Leave With A Reason- Episode 1


Hello friends! I guess you guys had a great day today. Let’s start our chapter, but before starting to read this, don’t forget that this is a SWASAN ff. Happy reading…..

Sanskar POV:
This dark night, peaceful surroundings, the huge trees which are trying to kiss the sky and this killing silence!!!! I’m getting a tingling sensations by all these. I can wait here throughout my life just for her small glimpse. I don’t know whether I can take good care of her, but I’ll sacrifice my whole life for her happiness. I have decided, from this moment she is my life and I would like to lock my whole self in her. Yes, I’m waiting for her. Today she is going to enter my life, and there is no looking back.

She has already suffered a lot. Her step mother, helpless father and a handicapped brother. She had spent her 20 long years only in tears. I still remember how she used to come to me, weeping, swallowing her tears, hiding the cruel tortures of her mother. I used struggle to console her. At last whenever she smiled, I was feeling as if my heart was racing at the higher rate. But from today, we have decided to end this. We have decided to start a new life. Our new life.

She is a medical aspirant. She has a great talent. Studies, it’s not my cup of tea, but she has secured scores in flying colours till now. I know her dream of becoming a cardiologist and from today it is my dream and my goal. It might be bit hard for me to manage the huge amount required for her studies….. But it is my duty and I will not let any single stone unturned to make her dreams come true.

I shook my head and my eyes involuntary went to the door of her house. Where is she? It has been very long since I’m here. Is she in any trouble? Did she got caught? Just thinking herself being in trouble, my blood started boiling. I will just go and bang that door and take away what is mine. Enough of this patience. I stood up and was about take my first step…………. I stopped!! There was she! Simple as always, though beautiful…… I don’t know what happens whenever I just glance at her. Her big brown eyes which are trying to find me, her black long wavy hair which had made themselves comfortable till her waist. She is just looking like an angel in her white salvar. My angel. I can notice how her legs are shaking……… Yeah! She’s damn scared. Ofcourse she will be idiot. My mind reminded me how I was drooling over her. Did she just look at me? Gosh! How her eyes sparkled and her lips got curved into a smile. I’m feeling as if my heart is going to bounce out of my skin.

She began walking towards me and I, I’m just grinning at her like an idiot. Shit! I have to help her with that luggage. I ran towards her.

“Are you fine Ragini? You didn’t get into any trouble right?”

And her answer was a huge smile which always succeeded in stealing my heart. She is my little naughty thief.

“Sanskar, I’m alright and no, there was any trouble. U know, I’m really very excited to start my life with you. First let’s just get out of this place”

I took her hands in mine and intertwined our fingers. Every time I do this, she blushes like hell. Who am I kidding? I’m sure I will now be looking like a red tomato.

There was no exchange of words. Our eyes were busy in conversing with each other. I don’t know why today’s night has to be so cold. We both are literally shivering. I’m just so stupid that I forgot to bring any jacket. I can feel how uncomfortable she’s feeling with this climate. I’m a rude man and I am used to these things. But Ragini is very sensitive. She cannot handle all these. My home is very far from here. I don’t know what she might be feeling about this. Though, she’s not complaining me even a bit. She’s not even asking where I was taking her. I wonder how much she trusts me so much. Trust this poor, rude and ugly man. I don’t know whether I can keep her trust intact. I still wonder what made to fall for me. I’m neither good looking nor I have bundles of notes to satisfy her needs. Neither I’m educated nor I have a great job. I’m too very shy to confess my feelings. Though, we both know that we love each other. She had also confessed me once about her feelings towards. And me, just as stupid I am, I was grinning at her confession without uttering a word. She always laughs at me and my actions.

Her loud hiss made me to break my thoughts. Gosh! What had happened? She just got slipped.

“Ragini, gosh! I shouldn’t have been walking so fast. Shit! You are bleeding. Just wait….. I’ll just come”


This the sweet name given by her for me.

“Look at me, I’m perfectly fine. It’s is just a small cut. You don’t have to panic so much. I will be fine, once we reach our home”.

Our home. Gosh! I have to resist myself from hugging her now. I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable by my sudden urges. We resumed our walk. Blood was still oozing out of her finger. Looking at that sight my vision got blurred. No, I can’t go weak. I have to be strong and should be her strength.

After what felt like hours we reached our home. It’s is just a small residence. It had a small single room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It was more than enough for me. But I don’t know what she will think looking at my stingy home. Its definitely not a home for two. We climbed upstairs and I unlocked the door. Just look at the sight! It is so dirty and small. I gulped at looked at her.

” Sans, I just can’t believe we reached our home. I’m feeling, so very happy. We don’t have restrictions anymore. It’s just we, in our small world and this is my homeeeeeee”

She started to jump like a kid and it was a sight to watch. I just folded my hands and watched her joy. She’s…… she’s so beautiful. Words just can’t describe her beauty. She is with me……. It’s like, beauty with a beast. I chuckled at this thought.

“Hey, Mr. Sanskar Gupta, will you care to explain why were you laughing like a idiot? I’m not so funny…..”

She pouted. Gosh! How I would like to kiss those lips……….. Shut up Sanskar! You have to control your feelings. You have your duties to complete before satisfying your urges.

” Sorry madam, that’s nothing. You are not funny, instead you are adorable. Now, would you like to have a tour towards the balcony?”


We moved upstairs. The cold breeze which was suffocating me few moments before was now making me feel like a heaven. I was happy with a full moon light and this peacefulness. I realized Ragini was still standing at the stairs glaring at me with a pout. I raised my eyebrow. Much to my wonder she forwarded her hand indicating me to hold that. I just followed her actions.

She happily hopped and hugged me immediately. My eyes went wide due to her actions. We were never this close before. I can feel her breath at my chest. I hesitantly snaked my arms around her shoulders. She was so small compared to my huge body. Though, she fitted perfectly in my arms.

I am feeling that I’m incomplete without her in my arms. If this is called love. So be it. I love my girl more than myself and more than anything in this world. I don’t know how long we were like this, enjoying the warmth of embrace. When I came out of my chain of thoughts I realized she has fallen asleep in my arms. I just took a glimpse at her. She looks so adorable while sleeping. Just like a newly infant. I carefully picked her up in a bridal state without disturbing the sleepy beauty and laid her in the bed.

I took a deep breath and moved towards the balcony again. No way I was getting sleep today. I have many more things to plan. Things, by which I can make our life secure and happy. And again I got drifted in my thoughts hoping a fresh start from the next sun…………

Precap: For today no precap……

Heya darlings! I know the chapter is too very boring. This chapter is only to show you the personalities of Sanskar and Ragini……. I promise the story won’t be too dragging as this chapter. Well, if u think I have change my writing style, u can suggest. I’ll accept and try to modify myself. Swalak entry will be after two more chapters. Don’t hate me for today’s chapter. I love you all…….. Keep commenting your views.

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