Legal Love- Part 3


Recap: Pratima and Suhani meet. The court bell rung so it was time to go.

Suhani: Ma… I’ll see you later, I have to go and meet Rohanji

Pratima: Sure, see you later beta

Suhani goes into Rohan’s office. Rohan sees Suhani coming in.

Rohan: Suhani, the hearing wasn’t that bad… was it? You fought well and it ended on a good note.

Suhani: Ya but I can’t defend this case

Rohan: Why? You fought well today… and you handle these type of cases

Suhani: I know but… (Suhani tells the whole story of her and Yuvraaj to Rohan)

Rohan: Wow… I’m sorry to hear that.

Suhani: Ya…

Rohan: Well if I knew this before, I would have kept someone else for this case, but it’s hard to change lawyers now, I hope you understand.

Suhani: Yes I do

Rohan: Why don’t we go and meet Yuvraaj, I want to hear what he thinks

Suhani: Ok

At BH Dadi is fuming with anger

Dadi: I told Rohan to take this case, not that girl

Rags: That Suhani always has to come into our lives

Menka: But Yuvraaj’s life is in her hands. She still has full control over him

Dadi/Rags: Shut up Menka

Menka: What shut up… I’m not saying anything wrong

The door bell rings, Soumya goes and opens the door

Soumya: Suhani, what brings you here?

Rohan: We are here to meet Yuvraaj

Yuvraaj comes out
Yuvraaj: I heard my name

Rohan: Yes we are here to talk to you

Meanwhile, Suhani is talking to Saurab and Pratima. Yuvraaj doesn’t notice her.

Yuvraaj: We?

Rohan: Ya, me and Suhani.

Yuvraaj notices Suhani

Yuvraaj: Oh, hi

Suhani: Hi

Dadi comes out and sees Suhani and Rohan

Dadi: Rohan! I need to talk to you.

Rohan: What happened?

Dadi: I told YOU to take this case. Not some girl. I didn’t pay this much money for some girl defending my son.

Rohan: You don’t understand. Suhani is a very nice lawyer. She will defend Yuvraaj well.

Dadi: You don’t know what she did to our family.

Pratima: Ma ji, what did Suhani do, Yuvraaj did everything

Rags: Mummy ji, you only support Suhani. That’s why you think she’s right all the time.

Yuvraaj: Bhabhi, Ma please stop. Rohan, please come over here with your assistant and discuss whatever you need to with me.

Saurab: Yuvraaj, she’s your lawyer not your assistant

Yuvraaj: But she is an assistant to Rohan. Isn’t she bhaiya?

Soumya: Yuvraaj is right, Suhani works at Rohan’s law firm.

Rags: Exactly

Rohan: Please stop everyone, Suhani is my partner and I respect her very highly.

Yuvraaj: Ok guys. Rohan, please come and talk.

Rohan: Sure, let’s go Suhani.
They go to Yuvraaj’s room. Looking at the pictures of Soumya and Yuvraaj, Suhani gets emotional. Yuvraaj and Rohan notices this.

Rohan: Suhani, let’s start.

Suhani: Ya, sure

Rohan: So Yuvraaj, what did you think about the case today? Do have to add anything to Suhani’s research?

Yuvraaj: No, she researched well.

They talk about the case for a while.

Dadi (shouting): YUVRAAJ!!!

Yuvraaj, Rohan, and Suhani run out. They get shocked.

What happened that made them so shocked? Tell me if ya guys like the story plot so far. I’ll try to keep it as interesting as possible. I’ll update more faster now, like at least one chapter every 2-3 days.

Credit to: Kavya

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