Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 4

Recap – Dev calls Sona midnight and Sona couldn’t sleep after his call. Dev feels guilty.

Whole day in college passes and when 15 min were left in off-time, Dev called Sona in his cabin. Unwillingly, she went to his cabin but this time she was amazed to see his cabin so clean and beautifully organised. Everything at his place( but for how many days don’t know), this time Sona could the see the beautiful table and chairs with intricate designs in the them, the awesome weather through the window, the flowers blossoming in the garden………each and every thing even cute smile of Dev. People general say first impression is the last impression but for Sona second was the last ‘i think’. First time she saw the workaholic but careless Dev but this time she saw the cute, handsome, hot Dev with his stunning looks and naughty behaviour. Dev asked her to sit and she sat on one of the chairs. Dev sat with her on the next chair and pleaded sorry for his yesterday thing.

Dev: sonakshi! I’m really really sorry for what I did last night and i mean it. Actually I was checking papers so didn’t knew what was the time And I called blindly. Sorry for it please forgive me

Sona: it’s ok sir and u did good job to wake me up
Dev: u r taunting right?
Sona : no not at all. I’m serious actually I was not getting time to watch movies so I was free and I watched the movie, the whole night. Besides all the restrictions I’m a movie freak.” Laughs”. Yeah one more thing don’t tell this thing to anyone, please
Dev: “sighs and was watching Sona laughing with his mouth open and was admiring her beauty”
Dev came out his fantasy world with voice of the bell. Sona bid goodbye to him and went to SR and took ishwari with her and bejoy was waiting outside for Sona with a tiffin( remember biryani and halwa puri ). Ishwari and bejoy meet eo and have some light talks and then Sona takes the tiffin from bejoy and gives it to ishwari.

Sona: I cooked ur favourite food. I was going to bring it in the morning but ma said it will get soggy so I asked her to send it in off time

Ishwari : awwww. Thank u so much but I was just joking

Sona : it’s ok mam 😊

With this both ladies go to their home. Sona reached home, had her lunch, slept for 2 hours and then was doing some of the college work. Here, Dev reached home and ishwari asked him to have his lunch but he denied Bcoz his mom has to cook suddenly after coming from the Job and she might be tired so he avoided lunch. Dev walked a few steps but stopped and saw ishwari coming out of the kitchen with biryani and halwa puri.

I: niwas! Jaldi karin, again biryani aur halwa puri hai kha lain.[niwas! Be quick, come and eat biryani and halwa puri]

D: ma tune itni jaldi kaise bana Liya. Aur yeh tou biryani hai u cooked something else last night. Right[ ma how u cooked lunch so fast and this biryani u cooked something else last night]

mmm……. Yummy main bhi khaon ga. Meri bhi plate laga.[ yummy I will also eat. One plate for me also.] says this whole taking one spoon biryani.

I: I haven’t cooked it. Sona brought it and she also cooked it.
Hearing this Dev’s face glowed up like a bulb and then ishwari asked him to join. He joined his parents for lunch and all have their lunch happily.’ Especially Dev who has eaten his love lady cooked food. This is the first time he is enjoying his food so much, each and every bite makes him feels happier and happier and gives him satisfaction that he is somewhat close to Sona ‘

After some days,
Dev and Sona are now very close friends. Both the families also know eo well now. Now Sona in her free periods is found in Dev’s cabin only not in SR. They both have hangouts and share a lot of laughs. Sona know everything about Dev from his childhood till adulthood but Dev beside been completely fallen for her know nothing except she single daughter of bejoy and asha and she has studied in this college. Except that nothing else nor he tried to asked but when he asked Sona ignored his questions and she changed the topic. All the elder members of the family ‘asha, bejoy, ishwari and Niwas’ are also good friends. They attend many get togethers and also have many parties just to keep in touch with eo.
On one such day all were out leaving Dev and Sona in bejoy house all alone ” no they both were there with eo, neither Sona was alone nor Dev” . Dev planned to go out for ice cream but Sona denied saying her baba don’t know so she is not going.

Dev: u r not a kid Sona! Grow up. U can take ur decisions urself. U can’t depend on ur father every time and have faith in ur decision

Sona : I don’t want to talk about it. Would u like to have coffee or u r going for ice cream

Dev:( slowly starts coming closer to her “both were standing”) why u don’t want to talk about and please don’t try to change the topic this time. Every time I ignored it why don’t u tell me what’s the matter. We r good friends and u can share anything u want I also shared so many things with u.

Sona( slowly starts moving taking back steps and she suddenly hits her back with the wall): I have nothing to share with u and never changed the topic
saying this she starts to walk away but Dev put his Both hands to block her. They both share an eye lock. Dev moves more closer to Sona and Sona was going to say something but door bell rang and they both stood straight and then Dev went to open the door. ” yes all the buddha( elder) party came back ” Sona greets them all and offer them water and all sit talk for sometime and then after sometime dikhsits depart.

Dev is in his room remincising Sona and his convo and thinks why and what’s she hiding. Ishwari and Niwas and both come to his room…………….to be continued

Precap- promo and ishwari In hospital…….what happened

So how’s the episode????? I know this one is short but this episode got deleted so I have to rewrote it. Next will be mega episode and I will post it on Sunday. Actually this week my college started so I had to study and this whole week I didn’t even watched an episode of KRPKAB so I will be watching all the episodes of this week tomorrow. So sorry. And I didn’t proof read it that’s why sorry for any grammatical mistake.



  1. Devsfan

    Wow wow wow superb episode I was waiting for this episode (dying)
    It was lovely
    Beyond my expectations
    Amazing 😍😍😍😍
    😒😒😒 Have to wait till Sunday
    Maha episode sound good 😍😍

  2. Manya


    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee πŸ’˜β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’žβ£πŸ˜iss baar Ishwari Ko Kya hogaya??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

  3. Erina

    Awesomeeeee, Awesomeeeee
    Awesomeeeee πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ Maleeha dear continue soon by d way whats ur real name if u wish u can tell

  4. Erina

    Somehow i was expecting this much awesome, commendable and adoreable epi from u nd guess what u hve done it dear. Love u a lot for this 😘😘😘😘😘😘

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