My layered demeanour (Episode 3)

Hello everyone. Thanks for commenting and to all the silent readers. I really liked your interpretation Roma. Here comes KVB…

I was in the balcony sitting with my legs folded on a yoga mat. I inhaled the fresh air as I finished my meditation. Rolling over the yoga mat, I came in front of the mirror. I quickly got dressed up as I came in front of the photo frame. A layer of tear covered my eyes as I saw the garland hanging on the photo frame. I folded my hands as I remembered my parents on this day…my birthday. After my parents passed away, I shifted to my maternal uncle’s (mama’s) place on his insistence. They loved me like their own son. I glanced at the clock which showed the time to be 5:30 in the morning. I descended the stairs as I expected to help my mami in the preparations. I stopped one of the servants as I asked him about her. ‘Madam has got an emergency work and hence she left,’ the servant replied. He soon started doing his work. I looked at one of the corners of the house which had been transformed into a small temple. The place was being decorated with marigold flowers. Like every year, my mami had made sure that we do a small puja before I go to attend the college.

My mama was out of city due to a business meeting and he was expected to arrive after 2 days. I decided to move back into my room when I saw him sleeping on the sofa. His one hand was dangling, touching the floor while the other one was flung across the sofa. He was lying on his chest as his position explained everything to me. I moved towards him in a rage as I shook his shoulder. ‘How dare you touch me? he pushed my hand off his shoulder. ‘Vicky,’ I shouted. He opened his eyes in a jerk as he stood up. ‘I’m sorry bro,’ he stammered but still continued, ‘I thought it was the servant.’ He lowered his gaze as I held his hand and dragged him into his room. He lurched behind as he finally managed to catch my speed. ‘Where were you last night? And you again came home in this state. How many bottles of alcohols did you gulp down?’ My eyes were pointedly looking into his eyes for an answer. I waited for a few seconds but it was of no use. My hands were suddenly held by him as he stopped me from moving out. ‘I promise bhai, I won’t repeat this. Please don’t say this to dad. He’ll not spare me.’ ‘Mama as already given you a warning and now I’m giving you the warning. Don’t dare to repeat this act.’ I came out of the room as I banged the door behind me.

I was sitting near the bedside table. I opened the drawer as I took out a photo. A curve made my features glow as I reminisced my school days with her. She was my first crush. I could never gather the courage to speak to her but here in this picture, I was standing next to her as the photographer clicked our photo. That was the last day of our school…during the farewell party. Of course, many students were standing beside us but her mere presence beside me had such an effect on me. I could feel the wave of heat on my cheeks as I had controlled my urge to jump like a maniac. But our ways parted away as we joined different colleges for our graduation. I had cried… did I? Maybe… maybe not… I frankly don’t remember. I kept the photo back as I took out another photo from the drawer. ‘I hate you,’ I muttered. Hate is really a strong word. I say this often to her photo but I know I don’t hate her I just don’t like her. I had tried to hate her but was never successful in my attempt. A few more days and then my MBA exams…after that I won’t face her ever in my life.


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  1. awsm episode bbz… i was waiting for d update egarely… thanks for d update…

  2. sorry saya by mistake i wrote bbz instead of ur name dear.. hope u dont mind that…

    1. no not at all. it’s ok janvi 🙂 🙂

  3. Awesome episode saya my sweeeeeet darling friend….thx a lottttt my dear for mentioning me in your update…wowwww awesome pov of KVB…he is orphaned n vicky is his cousin brother…KVB is an angry young man…wowwww…his first crush I
    guess that first photo was surbhi’s…but who was in the second photo? Keep it up honeyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug. muaaaaahhhhhh

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