Why did you leave me (Edkv)- epi 6


Hah toh kaha the hum, ya ri8 yad a gaya….
Story continues:
de had bf (are boyfriend nahi breakfast kha liya).
After sometime:
Sumo: are, Maro. Tu kaha ja rahi hai?
Marie hits hr: le mar diya, khush (she starts going)

S: ye Marie ki bacchi, y did u hit me
M: u only told me to hit u
S: wen did I say?
M: just a few moment ago, u were saying maro(hit) na
S: stop ur nonsense nd tell me where r u going
M: to pick up my afat ki puriya (something like truck of troublesome)
S: u mean Raunu?!!
M: Suman stop chanting Raunu, I am going to pick d innocent churail.(hairan mat ho, age jake samaj ayega churail kaise innocent hoti hai)
S: ‘little scared’ do u mean by hr? (tera matlab he wo?)
‘Raunak listens to d half convo’

Rau: who could b woh?
Marie goes to a hostle (maine hostle bola hotel nahi!)
there little girl ws sitting on a brench nd watching ‘Dance Plus’ in hr phn
girl: go Raghvu, go!
M: ‘holds ears of d girl’ oye Raghav Juyal ki fan stop cheering dat chikna, ok!
D girl looks at Mar with an angry look
Girl: Maro di, pls dont call him Chikna. He is my Raghvu!
M: u r talking like u r gonna marry him, my Neeto darling (nd yeah dats me!:-P)
N: if I got a chance den I would hve surely married him (dats true:-D). Think na di I would hve joined his dance classes, he would became my bf (is time boyfriend hi hai:-P), we would have married, wat say!
M: just shut up yar, he is 25 nd u r 13, still u think abt marriage
N: di luv dont hve any limit, it just happens!
M: oh u pyar ki devi nw lets go, Suman didi is waiting!
N: woh so we r going to Suman dis home
M:yeah, nw lets go!
De come out. Suddenly sme1 comes infront of dem, M & N get shocked!
M: Raunak, wat r u doing here?
Rau: n..no…nothing. I was ju… Just passing nd saw u so I thought to meet u
M: we stay at d same house, nd u came to meet me!
Rau: nw forget all dis na, Sumo must b waiting fr u

M: ya ya, ok baba. U go, we r coming
N: huh, baba. Nw I am seeing something black. Lets see if here any bag(s) is/r full.
M: wat?
N: nothing, lets go. He must b waiting
M: ya come.
MaNak was seating in front nd Neeti was seating in d back seat. Raunak was driving.
Neeti called Marie frm back, ‘Maro di, I like dis jiju’ Neeti said in a low tone. ‘just shut up, princess’ Marie shouted.
de reached home
Sumo, who ws waiting fr dem looked a bit shocked.
S: Raunak, wat r u doing with dem?
R: I will tell all dat later bt first let me come in na!
S: ya ya cme inside.
De go inside.

S: so choti churail, hw r ur studies going on?
N: it is fine di. Nt too well bcs of bad health.
S: oh no! Wat happened dear?
N: nothing serious di, just fainted few times, have headache, got fever. Thats all!
S: wat, hw did u get fever, hw did u fainted, why is ur head paining?!!!
N: are are di, nt me, my teachers got fever, fainted nd hve headache bcs of me. De couldnt handle me so nw de r admitted in hospital!
S, M, R: wat!
Screen freezes on dere shocked faces nd Neeti’s naughty smile.

Precap:Neeti ki shaytania kahi duba na de is sansar ko. God bless dem.

Ha, I know it ws sooo short, bt I was nt getting any stry nd aftr my exam starts I cant pst any epi so written dis.

Nw dis imazine Raunak as Mohshin Khan nd Maro di if u still dont like him den let me give u few choices:
Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan
Ranbir Kapoor
Varun Dhawan
Kapil Sharma
Mohit Sengal
Varun Sobti
Arjun Kapoor
Akshay Kumar
ya apka koi v fav actor (Namik ko chor ke)

sry fr nt being able to rply ur cmnts dis. Hope evry1 really liked it.
Luv u guys, Tc, thanks, sry, Shraman dreams- Neeti, Leeti(late+Neeti), Hapti (Happy+Neeti)

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  2. wow it was fab
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  3. Ariana

    Beautiful!!!! And I don’t mind at all if u take time. It means I can read ur wonderful ff for longer. All the best for ur exams. Keep rocking. Love u honey
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