Hii.. guys it’s my frst short story… I m sujata.. I have also started a ff “stay away…. I m nt ur husband ” …. hope u will lyk my s.s … its nt totally my creation bt inspiration with my tadka. … This ep has sanskar’s intro…. hope u will lyk it. …

A man is engaged in his work…. n he sudden heard a knock in his cabin
Guy 1: come in
A person came with a smile on his face which reflected on the others guys face too… He left his file n went n hug him….
guy 1 : Hi u!!!!!! how are u my brother looking very happy? … what’s reason huh?.. ( teasingly )

guy 2 : Hmmm me n happy r two different poles ri8 now

guy 1 : this is how ppl are nt gr8 ful to their fate …. u married ur love man.. thn why nt happy…. u should have been jumping ri8 now

guy 2 : we will c this whn u will get married… thn I will ask you the same question. … thn u will perfectly know the reason…

guy 1: Hahahahaha never man… I m nt a fool lyk u to hit the hammer on my foot purposely…I m nt gonna marry….

guy 2: Hmmm lets see (he get a call) Oh shit ragini calling

guy 1: what happen lucky… may b missing you … or some romantic talks hah… (n smirked)

guy 2(laksh) : omg why she is calling… dude seriously romantic talks…. u should surely clean garbage from ur head… n by the way ruthless business man the gr8 SANSKAR MAHESHWARI talking abt romance ( sanskar rolled his eyes ) u should consult a doc dude ….
Sanskar : Mr. Small brother stop giving me consults…n lift the call other wise I will have to admit u to hospital tomorrow… n he laughed
Laksh : true. … uff. . Why she is calling me… ofcourse to scold me… ovio I have done a crime in the home lyk kept wet towel on bed or messed up the cupboard or something like that. … Acha Bro I am going… pray to god u don’t c me in the hospital. …n laksh left…

sans : Bhai careful… Omg my small flirty brother totally changed.. means every one has to face same condition after marriage…my decision is only right I shouldn’t marry….
Thn his phn ring – “Maa calling”

San : ya Maa. ..
ap : do you remember today’s date…. where you have to go…

sans : Maa nt again plz… u know na I don’t lyk it…

ap : plz atleast do for me… see ur small Bro has also married n u r only left… plz beta. ..

sans : Maa again ur melodrama started. … ok for u I can do any thng so I will go… bt c u will only get one answer that’s a big NO

ap : frst c her I m sure u will love her

sans : Hmmmn we ll see

****sanskar maheshwari : He introduces himself as sanskar as he doesnot want ppl to give him respect for his surname he is a handsome joyful funloving person he is son of ap and dp and he has a bro(laksh) And sis (uthra) He is 26yrs bachlor his mom is busy finding a girl for him and he is the owner of karma industry and co owner in maheshwari industries******

Credit to: sujata

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