Would a leap in Mahek interest you?

Zee’s Zindagi Ki Mahek is all set for a short leap. The show hasn’t taken any leap before, and this will be the first one in the track. Sharma and Khanna families have come down to Dwarka to attend a Ramleela. Shaurya determines to save Mahek from the kidnapper Ajay. Shaurya looks for her everywhere. He finally finds her tied up inside a Raavan statue. Shaurya saves Mahek in nick of time, when the statue starts burning. Ajay gets arrested for attempting to kill Mahek and take over Shaurya’s property. Shaurya and Mahek see the evil losing once again.

However, the show will take another shocking turn. Shaurya and Mahek will be heading for their honeymoon. Mahek will be meeting with an accident. There will be a high point. Their happiness will be short lived. Orvana Ghai will be entering the show to add a twist. She was seen in Manmarziyaan and Jamai Raja. She will be playing Shaurya’s friend with hidden intentions. Zindagi Ki Mehak will soon take a one year leap. Would a leap in Mahek interest you? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Will this opinion poll play any role in story of the serial? Does it really matter in any ways


    Show should end now.. as show had fulfilled its motive

  3. Show should end

  4. Why should the show end ? If the writers are creative the show should be able to continue with good plots. Shows in the US last for years and do not take leaps. The leads have great chemistry and show has good actors. So far the show has been great has world wide following.

    1. AngelinSalvatore

      TO HELEN
      Shows in the us lasts for years because they only air for 20-24 episodes a year…. thant too once a week. While indian shows airs from monday to friday,with more then 300 episodes a year. Comparing these two types is unthinkable … only idiots would think about doing that…

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