My layered demeanour (Episode 8)

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Guys, Surbhi calls KVB both as KVB and as Karan. So wherever i have used Karan, it’s only for KVB.

(Surbhi’s pov)

I saw him moving towards his car as l grinned sheepishly. However, somewhere I felt sad because of me he would be away from his birthday party. But it just serves him right. ‘I don’t know what problem he has with me’, I mumbled. Soon, his car was out of sight and l went towards the venue.

‘Who the hell keeps a party at eighth floor’, I had again mumbled as I got into the lift. I had just come to this party on bhai’s insistence. I don’t know why is he so obedient? He always listens to dad & I cannot just make my bhai upset. I was even more frustrated when I had requested bhai to accompany me but as usual he had denied citing a really unavoidable work. I had decided to be here for only half an hour. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I never realised when I had reached the floor. I came out of the lift as I traversed this small hallway before reaching this really beautiful door. I showed my invitation pass to the security guard standing there & he paved the way for me. I slightly pushed the door as I stepped in.

‘What the f**k!!!’ I had almost shrieked seeing the view in front of me. Few of his friends were enjoying the loud music which the DJ was playing there. I don’t know who all he had invited because there were many whom I didn’t knew. Never mind, the problem with me was that there was not a single girl in the party. My insides were burning as my anger flared up. Someone had just tapped my shoulder and I turned sideways to look at the person. It was Karan’s friend. He had literally shoved a glass having a certain drink towards my face. I kept my hand on the glass as I pushed it slightly backwards and glared at him.

‘Why are there no girls in this party?’ I had questioned him.

‘The girls are having a party on the terrace,’ he replied as he took a sip of that drink.

‘What?’ My eyes had widened listening to the word “terrace”. ‘But. . .’

Seeing my hesitation, he had asked ‘Don’t you trust me?’

‘No,’ I had replied curtly.

I decided to call one of my friends but I was not sure who all he had invited. So, I just decided to leave this place. I came out of the room as he followed me and tried to stop me. Suddenly, I saw someone descending the stairs. ‘Maya,’ I had uttered.

‘Hi Surbhi! What are you doing here? We are all at the terrace. Come and join us.’ She had chirped excitedly.

I gave her a faint smile as I started ascending the stairs. Maya excused herself to go to the washroom and now, I was standing all alone in front of the door that led to the terrace. I took a deep breath as I gathered some courage and entered the terrace area. I scanned and roamed the entire area with great difficulty but was unable to trace anyone there. I came back to the door but unfortunately found it locked. I banged my hand on the door as I realized that it was their plan as I found myself trapped.

My knees started wobbling as I looked at the sky and then at the road below. I felt the ground below me moving as the thought of falling from here evaded my senses. Fear with his outstretched arms had started engulfing me. . . my fear of heights. I had decided to convince my friends to come down when l had entered this place. I was even pretty sure to have a hold on my fear for a few minutes… but everything was now slipping from my hands. I ran back towards the door as I leaned onto it with my head and hands resting on it. I was about to bang the door when I heard someone talking on the other ride.

‘She is there on the terrace. . .’ This was all I could make out. An uneasiness crept inside me as l bolted the door from my side. My head had started spinning as I felt myself going into a daze. I quickly called up bhai but his number has unreachable. I fell on my knees as I decided to call him. I dialled his number with a great difficulty as I kept the phone near my ears. I was unable to take it any longer.

‘Hello,’ I heard his voice from the other side.

‘Shauraya’, was all I could utter as l felt my senses betraying me.


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  1. I really loved surbhi’s POV when whe mumbled the party is on 8th floor and she finally came to know that the girls party is on terrace …. And by the way don’t use such type of words in ff … I hope u understand …. But I really enjoyed it

  2. now what will happen to her?????really worried for her.

  3. surbhi pov was amazing dear…
    ur writing is superb…. no words for it…….
    as the story is progressing it is getting intresting day by day…
    n really nic track of terrace party….
    at the same time its horrifying too… cuz i exactly know it feel as i am also afraid of heights…
    so keep writing dear….
    luv u a lot vry much….

  4. Awesome episode, wowwww so lovelyyyyyy narration. ..I just loved it but honeyyy plzzzz give longer updates…I just love to read long updates. …this story is really very interesting n I just can’t get enough of it n need more n more n more to read….surbhi’s pov was really lovely n her love n care for her bro is really awesome. …the party at 8th floor had no girl in it …strange…but now got trapped at tarrace….who is this shaurya?…can’t wait for the next episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting, love you loads.

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