Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 2

Recap – Sona introduction. Sona already studied in that college and was ishwari’s student and Sona is working under Dev. Sona wondering why dev is walking towards him.

Episode 2
Dev comes and stands beside her,greets her and says ma baba, I will go home late today
Ishwari and niwas : I hope everything is ok.

Dev: yes everything is ok. Just have to take find some important papers and……….. have to clean my cabin ‘says this seeing sonakshi’

Ishwari: Sona meet my son and Dev she has been my student ‘sonakshi Bose’. Boht achi bachi hai[she is a very good girl]

Sona and Dev: we have met eo.

Dev:she working under me ma

Ishwari : oh ok the that’s good

Niwas to Sona: beta iss nay tang kiya tou mujhe Batana main sahi say iss nalaiq Kay kaan kheenchon ga[beta If this loser disturbs u, tell me I will sort him out]

Everyone laughs
Ishwari takes Sona aside and asks him about her parents

Ishwari: how’s asha g and bejoy sahib?
Sona: they r good

Ishwari: ok now tell where have u been after completing college. No contact why? Was everything ok?

Sona: g mam. Actually u now I didn’t knew how to cook so I took a year having cooking classes and spend some time with ma papa

Ishwari: ok that’s good. But now u have to cook something for me. I will love to eat ur cooked food
Sona: sure mam. What would u like to eat?
Ishwari: mmmmmmm………….. It’s upto u. U could try something continental.
Sona says ok. With this the chuti wali bell rang and students and teachers started leaving the classes

Sona bid good bye to everyone and left. Dev was continuously seeing Sona through all this convo and was his mouth was just open.
Niwas to Dev: close ur mouth or else fly will go in. The girl has gone 😝😝😜😂😂😂😂
Dev: papa. That’s not the thing

Sona went on the gate of college and his father was waiting for her. She waved his father and went to him and greeted him.

Sona : how r u papa?

Bejoy: perfect my daughter and how r u and how was ur college? He asked starting his bike.

Sona : it went well. U know my English teacher is still teaching and she and still remember me and was also asking about u and ma. She said while sitting on the bike

Bejoy: well it’s my daughter charm that no one forgets u after meeting once.
And the whole way Sona told about his college and everything and bejoy was just sweetly listening to her 😍😍😍

They reach home. Sona enters and greets her mother and asks about her health. (Asha’s a heart patient). Asha says she fine and offers her water and asks her about her college and everthing. Sona again starts telling and speaking while making her mom sit and keeping her head in her lap and spends some quality time with her family.

Here our hero is still in college. It’s 3pm and he’s in college doing work, it’s we say sitting and lost in her Sona, her talks , her eyes, her expressions, Infact everthing. “It is love at first sight. Meeting just once and loving her so hard” Suddenly, watchman comes and asks him when he is going to get free. Dev realises it’s really late and takes his important papers and files and leaves and says sorry baba. Time ka pata hi nhi Chala[ I really didn’t realise the time]

Dev thinks: wah time itni jaldi guzaar diya madam nay. Aab tou farig time main aap ko hi yaad karon ga. Aik Ghanta aik minute Lagta hai jab aapke baare main soochta howay. Aab main aapko yeh nhi keh sakhta Kay aapne aik ghanta zaya kar diya Mera.[ wow madam thinking about u, time just flied. Now onwards in leisure time I will think about u only. One hour seems to be one minute when thinking about u. Now I can’t say u that u wasted my one hour.]

Then he reached home. Greeted his mom dad and had lunch but was lost somewhere”we all know where he is lost”. Ishwari ask him to take rest and may work later he agrees.
He went to his room and slept.

Dev was in garden proposing Sona and Sona accepted her proposal. Then Dev leaned for a kiss and Sona also agreed. Dev was kissing Sona passionately but suddenly Dev choked and screamed Sona Bcoz Niwas threw a glass of water on Dev
Niwas:aur kitna Sona hai. Jab say aya hai soo hi tou raha hai. Bas kar uth ja aur neechay aajaa[ how much u wanna sleep. From time u came home u r sleeping. Stop it, wake up and come down]. Saying this niwas leave.

Dev realised that he dreaming and he was kissing and hugging the pillow in sleep. He hits his head while smiling.
At night

Here sonakshi is in kitchen with her mom cooking the favourite dishes of bejoy. Sona tells her mom to help her in cooking biryani 😍😍😍 and halwa puri for ishwari mam. And Both start their work.

Here Dev is seriously checking papers this time but then while checking papers he want to talk to Sona. He realise that he don’t have her phone no.

Precap: Dev calling sonakshi at 2am

So guys how’s the episode tell me. Waiting for ur comments. Criticism is open. Please forgive for any grammatical mistakes


  1. Devsfan

    Wow another amazing episode u r just awesome
    #Dev’s missing her
    #niwas comedy friendly nature
    #dream is just rocking 😍😍😍😍
    Waiting for next part

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