Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 1

Thank u everyone for such an overwhelming response and encouragement. One thing, as u all are asking who’s negative or will Dev and sonakshi unite. Yes they will unite and there’s no one negative neither ishwari nor Sona parents.
So here the first episode

A 23 year old girl wearing pink colour patiala shalwar and white shirt with pink dupatta and some bangles of matching colours and earrings and shoulder length hair open, is entering and walking in big college heading straight to the staff room( actually she studied from the same college so she know the ways). She entered the staff room, placed her bag and greeted everyone. Some of the senior professors who taught her, knew that it’s her first day so they take her with them for marking attendence. She accompanied the professors and then went to the assembly ground. After the assembly is over the principal introduced her to the whole college

Principal: Today, a new professor has joined our college and I hope u all will cooperate with her and make her feel comfortable here. She has studied from the same college and now I will invite her here on the stage. Miss sonakshi Bose please come on the stage. She went on the stage. She could hear the huge voices of clapping and hooting. She addressed to the students and told about her

Sonakshi Bose: Good morning everyone. I’m sonakshi Bose and I have passed my masters in chemisry with distinction a year back so I’m a new professor here but I will try my best to reach upto u all expectations. I hope u all will also cooperate with me.

After the assembly the principal introduced her to all staff members

Principal: sonakshi this is mam…………and teaches this subject, this is …………………………………….. Etc etc. She meets her English mam ishwari dikhsit and her husband and greeted both of them ( ishwari taught sona when Sona was a student in college)

Ishwari : kaisi Ho tum , dil kar raha hai aik kheench Kay thappar maron. Kahan gayab Ho gayi thi result Kay baad. Acha baqi sawal jawab baad main Maine class attend karni hai staff room main thappar bhi maron gi aur jawab Bhi longi [how r u, I want just to slap u so hard,where have u been after the result. Ok rest of the question answers I will ask u later, I have to attend the class and I will slap u in staff room and will take my answers there]

Sona: gee theek hai.😰☺️[ok ]

Principal: sonakshi meet him,(our hero finally entered 😍😍😍) He is professor devrath dikhsit and he is head of chemistry department, if u will be having any problem related anything ask him. He will sort it out. Ok sonakshi I introduced u to all so now professor Dev will guide u the rest.
(Yesh principal left now hero and heroine are standing alone in the assembly ground, student gone to the classes,professors to classes and staff room)

A 26 year old boy wearing black dress pant with purple colour shirt. Handsome, smart, tall and ujla rang(fair complexion) is standing and is awestruck by the beauty of our heroine.
Sonakshi: hello sir! Its nice meeting u( moving her hand ahead)

Dev: ?( lost in sonakshi’s beauty and is staring sonakshi)

Sonakshi ( speaking a bit loud): sir ???

Dev : ya hi! It’s also a pleasure meeting u.(seriously dev it was only pleasure, but the way u r staring her we all think something else😝😂😂😂). Come in my office I will explain u everything, and then u can take ur first class.

Sonakshi : yes sir

Dev went to his office and sonakshi followed her in. She went inside the office and was dumbstruck, it was all messy, everything scattered here and there, Stapler on the floor, papers here there and why not he’s a boy careless boy. He was ashamed a lil bit but then asked her to sit. She noded but the problem was where to sit. One chair was for dev and the other two were captured by the files and important papers.
She said ‘ I didn’t knew the college changed so much in a year’ by removing the files from one chair and sitting on it.

Dev: actually I’m sorry but exams are going on so I had a lot of work so could not have the time to clean my cabin. Anyways, today is your first day let me tell u something about this college

Sona: I don’t want to know anything ,u joined the college just a year back but I have been in this college for six years so I think I know better than u about this college(sarcastically saying)

Dev: I know kay aap boht purani hain par pehle aap yahan parthi thin Likin abb parhana hai.[I know u r very old but first u used to study here but now u have to teach here]

Sona: kya matlab aap ka Kay main purani hon? Main aap ko kahan say purani lagti hon? Mera koi chitta sar hai ya main kub nikal kay stick ki help say chal rahi hon? Hmmmm…….tell na. What do u mean ‘sonakshi asking in great anger’[what do u mean by I’m very old? from where I look old to u?do I have a white head or I’m haunch back walking with aid of a stick?]

Dev: aap tou ghusa ho gayi. Mera matlab tha Kay aap iss college main pehle say hain. Iss college main purani hain. Age main tou nhi kaha 😂😂 calm down ‘Dev saying this in great tension and was also surprised to see her angry actually her lady love angry’[ u got angry. I meant that ur old to this college. I have not said in age.]

Sona: acha ‘with attitude ‘ mujhe Mera time table dain aur classes jou main lon gi unn Kay pichale record so that I can go [ ok. U give me the time table and previous record of classes I’m teaching so that I can go]

Dev: yah ok
He handover the things and take her to the classes to introduce her to the students.

After a long day, she went back to the staff room and met her English professor mam ishwari and her husband and greeted them again with a big smile and touched their feets. Dev enters the staff room. Sonakshi turned and saw Dev smiling and moving towards her she was a bit concious kay kyun yeh shaks apni poori bateesi nikal Kar Meri Tarf aaraha hai.[she was a bit concious as why this person iswalikng towards me smiling with his whole 32 teeth out] Screen freezes on Dev smiling face 😍😍😍

Precap: ishwari, Sona convo and Dev introduction as ishwari and niwas son. Dev,Sona parents introduction

Ok guys so tell me through comments how was it. I hope I didn’t bored u all. Thanks for reading
Criticism is open. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistake



  1. Devsfan

    Wow episode 1 is just awesome amazing description wow the way you introduce characters amazing
    Waiting for next part

  2. Devga


    |Registered Member

    nice and fresh concept of lecturer love…. Wow my fav sub chemistry. ….
    This was A sub wer bfr our teacher informs i used to complete the work…
    Specially chemistry is still my love is right one and only bcz of my mam…. She made these awkward chemical classes like heavan and i used to enjoy her classes….. Thnk u yaar for reminding me of my mentor….

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Nd devakshi convo was OK typs…. Sry as u said u want comment i am saying wat i felt….

      Sona’s style of talking boldly was gud… But i want our angry young man dev… Atleast for the begining later u can make as sweet as possible…. Plz its A request… As its not gud frm start itself dev melts for her…

      At last its ur wish… It was just my opinion…. Ovr all i loved it… Thnks yaar for making ish ji in gud buks….

      • Maleeha



        I’m sorry. If it didn’t reached till ur expectations. I will try my best to improve the story. I understand that u want the Dev as angry young man but in tv he’s angry young man because he lost his father, his childhood but in my ff he has his father, has spent his childhood also so I could not find the reason of Dev being angry. And I know we love to angry boys but in real life, man should be calm and they should not be bad tempered. I hope u understand and don’t mind ☺️

  3. Akanksha Gupta

    Beautifully written with no complications. I don’t want any misunderstanding b/w them. Please write in cute way just devsakshi

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