Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 3

Recap – Dev Sona family introduction, Dev fell for Sona in his meeting and was kissing her. Dev wants to talk to Sona.

D: I want to talk to Sona but I don’t have the no.
He again starts checking papers sadly and the clock strikes 11 when he remembers that he must be having Sona’s CV.
He jumps from the bed and start searching it in the files kept on the study table. Ishwari comes in the room and says Dev

D( ‘alarmed’ as if he caught stealing something ): G?…..G ma Kya baat hai. Aur……….aur tou abhi tak kyun jaag rahi hai ?[ yes……..yes ma what’s the matter? And why r u awake at this time?]

I: yeah u told today that Sona is working under u so just came to ask u that don’t be strict to her. She is very nice and responsible girl.

D: ma I know she is a nice girl and u know I’m not strict. Yeah if u want special treatment for her from my side, so I’m ready “ ur mother wants special treatment for her or only u want to give”

I: chal hoshiyar kahin ka. Acha mujhe uss ka phone no. Day

D: tujhe bhi chahiye, main bhi won’t dundh raha tha [u also want her no. I was also searching the same]said in a low voice

I: Kya howa, Kya dundh raha tha tou[ what happened, what r u searching for]

Dev realise what have he said and to control it he says Mera matlab main dundh dayta hon tujhe[ I mean I will search it for u now ]

Dev then finds her CV and says : I got it. Now u go I will send u her no.

I: no u give me the CV I will return u tomorrow ‘saying this she takes CV from his hand and left and goes to the living room straight
Here Dev is again disappointed and sits on the bed and starts checking the papers.

It’s 1:30am, he is still awake no no not checking paper. Just surfing the Internet when he gets up and goes to his mom dad room. He thought that mom dad will be sleeping and he will secretly peek into the room and will take the CV with him and will call his lady love. But something else happened to him, he finds the room of his parents lock
D to himself: Aab batao yeh koi umar hai dono ki room lock kar ke sone ki. mera room tou lock karne nhi dayte khud dekho Zara inn ko. Aab main Sona say kaise baat karon😭😭😭😭😭[ now this is there age to to sleep while locking there room, I’m grown up but they don’t allow me to lock my room. Now how will I talk to Sona]

With his sad face, he went to kitchen to drink water but sees ishwari mobile in living room and in no minute, he gasped it and checked Phone directory and finds Sona’s no. His face glows like a new energy saver( guys bulb will not be appropriate with shaheer’s face. I hope u understand) After drinking water, he takes no time to reach his room and call Sona.

Here our Sona is sleeping{ gaddhe baych Kay} but her phone rings. She is still sleeping. Dev calls her at least three times and the third she woke up a little and sees the phone glowing with her half closed eyes. She accepts the call

S: hello!’in a bit sleepy voice’

D: hi! Sorry who mujhe laga aap shyd jaag rahi hon gi. Aap so jayin subha baat karin gay”he hits his head hard[sorry I thought that I would be awake but anyways you may sleep, we will talk in the morning]

S: kyun aap ko Kya laga main koi chokidaar hon ya Mera koi raat ko dandhay chalati hon jou jaag rahi hon gi. Ya aap raat ko kabaddi khelte hain jou app ko laga Kay aap jaag rahe hain tou Sab jaag rahe hon gay. Bhai phone karne ka koi time Hota hai. [ why do u think that I will be awake. I’m not a watchman nor I have any business that I run at night. Or u play kabaddi at night so u thought that u are awake and everyone else also. Bro there is a time to call anyone]

D to himself: Bhai to mat kaho 😭😭😭

S : hello! Aab jaag diya hai tou bata tou dou kon hai aur phone kyun kiya?

D: Sona. I mean sonakshi. Dev’s here

S: sir u at this time. Is everything ok? Mam ishwari is also ok na?

D: yah everyone is good. I called u tell that……………… That…………………….that…..I
S: sir say it. What’s the matter?
D: ummmm…… I called u to tell that I have cleaned my cabin.😝😝😝😂😂😂” now Dev’s gone

S : sir are u crazy or what. Aap mujhe raat Kay iss time pay jaga Kay yeh bata rahe hain that u have cleaned ur cabin. [At this phase of night u r waking me up from sleep to tell me that u have cleaned ur cabin.] R u serious? U r the most stupid person I have seen I this world. This thing was so important to tell me at this time. We could have talk about it in the morning. BYE. “ With Sona ended the phone in anger and stayed up the rest of the night Bcoz our hero has awake her up and she can’t sleep Bcoz of anger 😡on sir”

Dev was feeling guilty but he slept after talking to Sona.

Morning Sona reaches college with swollen eyes eyes and dark circles around them also. She attends the assembly and heads towards the class. Dev noticed her eyes but could not say sorry to her Bcoz he has not that much courage to face our tigress. After taking classes, Sona is in staff room she has two periods free so she was sitting with her friends there talking and munching chips. Dev enters the SR and sits on the male colleagues table and starts talking to them but keep taking glimpses of Sona. Then the colleagues sitting with Sona asks her about her eyes that what happened
Colleague 1 : it’s seems u were talking to your bf while night
Sona sees Dev and gave him a death glare. Dev says sorry through his eyes. She sees it but start looking at something else.
Colleague 2: yeah u r right? I also think the same
Sona: no no no, u r mistaken. Actually one idiot called me midnight and asked me as if I was sleeping. So I cleared his confusion and after that I could not sleep and she continues………………….taking out her anger
Dev keeps listening the conversation and feels guilty.

Precap. Dev says sorry. Bejoy ishwari meeting.

So guys this is it. Comment box is waiting for ur sweet comments. Criticism is open. Sorry for any grammatical mistake


  1. Manya


    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeee epi 😍😊😘😘💕❤️❤️❣💟💗💞and I was laughing like hell when Dev said Bhai toh mat kaho😂😂😂and their convo at phone 😂😜

  2. Devsfan

    Superb awesome episode
    # dev talks in mind. Super 😍😍
    # Devakshi conversation 😍😍😍😍
    # the way sons took out anger
    Ur way of expressing is awesome
    Can’t wait for next episode
    Just want to jump into your mind to know what happens next 😉😉😉😉

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