Legal Love- Part 2


Recap: Everybody is shocked knowing that Suhani is defending yuvraaj. The hearing is going to start.

Judge: let’s start the hearing

Radhe’s lawyer: Your honour, this is an open and shut case. Radheji was trying to save himself, but in anger, Yuvraaj Birla pushed him off the balcony, resulting in his death.

Suhani: I object your honor! I do accept that Mr Yuvraaj Birla pushed Radhe off the balcony…

Radhe lawyer: Your Honour, the defendant accepts the same

Suhani: Let me finish

Suhani: Your honour, as I was trying to say earlier, Radheji planned his fall.

Judge: Please explain

Suhani: Yes your honor, the swimming pool in which Radhe fell in was only 10 ft by 10 ft. The balcony length was 60 ft. So, why did Radhe only fall in those 10 ft? Point to be noted your honor.

Radhe lawyer: That was a coincidence

Suhani: Coincidence? Well, if it were a coincidence, why did Radhe look behind him to make sure he was going to fall in the swimming pool?

Judge: What are you saying Ms Suhani?

Suhani: Yes your honour, I have some witnesses to support my claim. In all due respect, may I have your permission to call Ms Ragini Birla?

Judge: Yes you do

Court people: Ragini Birla come forth

Ragini stands in the witness box.

Suhani: Mrs Birla, as per the defendants claim, you were standing the closest to him during this event, am I right?

Ragini: Yes, and I had seen Radhe had looked behind him

Suhani: Mrs Birla, just answer what I asked

Suhani: During this event, did you have any contact with Radhe?

Ragini: No

Suhani: Did you see Radhe glance at the swimming pool?

Ragini: Yes

Suhani: Will you please explain in detail what you saw?

Ragini: Radhe glanced at the swimming pool, but just then Yuvraaj punched him. He glanced once again for a longer period of time but then looked at Yuvraaj after he noticed that I was looking at him.

Suhani: Your Honour, as you can see from Mrs Birla’s statement, Radhe had glanced back to see if he was going the right way. To back up my statements, I have some certificates from Radhe’s school. He was a top swimming champion.

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Dadi: Rohan… how did Suhani… what is happening… i thought you were defending Yuvraaj.

Rohan: Dadi, after you called, I looked up the case, and then I figured that Suhani would be the best for Yuvraaj. And Suhani is a good lawyer, as you saw today, she did better than I would have done.

Dadi: But

Rohan: We can’t change lawyers now. You gave Yuvraaj’s life in my hands. I gave Yuvraaj’s life to Suhani’s hands. She will do the best for him. I promise.

Meanwhile, Pratima goes to Suhani

Pratima: Suhani beta thank you so much for defending Yuvraaj

Suhani: What thank you, I didn’t even know I was defending Yuvraaj until i entered the court room. I just used the evidence we had.

The bell rung

Suhani: Let’s go ma. Court is back in session now, another case will be heard.

How did you guys like this part? Do you want me to show more courtroom drama or speed it up?

Credit to: Kavya

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