancy about suhani and soumya is exactly the same as what I thought of writing in my new ff after exams.. 😀 so I think even this ff will be exactly the same.. Anyways, update soon..

  9. It’s really awesome.. Please continue.. You really rockk..

  10. kavya its is really awesome epi yaar ………… its is very interesting but,it is totally amazing .plz continue and plz update nxt very soon.

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