Leap in Tashan E Ishq?


Guys I just got some news about the upcoming track of Tashan E Ishq. There is a new twist coming up on Tashan E Ishq. Apparently the show will finally have its leap. The show will go through a leap of about 5 to 6 years. Twinkle will have a daughter and get married to Yuvraj. According to sources this may be the case. Although, they are not 100% sure so this information may be subject to change. However, Jasmin just posted a pic on Instagram with a little girl. Everyone is saying that she will be a new addition to the Tashan E Ishq family.

Kunj will misunderstand Twinkle. We may also see him become a boxing champion after the leap. Now all we can do is wait and watch. This breaks my heart but I will keep supporting them. Guys please keep supporting Tashan E Ishq. We all love and miss Sidhant but don’t we also love Jasmin? Don’t give the show up and let Jasmin know that she is doing a FANTASTIC job in displaying her emotions on screen. Keep supporting the show and showing your love!

Credit to: Sidmin Fan

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  1. Thanks yar…me hmesha jasminD ko suport krogi…kya huwa agr sid bhai chale gye hme jasminD N un donu k ane vale bache ko dekhna h….miss u sidbhaya badly…plz come back..

  2. SidMin

    I thought to stop watching TEI but still do for Jasmine and UV Miss you Sidhant Gupta but will also give a chance to Naman waiting for the best the new child actor is so so so cute

  3. I’m fully agree with u …..even I’m still watching tei….as I’m also d fan of jasmine…just loved her acting…I know I’m not happy with this new track but still watching it for Jasmin and only & only for Jasmin….…miss u sid from d core of my heart…..just a hope u’ll return back….pls if u r reading this plss return back…..tei needs u a lot as without u every thing got messed up……..love u Sidmin ….forever fan of sidmin

  4. Sparkle

    Are yar itni jaldi leap kyun, me dekhna chahti thi ki kaise yuvi twinkle ka khayal rakhta hai during her pregnancy, and they come close but this stupid leap. Its ok i am happy that atleast yuvle got married. I will definitely watch tei for jas and zain and want to give one chance to naman also.

  5. As far as I know kunj won’t turn negative after leap but want to bring twinkle back in his life n yeah he will be showing as boxing champion

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