Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 6

Recap – ishwari and Niwas took Dev alliance for Sona and fixed their wedding. While coming back to their home, they have a car accident. Sona hates kid and gives a huge lecture on the sick mentality of people.

Now today’s episode.

Dev and Sona reached the hospital. They asked the whereabouts of I&N from the reception and went near the OT. Dev sat down on one of the chairs and started crying and remembers all the happy moments he had spent with his parents. Sona consoled her standing near him. Dev hugged her and started to cry, Sona Also patted his back. Then she called her parents and also asked them to come to hospital. Sona kept asking about the current state of I&N whenever the nurse came out. Dev just kept sitting on the chair like a lifeless body having tears in his eyes. After about an hour Dr. came out of the OT. Dev and Sona went near him, Deb grabbed the dr. with shoulders and asked what happened?

Dr. : Professor Dev! We have a good news and a bad news for u. Which one would u like to listen first?

D: anyone just tell me r my parents fine????? Nothing should happen to both of them. I’m telling u, i will not spare. ( khoon uttra tha Dev ki ankhon main )

Dr. : Mr. Dev, we saved ur mother, she had a injury in head and she might gain conciousness in next two or three hours and………….

D: and ………. Baba is he also alright

Dr. : I’m sorry but we can’t save him. We tried our best but Bcoz of excessive bleeding we can’t. I’m really sorry for that.

D: “grabbed the dr. with the collars” This is not done dr. U…………..

Sona cuts her and separates him from the dr. and apologises from the dr. for Dev’s behaviour. Dr. says it’s ok and asks Sona to come to his cabin after 10 mins. Sona nodded.

Sona to Dev: have u gone mad? I know what happened shouldn’t have been done but Dev its not the dr.s fault. They tried to save uncle, what else they could do? Life and death is in the hands of God not the dr.s. Please calm down and control ur tears u also have to take care of ishwari mam.

D: I’m sorry what I have done but baba………and he starts crying again. In the mean time bejoy and Asha also came there and they asked Sona and Dev about the latest happenings. Sona explained everything and asked them to be with Dev, she is going to dr.’s cabin. Bejoy and Asha consoled consoled Dev and also gave condolence for Niwas death. Sona came back after some time with the medicines of ishwari and Dev asked Sona

D: Sona why have u brought the medicines? U would have told me to bring it and what did the dr. said about ma? ( standing up from the seat )

S: it’s ok Dev. It’s not a big deal and u r already tensed with uncle’s death so I thought to bring it and dr. said now they will be shifting her in ICU and we can meet her in an hour.

A: Dev beta! U may go home for an hour. U must be tired beta.

D: no Anty I’m ok. I will stay here with ma. I’m not going home. Sona u go home with Anty. I and bejoy uncle r here with ma.

B: yeah Sona beta, u and Asha go home. I will call u when ishwari ji will gain conciousness.

Sona was going to resist but then thought it’s better she go home to escape his baba.(remember she didn’t arrived home when ishwari and Niwas came for alliance). She agrees and Asha and Sona leaves and bejoy and Dev sit there and they talk about how the lives changes in minutes. In minutes Niwas is no more and ishwari ji is in ICU. Dev share some happy moments of his and Niwas with bejoy.

After an hour ishwari gains conciousness and calls for Dev and Niwas. Dev hears her voice and enters ICU. Ishwari hugs Dev and asks if Niwas is fine and where he is? Dev didn’t answered his questions and started crying. Ishwari understood that Niwas is no more and says Dev!

I: Dev! Everyone has to leave this world one day or the other. Please don’t cry, tumhare baba ki roh ko chian nhi aye ga. He always wanted u to keep smiling, please stop crying for ur father sake.

Dev tries to stop crying and calls for dr. Dr. comes and checks her. He orders nurse to shift ishwari in room as she’s somewhat ok now. Dev thanks dr., Dr. leaves and nurse shifts ishwari to room.

Bejoy calls sona and tell her that ishwari has gain conciousness and she has been shifted to room. Sona says she coming just now with mom. Dev and bejoy are in room with ishwari. Ishwari is sitting, she didn’t even shed a tear at Niwas death as if she’s going to meet him soon. Ishwari asks about Sona

I: where is Sona? I want to meet her.

B: she’s home. She is coming with Asha. She will be reaching soon.

D: she was tired so I asked her to go home. She was there with me since two hours.

I: I know, she must be worried about me and once she comes, Dev will marry her here in hospital infront of my eyes. Main Marne say pehle aapne betay Kay sar par sehra dekhna chahti hon. Says sadly

D: ma there is no use of it. Once u will get fine, I will get married infront of ur eyes. Please not here

I: no Dev please!!! Fulfill it as my last wish and it was ur father’s last wish also. Please marry her now. I have very less time left. U father left and I also have to.

D: no ma. Please don’t say like that. Ok I’m gonna marry her but bidai would be done after u come back home.

I: ok as u wish.

Bejoy and Dev do the preparations and Sona reached. Ishwari and asha convinces her and ishwari gives Sona her sake. Sona agrees unwillingly. Dev and Sona gets married and takes blessing from I,B&A.

Precap- Sona and Dev stays at hospital with ishwari and ishwari……………………

What happened to ishwari???? Is she going to…………. I’m not gonna reveal.

How was the episode? Tell me through ur comments and sorry for any grammatical mistake. Criticism is open.



  1. Erina

    U nailed Maleeha😍😘👏👍. U r fav👌👌 writter. I must say u hve d quality to hold✊ everyone with ur writting skill. Really amazing nd yaa bite more qurious to know what is stored their for us to know. For this i will wait for ur next post but post soon badly waitingggg or can say can’t wait plzzz update soon 🙏🙏🙏😘

  2. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    soory Maleeha
    maha episode ki wajh se mujhe to iss ishwary pe v daya nhi aa rahi..
    BDW episode wass very good….
    scarey precap… but mujhe nhi lgta ishwari maregi…
    sona is not happy na wid dis marriage…….ohhh……

    • Maleeha



      Thank u priya☺️😘. It’s ok. I don’t mind even mujhe bhi boht ghusa hai ishwari par😡 I have to watch the episode yet I only read the written update as I was busy with eid preparations. Aur Han ishwari ko hi maarna hai. 😂😂

  3. Erika


    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but the precap 😰😰 what happened to ishwari and very happy about devakshi marriage update asap

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