My layered demeanour (Episode 29)


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(KVB’s pov)

After a year,

‘I love you so much. You were always there in my heart and will be always there. I know I don’t need to express my feelings through words. You are an expert in understanding what my eyes convey,’ I smiled a bit as I was uttering these words. I continued, ‘I know I hurt you that day on our date which was not really a date.’ This time I again grinned sheepishly. ‘But I was helpless to do this. There was a bomb at the place and I got to know about that just before your arrival. I knew you would surely not leave me in that crisis and I didn’t want to endanger your life so I did all that. And it was your love that I was safe.’ I took a sip of water as I looked into her lovely deep eyes. I moved forward as I pecked her on her smiling lips.

‘Stop romancing my friend,’ Shauraya uttered as he entered my room.

‘You shouldn’t enter without permission,’ I laughed as I placed Surbhi’s pic back at its place. ‘I miss her so much,’ Shauraya said as he looked sad.

‘But I don’t because she’s always there.’

My mind went one year back. Surbhi was feeling so much guilty that she had started finding about Shanaya and do repentance but she hardly knew that she was stepping into a dangerous place. One day, shanaya had called her at a place and brutally injured her. I don’t know how but Shauraya came to know where she was. I had reached at the place only to see her breathing her last. I couldn’t control myself as I hugged her injured body. ‘You’ll be fine,’ I had uttered and quickly picked her up in my arms. We were heading towards the hospital when she cupped my face. I was shedding tears being inconsolable. I couldn’t lose out on her.

‘You won’t shed a tear for me because if you’ll smile than I would smile.’ These were her last words but after that I never cried for her.

‘But how you knew that she loved you as she never said,’ Shauraya pointed out. This brought me back from my trance.

‘She said but you couldn’t hear. Her heart said it to mine.’

I smiled looking at her and went forward. ‘You know what, every difference between me and Himanshoo bhai has been resolved; me and Shauraya have become friends; my mom is finally out of coma; Himanshoo bhai is going to get married in the coming week and his relationship with Naina is getting better and most importantly that Shanaya is punished for snatching you away from me.’

I turned to go out for a meeting but stopped in midway as I once again came back to her. I caressed her cheeks as I said, ‘And yeah!! Everyone is happy baby.’ My heart smiled as I said the word baby to her. I was saying this word after such a long time.

‘I love you and I’m not reminding you. I say it because I want you to know that you are the best thing that have ever happened to me.’
A/N: My adieu guys. This was the last update. Hope you all liked this journey. Thanks for supporting me and my big thanks to zuha, Roma, Sunehri, Nusz and Mannat for always motivating me through your comments. Adieu to TU. This was my most probably last ff but i’ll surely come and comment for those few ff’s that i read.

Credit to: saya

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  1. Nusz Khan

    Hey Saya so sorry for the late comment.

    I was so damn busy lol, but you ended to soon… But please come back with another if you can.

    But first of all I loved this episode was much I will surely miss this Fan-Fiction.

    It was a great Fan-Fiction under Qubool Hai!!! Miss you already Saya.

    If you can please do make Skype and we can talk their 24/7.

    Love you aha.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

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