My layered demeanour (Episode 9)


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[KVB’s pov]

I was weary as the day was wrapping up. I parked the car in the parking area and moved towards the banquet hall. I looked up at the eighth floor but all the enthusiasm with which I had started off, had sheened away. I entered the lift as my brother followed me. Finally, I reached the area where I had organized this party. The guard pushed the door for me as I stepped in. The soft music stirred me as I felt relieved. Some were busy chatting while the others were enjoying their drinks. I moved forward as I saw one of my friend. He was attending a wound on his forehead. I looked all around. The environment seemed so perfect. ‘What could have happened?’ My mind started wandering as it stopped over her face. I quickly turned towards him as I started throwing my questions towards him. ‘What happened to you? How were you injured and where is Surbhi?’

My forehead had creased as I waited impatiently for his answer. My other friend stepped in as he said, ‘Nothing much…There was a small scuffle between us friends and due to that only he got injured. But everything is sorted now and that, Surbhi went away with her brother.’

I felt relieved hearing this as I took a quick sip of the drink served to me by the waiter. I wrapped up the party in the next half an hour as finally everything ended at 11:45. I was really thankful to that well- wisher and I hoped to meet soon but I was not sure, whether I wanted to make an effort. The well- wisher did his work and I was happy with the thought that someone was there who wished good for my family.

[Surbhi’s pov]

I felt warmth as I turned on my side. I soon opened my eyes unable to bear this. I lifted my hand as I kept it on eyes preventing the sun rays from reaching me. I quickly sat up on the bed I was lying on as I looked all around, only to find myself in familiar surroundings. I smiled broadly as I realized I was in my room. I leaped out of the bed as I ran towards the window. I looked down to see the ground so close to me and then turned up my gaze upwards to see the sky so far away from me. My heart smiled as I felt relieved. Soon, the memories of yesterday night started flooding me as my smile vanished.

‘Shauraya,’ I remembered calling him the last time.

I quickly grabbed my phone from the bedside table as I saw a notification already popping up. Shauraya knew that I would definitely want to know what happened after I went unconscious and had, thus, sent me a message. I quickly opened it as I started reading his message.

‘Well, I know I’m right this time also in sending you this message. Before you start eating up my brain and frown sitting there in your room, let me tell you what happened. I knew you were in trouble.’

I stopped reading his message as I felt his concern in the message. He can quickly sense my mood through my voice. I continued reading his message.

‘I’m not in a mood to type a long message. So putting it consciously, I tracked you down and reached about half an hour later after you had called, that is, around 10:15. One of that spoilt brat on eighth floor was stopping me for looking around and then I had to enter in a scuffle, ONLY FOR YOU.’

I glared at his “only for you” words, written in all caps as I decided to teach him a lesson. ‘As if he has done a favour on me.’

I twitched my nose and lips as I read further. ‘My men pushed that person and his head hit the wall. Then, I searched you everywhere and eventually found you on the terrace. I brought you back to your home and don’t worry except your brother no one knows about the exact turn of events. That’s it. Take care.’

I quickly typed the message for him. ‘Thank you so much Shauraya. Love you for this’.

I looked around to find my bro but felt disappointed on not finding him there. I came out of the room as I started searching him. My search ended when I saw him near the pool, busy talking on his phone. An idea struck into my mind as I decided to push him into the pool and extract my revenge. I smiled evilly as I stealthily moved towards him.

‘You know I love both of you…you and Sweety. How can I choose between both of you?’ I heard my brother uttering this. And I knew who exactly that person was. I came back to my room as tears welled up in my eyes. It was definitely Sanaya. ‘She will snatch my brother and his love for me,’ I muttered in between my sobs. I could already feel the love of my brother diminishing for me. He was not there for me when I had called him and today also, he was not beside me when I opened my eyes. I sat adjacent to the bed as I wrapped my hands around my legs and kept my head on my knees. Sadness swept me as only tears were there in my eyes.

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