Leave With A Reason- Episode 2


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Recap: Sanskar and Ragini moves to his house.

I felt sharp rays hitting my face and disturbing my sleep. I don’t even remember when I fell asleep. The whole night went off planning our future. I should start my schedules from today. Time is less but there are lots of things that I have to do. Though my mind is stressed, there is an unknown smile playing on my lips. Well…….. Of course I am happy with this stress.

I shook my head and went downstairs. Same old house, the dirt, I just feel it like a garage. But today it was totally different. Because the house is now charming due to the presence of my angel!!……….. Here she is……. All calm and beautiful. Looking more stunning in her sleep. Now I am quiet jealous of those hairs which were caressing her soft cheeks. I wish i can be that lucky to touch her cheeks. Stop acting like a romance sick. My mind reminded me the tasks I have to do today. I slowly went towards my girl and kissed on her forehead, without disturbing her baby sleep. I completed my day chores and exited the house, leaving a note for her beside her pillow.

I knew my destination was too far to walk. But these huge trees, chirps of birds and the cold breeze makes me to love walking. I feel so peaceful with all these around me. So only I chose this house which was bit little far from village. Even my Ragini loves nature. I’m glad she doesn’t complain even a bit about my house nor my life. Though knowing that I’m imperfect, she has accepted me as I am. She’s………. She’s so simple and humble. This is what makes my love grow for her even more. Gosh!!! Look at me now….. I always end thinking about her. Now I have to stop this. At least not now. I raised my head to see the huge bungalow welcoming me. I slowly entered the building and reached my destined room……..

After three knocks on the door I heard someone asking me to come in……… There was a person whose back was facing me.

“My son…… you are very early this morning”.

This man never fails to surprise me.

” How did you know it was me? I mean, every time you recognize even without glancing at me. Is there any secret camera over here?”

“Ha ha ha, Oh common man! I know you very well that I can feel your presence around me easily. Now will you do the honours by letting me know the reason behind your presence this early?”

“Yeah…. I would like to hit on the topic directly. Well….. I need your help Mr. Pathak.”

“It’s just Vikram for you, my son. What kind of help do u need?”

“Uh….. It’s…… Mr. Pathak, I mean Vikram. I am willing to sell the land which is just beside your estate.”

Mr. Pathak’s eyes grew wider. Was he surprised or shocked?….. I couldn’t figure it off.

“Are you crazy young man? Do you want to sell that land which is your dream? You wanted to farm over there, right?”

“Yes. But….. Now I’ve changed my mind. I want to sell it. I’m in need of money.”

“Money? I don’t feel that you are in need of it. You earn quiet enough. Stop distributing your money to those NGOs, then you can never run out of money.”

“That’s not the thing Vikram. My earnings are enough to fulfill my comforts. And the NGO work is completely for my satisfaction and it’s my personal. Now please just say are you ready to buy that land? Or else I will just look for another person for that.”

“Oh! Now I realized. That girl is the reason for your decision, isn’t she? You are sacrificing that land which was dream from childhood, only because of her. Unbelievable!”

“Vikram, now my dream is only to fulfill her desires. She is my first priority. I can’t explain you more. Now let me know whether you are agreeing to buy that piece of land or no.”

“Yes, my angry man. I will. But I will not buy it…..”

“What do mean you…..”

“Let me continue…….. you are like my son. I will give you money but not for the sake of that land. The land is yours along with that money”.

He went towards the cupboard without listening to my disapprovement. He gave me a briefcase with a pride smile. He was about to say something…… I didn’t wait for his words. I quickly took the papers of the land, kept in his cupboard, and locked it.

” Vikram, you very well know that I will not accept the money just like that. It’s your kindness that you treat me as your own son. I respect you for that, but I can’t take the advantage of this. I’m sorry. Till I return you this money, the papers will be with you. Deal is done, I’m leaving now. Take care.”

I was about to exit the room……

“Young man, I appreciate you for this self-respect of yours. But let me warn you……. You are doing a mistake by letting that girl in your life. I’ve been telling you that she’s not the right one for you. Don’t sacrifice your life for that. I’m your well wisher and I always want you to be happy……….”

“Mr. Pathak, one more word I against my girl I will forget what you are in my life”

I fumed and rushed out of the room. I heard him laughing which boiled my blood even more. Mr. Pathak, very crazy man……. He’s my guide. He’s just like my father. He was always there in the ups and downs of my life. He has witnessed me in the worst days of my life till now. The only person who can break me out is Vikram. But I cannot just digest the fact that he don’t like Ragini. I just can’t understand how can’t someone like such an innocent girl. I have tried to convince him many times, but it always goes in vein. I know, one day Mr. Pathak will definitely realize that he was blaming the golden girl. My Ragini will definitely prove him wrong. I now want to ignore this topic. The only thing I want to do now is to go my house and glance at my smiling angel.

Ragini POV:

I woke up with a bad headache which didn’t let me sleep further. I opened my eyes and didn’t find Sanskar anywhere. Where did he go? He’s such a mysterious person. He could have told me before leaving. I pouted and got up. The white thing beside my pillow caught my attention. I slowly took the paper and opened it.

“Good morning, love. I know your little head is troubling you. I’ve kept some medicines in the kitchen, don’t forget to take them after brushing your teeth. And please don’t be angry that I went out without informing you. I really had some important work. Now get freshen up and wait for me and the happy news which I’m bringing for you”

Happy news? Well, I’m excited to know what it is. I read the note once again wondering where he might have gone. I completed my chores and took the medicines which Sans had kept for me. I wonder how can a person love someone to this extent, so unconditionally. I mean, he can understand everything without me explaining it. He knows me more than I know myself. When my own father was torturing me, I had only him to support and console me. He’s just like my army. He always supports and protects me. I’m the most luckiest girl to get such a loving person in my life……..

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