Why did you leave me (Edkv)- epi 4


Story continues:
Sumo laughs hard nd MaNak look at Sumo being shocked/angry
MaNak together: wat:[email protected]!!!!!
S places hr hand on hr mouth nd tries to control hr laughter: u guys r fighting like couples, so funny !!! HahahahahahaHAHAHAHA
MaNak feels akward

M: Suman u toh just shut up ha, he is calling me maid nd u r laughing
Rau: Sumo, she is misbehaving with u so I am scolding hr
S: pls guys chup ho jao (pls guys shut up). Raunu she is nt any maid, she is my frnd ok!!!
Rau: wat!!! ‘He gets shocked nd guilty’
Marie angrily looks at him
S: nd Maro u were nt letting me speak anything, wen I was abt to talk u inturrupted.
Marie : srrrrryyyyyy ‘made a puppy face’
Rau: ok bt she could hv said something na, instead of explaining, she was calling me donkey
M: I tried bt u didnt give me chance
Sumo looks at dem

MaNak: ok, ssrrryyyy
de go to different ways giving a killer look
MaNak: huh!!!
S: tasan-e-ishq:-P (she smiles a bit)
sometime later:

MaNak go to kitchen nd holds a jug, de see each other
Marie tries to take d jug bt Rau holds it tight, de both try dere bst to take d jug bt suddenly d jug falls nd breaks into pieces
Mar: u… ‘Suddenly Marie losses hr balance nd was abt to fall’, she closes hr eyes, after few seconds she feels someone saved hr. she opens hr eyes nd sees Rau was holding hr
de have an eye lock, both of dem were just lost into d eyes (RABBTA frm Agent Vinod plays)
kehte hai khuda is jaha me sav k liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi k liye
terd milna us Rab ka ishara manu, mujh ko banaya tere jaise hi kisi k liye
Kuch toh hai tujh se Rabbta, Kuch toh tujh se Rabbta

tu hamsafar hai, fir kya fikar hai, jeene ki wajah ahi he marna isi ke liye
Suddenly d eyelock brks bcs Sumo coughs intentionaly
de both realise dis nd stands up, de both feel a bit akward
S: guys romance karna buri bat nahi, bt sabke samne aise karna v sahi nahi hai ok! (guys romancing is nt bad thing, bt bfr evry1 isnt ri8 ok) Sumo smirks
M: Suman ki bacchi ruk tu(Suman just wait a sec)
Sumo strs running nd Marie chases hr
de both get tired aftr sometime
S: ok yar sry, i cant run anymore
M: even i cant
S: den ok, lets nt fight nw
M: ok, nw lets order food
Rau comes: guys no need, I’ve already ordered food
S: really, thank u yar
M: wat thank u, wen did he order food, hah!
Rau: I dont need to give explaination bt still if u ask den let me tell u, wen u were running like a child i ordered d food
S: thank u again, u r so intelligent yar
M: ha ha he just ordered food, so stop praising him
d food arrives nd d sit to have lunch:
M: oye Raunak, y do u call Suman Sumo hah, it sounds so wierd
R: in our frnd circle evry1 have wierd names, its nt a big thing nd Sumo dis was named by Shr….

Sumo cuts his word angrilly: cant u guys just sit quitely nd eat
M: bt Suman wat happened he ws just telling me d name na!
S: oh will u pls shut up, I am leaving guys eat if wanna eat, bt I am nt hungry
Sumo leaves angrilly, MaNak look on
inside Sumo’s room:
Sumo’s pov:
evry time wen i forget abt u, smething or sme1 reminds me of u, y did u do dis Shravan, y did u?, i said

I was crying d whole day, at ni8 Marie nd Raunak came thousand time to call me fr dinner bt I refused evry time. Fr me it ws a vry big matter, he left me, he didnt belive me
Pov ends
Sumo took out a picture of hr nd Shr, she cried looking at d pic;-(;-(;-(
Tere bin yara (sad version of Tere sang yara) frm Rustaam plays in bg
O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mai basaya hai
Khud tootke dil mujhko
Is modpe laya hai

Oh tere bin yara
berang bahara
hai rat begaani
hai rashq sahara

Oh tere bin yara
berang bahara
hai rat begaani
na neend gawara

maine chode hai baki sare raste
bas aya hun tere waaste
meri sanson pe tera nam hai
pehchaan ve(2)
maine kiye hazaro minnatein
mujhe mili na Rab ki rehmatein
ik tuhi mera anjam hai
yeh maan ve

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mai basaya hai
khud toot ke dil mujhko
is modpe laya hai

O tere bin yara
berang bahara
hai rat begaani
na neend gawara

Sumo falls asleep
nxt mrning Sumo wakes up nd freshen up
she comes out of d room nd sees MaNak sleeping in dinning area, she wakes dem up. Marie rubs hr eyes nd sees Sumo
S: guys wat r u doing here
Rau: actually Sumo we were waiting fr u nd fell asleep’.
S: y were u waiting fr me

M: Suman u didnt had dinner, so we waited fr u to come nd have dinner
S gets emotional: wat was d need
Rau: wat do u mean by ‘wat ws d need’, we r ur frnds na.
S: yeah bt…. Sry, i spoke really rudely to u
M: no need to say sry Suman, there must b a reason behind ur anger so dont say sry, we didnt mind, nw pls have something
de order food nd have it aftr dat de chit chat fr smetime

Precap:sochne toh do:-P

guys im getting vry less cmnts so I think I have to end my ff on MaNak’s luv stry. I would have continued even if it ws 8 cmnts bt no I got only 4 cmnts, really 4, so I cant continue, I think. Bt thanks fr d cmnt, sry I couldnt reply even 4 cmnts
Luv u all, bye bye, take care, Shraman dreams- Neeti, Angti (Angry+Neeti), Sadti (Sad+Neeti)

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  1. Hey, first of all I’m sorry.. I wasn’t able to comment on your previous episode, in fact not on anyone else too as I wasn’t well. Please don’t end your ff. I really love it. ?
    This episode was amazing. Loved it. Way too much curious to know about ShraMan’s past. The end scene was too cute.. they waited for sumo for so long.. that was an aww moment..
    Loved this episode a lot. Post soon.
    Take care. Loads of love ?

    1. Neeti

      Oh no, u were unwell, r u fine nw, dont say sry pls
      I am glad u like it, bt if I get less cmnts even in nxt prt den my stry will end on Manaks stry nd Shramans stry would be till d letter
      u too take care- Neeti

  2. Neeti..
    It was a nice one dear..???
    Pls..continue..don’t stop..?????

  3. Dhira

    Sorry for not commenting on previous post I don’t know how I missed it
    Episode is superb
    Waiting for your next episode
    Plz Don’t end it

  4. Ariana

    Neeti!!! My sweetheart it was wonderful!! Uhhhhhh too much of suspense. Killing me. Pls post next part soon nd yaar wht happened between ShraMan? Thodi hint to do. I’m waiting
    btw best of luck for ur coming exams
    keep rocking
    take care
    love u

  5. Marie

    Oyyyyy neeto don’t u dare to end this ff it’s amazing yrrrr
    Haye yr mujhe kis kis ke saath Jodh dia hai hahahaha but phir bhi it was a fab ep sorryyyy couldn’t comment on ur prev part I was hell busy acha na bs forgive ur siso ab….!!!!
    Love u darling
    Ps: shorryyyyyyy fr short cmmnt (hell busy)
    Love u itna ke koi soch na ske…..!!!
    Take care

  6. Rukhsar

    Sorry sorry sorry bada wala sorry i know that i m super late but what to do u know na how busy am i so sorry neetu for disappointing u and one more thing dont u dare to end this ff warna mobile se nikal k do thapar lagaon gi leeti and i must say that k tum apny naam k fusions bht achy banati ho i love it

  7. Rukhsar

    And epi b bht acha tha specially last wala

  8. too good

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