Hii.. I m back with other part of the short story do comment. .. its swara’s intro. ..N her frSt meeting with sanskar. ….
So it starts where sanskar is waiting for the girl he has come to watch…He is adamant abt a answer no…bt for his mother he has come here…


sans : See i have come sharp at 5…. n this girl has not reached… hmm good for me… she gave me a reason for rejecting her (soon he saw a girl in the entrance and got mesmerrised but soon his face went pale)

thats our swara

sw comes near him : (he was still mesmerised) hhhhhhheeeeellllloooo aa aaaaapppp saaaannnnnssss

sans To himself : Omg… she is the girl…. bt she is stammering. . (To her ) yup.. me sanskar nyc to meet you. .. u r swara ri8?

sw : Yaaaaaaaa

sans to himself : Omg she so cute and beautiful but y did god give her this stammering problem i hate u god

sw : Aaaaapppppp nnneeeee kkkkkkuuuucccchhhhhh bbbbooooollllaaaa

sans who was drinking water spit it down : No i dint do u want some thing to eat

sw : Haaaaannnnnn

sans to himself :: fatty!!.. atleast for formality she should have said no…bt no she is saying yes…she can’t b my wife… bt seeing her figure it doesn’t seems she eats a lot…(soon he saw her she has already finished two vada pav, bel puri and a plate of pav bhaji) had she not seen food for all these days this girl na no way (saying this he got up)

sw : Kkkkkyyyyyyaaaaa hhhhuuuuuaaaa aaaappp kkkooo mmmmaaaiinnn passssanth nahi aaaayyyiii

sans : I have got a very important work so i have to leave(saying this he ran out of the restaurant)

sw was still sitting and laughing on his act
swara : stupid!! Hahaha he so easy accepted my act… idiot… bt nt his fault swara gadodia is a nyc actor… bad luck for him…hahah. ..Omg this will be entertainment for my frnds for whole week….

****swara gadodia: she is a single parent kid they are not so rich she is living with her mom she loves her mom so she is not interested in getting married and one more thing is that she has got a small house in baddi on loan so she has to pay all her loans and settle so according to her this is not the rite time to get married and also She Has a small company in The Name destiny she is a single kid no sis or bro and 23yrs old)

So how is swara guys. ….

Credit to: sujata

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    1. U r a good writer dear.. ur stay away ff is really very good.. so u HV talent.. plz try to use DT.. don’t copy paste from others dear..?????? try to write f ur own.. we’ll surely appreciate DT..plzzz..☺?

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  10. Mam for ur kind information this is my ff i have written in facebook and the title was “u r mine” but how could u write this and say u have written it u have just copy pasted my os which i dint like it if u want write ur own dont copy from others dont know how.could ppl do that

  11. Hey sujata its cheating u have copy lakshmi os I have read it in fb so plz stop giving credit to yourself sry for being rude but the work u did is not at all fair

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