My layered demeanour (Episode 4)

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Recap: KVB’s entry, his birthday, his anger on his brother, his feelings towards his crush and the one he doesn’t like

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[Surbhi’s POV]

I felt myself in my brother’s arm as he was going somewhere, carrying me. I opened my eyes with a jerk as I heard him saying ‘Enjoy sweety’. Before I could stop him, I felt my body in air as I landed in the pool in seconds. I wobbled a little as I finally, succeeded in getting a hold of the ground below. I stared at my bro angrily as I began making plans to drag him into the pool. ‘You will never be able to do what you are thinking of doing?’ He laughed looking at me. I hit the water in anger as it splashed on my face. I gritted my teeth as I uttered, ‘Why did you do that, bhai?’
‘What I could do? I tried to wake you up so many times but you were not getting up. Do you know the time? It’s 7:30 and your college…’ I cut him short as I said, ‘ok ok I know.’

‘What did you do last night?’ he questioned me. I was stealing glances from him. I knew that I would not be able to lie to him but still I tried to give it a shot. ‘It was just for fun…’ I looked at him. With one of his eyebrow raised and his arms crossed in front of him, I realized that it was of no use. ‘I was just teaching him a lesson. As you know, he was involved in hit and run case but he got freed due to his father’s contacts. But he didn’t learn a lesson. I heard him talking the other day and the audacity his voice reflected… he had no guilt of injuring people by his act. So, I was just showing him how it feels…’

I stopped explaining him the entire situation when I found him searching for something. ‘What happened, bhai?’ I asked him being concerned.

‘Screwdriver…to tighten your screws. You really have a loose screw.’ He quipped at me.

‘Do you know how bad dad felt?’

‘I know.’

‘Ok. Tell me one thing you don’t know?’

I lowered my gaze as I knew he would be staring at me. Before he could say anything again, I quickly said, ‘Nothing will happen to dad and his business. I promise.’

I could sense the silence prevalent between us and I just prayed to god to make things smoother between us. I gleefully looked at him as he said, ‘Let’s see who reaches first.’ I smiled more widely as I pushed the water back and reached at the end. I extended my hand to him so that he could pull me up. But instead he moved a step back and said, ‘I’m not crazy. I know all your plans of pulling me in the pool. So come out yourself.’

‘Damn it,’ I muttered under my breath. I got out of the pool as I wiped off the excessive water droplets clinging to me. 3, 2, 1… I flung the towel as we both started running. ‘10 seconds’ I uttered as I touched my mother’s feet and greeted her. I kept both my hands as I tried catching the breath.

‘No. It’s 13 seconds.’

‘No bhai. I reached 10 seconds after you reached mom.’

We kept arguing over the time when suddenly my bro took hold of my hand. ‘Sweety, handle everything well,’ he said as we were proceeding to our dad’s room. ‘Don’t repeat your “I know” dialogue.’ He said before I could say anything. My brother always gets to know what I’ll say.

I stopped him a little far away from dad’s room. I faced my brother as I uttered, ‘I know that he’ll throw a volley of questions at me and I love to dodge dad’s questions. I’ll do the same today.’


‘But what, bhai? Dad always irritate me.’

‘Of course. According to dad, you irritate him and according to you, its him who is the irritating one. You get angry on dad and he…’

I ran away from there as I quickly entered dad’s room, confident of making his mood better.

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  1. Oh!!!!! dear itz really awese. This is the first episode of ur ff. Now I read previous 3 chapters too. They were rely too awesome. The way u express the feeling of each other by describing each other’s point of view is too really good. Keep going and update soon. All the best!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you aishu 🙂

  2. U r episodes are fantastic saya. …. surbhi ‘ s POV was very good. .. The part when surbhi s bro Pushed her into the pool was good…. keep it up 🙂 :). … waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks sunehri 🙂

  3. i am really tired of appreciating ur writing skills dear… bt cant resists of writing these comments.. as u r perfectly perfect for writing… n ofcourse u portray d emotions of evry character in a detailed manner… u r jusst d queen of all d ff writers…. thanks a lot for mentioning me on top… n i really luv u sis…. i always keep checking this for ur update only…. thanks a lot again dear…. luv u loads….

    1. welcome dear… you deserved a mention. thank you so much. love you 🙂

  4. n luved d epi tooo… cute brother n sister bond….. thanks for d update dear…

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    1. Hi dear… a happy Valentine’s day to you too. I’ll surely keep writing… still ideas are buzzing in my mind. Just hope that I never get short of ideas ever. love you. By the way, what do you do?

  6. actually i m still in school n tht to in ninth class…. n u??
    N yeah u will never get short of ideas ever as u r so creative…

  7. Hi dear, I’m doing my graduation, final semester 🙂 I would like to know your views of my stories on the blog, if you have ready any.

  8. ooo…. sorry dear actually i havent read any yet…. but will surely read one… can u plzz share the link… n yeah plzz do post d nxt part soon ..

    1. I’ll upload till tomorrow… sorry for being so late… Till then you can enjoy my other creations… sorry again.
      here is the link-
      thank you

  9. Its alrght dear… Actually i read ur story named untold n unsaid nd i must say its pure art… U r an amazing writer… i luv d way u mould ur imaginations into words… may u always flourish as a writer.. may god bless u sis…. luv u…

  10. And thanks a lot for the link sis….

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m really happy. Thanks dear.

  11. Wlcm sis… Im really happy tht i came in contact wid u…. now i can write better composition… n all d credit goes to u…. so thanks a lot sis….

  12. Awesome, lovely, marvellous episode saya my sweeeeeet darling friend, it’s so pure n lovely sibling bonding…surbhi n her brother so attached to each other n know their feelings. sweeeeeet n cute episode…very interesting story n amazing narration. ..I visited the link for your more creations, it’s incredible…loved it n will try to read all of them when I get little more time…’re amazing writer saya my sweeeeeet darling friend n very awesome person…love you soooooo muchhhhhh my dear….you deserve this appreciation for your hard work….keepit up honeyyy…..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh…. sorry for late comment… happy belated Valentine’s Day

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