My layered demeanour (Episode 28)


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(Surbhi’s pov)
I was sitting in a café with my friends and this was the umpteenth time that he was calling me. He had driven me crazy from the past three days. Where I was? What I was doing? With whom I was? When would I return? These were some of the questions fired by him. I rejected his call but he again called me back. This time I threw the phone in rage on the ground. I calmed a bit, collected my phone, made an excuse to my friends and dashed to his house. I shouted out his name and he came out. I just wanted to slap him for his behaviour. ‘What’s all this Karan? Stop behaving like a possessive freak.’

‘Oops! I thought that you might have enjoyed all this… my attention.’

‘Attention… my foot.’ I stomped my foot as I said.

‘Oh. That means you didn’t like it. Have you ever then given a thought as to how others feel through your possessive streak?’

I recollected his words, still standing in a daze. How much I have been wrong? I realized that to what extent this nature of mine has affected everyone. Bhai and even Shanaya. I rushed to home with only apologizes with me. I apologized to everyone and decided to be a better me and get a hold on this streak of mine. I had realized that love is not about controlling someone. Whoever comes in and goes but the feelings will remain the same. The love in our heart for our loved ones is not so week that it gets affected and wild start dwindling.

(Shauraya’s pov)

‘I know he’s nice but I just cannot get engaged. I’m not ready. Do whatever you want but please stop this engagement.’

I raised my brows as I heard her “do-whatever-you-want”. ‘I mean do something positive and good,’ she rephrased her words.

‘But what.’

‘Maybe dad’s doing this under pressure. Dad has always been under Mr. Khanna. You need to find the missing link. I had somewhat similar intentions in joining his office. I thought that I would lay my hands up on some important documents and would be able to blackmail but I was unsuccessful. Now, please you help me.’


I straightaway went to Mr. Khanna’s house and I knew exactly what to do. My dad’s friend was among the one’s wo had a major share in his industry. If he would back out, then it would have been a threatening call to him. When I blackmailed him regarding the same, he was pretty quick to open his mouth. Mr. Khanna had been blackmailing Surbhi’s dad because of a blue film of his that Mr. Khanna had with him. In order to save his prestige and keep his family together, he did as Mr. Khanna said.

I took all the evidences from him. I knew that he wouldn’t dare to cross me. I confronted Surbhi’s dad who apologized. I could feel the repentance in his voice and the remorse he was having. I decided to bury this hatched then and there as I knew Surbhi would never forgive her dad after knowing that his dad had a one-night fling with a woman. I didn’t want to mar their relationship further. I also requested her dad to break the engagement.

As I had thought, she got to know that her dad broke this engagement. Somewhere, I could feel that she was not completely happy.

(KVB’s pov)

I caressed my mom’s hair as I got to know from doctor that she was finally showing some improvement. This was the right time for my revenge. Revenge for my mom’s state, revenge for my father’s dad, revenge for attempting to kill me twice… blo*dy revenge.

I entered his cabin and was busy in his calls. I smirked as I witnessed the tension on his face. I was sure that he might have got the news by now. ‘Congratulations, mamaji,’ I clapped as I cherished his defeat. ‘Shush,’ I put my finger on lips as I gestured him to remain quite. I moved ahead and sat on his chair, looking at him at my mercy.

‘Why did you do this to me? I’m your mama.’

I slammed my hand on the table hard. ‘Why the hell did you do this with me? I was like your son for you, right?’ ‘Wrong,’ I sneered.

‘You never once thought about anyone.’

‘Just shut up Mr. Khurana. Get the hell out of here before I kick you out.’

After an hour, Vicky entered all enraged at me. I threw all the proofs in front of him… proofs which screamed how his dad used to work under my dad; proof of how he tried to kill my dad when he came to know about his (Vicky’s dad) misdeeds; proof of how my mother survived the accident and he provided the necessary treatment but kept me away from my own mom citing that she was dead; proof of how he brought me to his home just to lay his hands up on my property; proof of how he tried to murder me when I got to know about most of the things.

After he had seen all the proofs, I said, ‘That’s why I leaked important information about Khurana industries into the market which led to a drastic fall in its shares. The company will now never be able to get back its lost stature. And the company which have its pillars made of forgery and other evils will always fall one day.’

Vicky started apologizing for his dad’s mistake but he and his mom was never at fault. I produced the proofs in front of police and he was now getting a reward of his doings.


Credit to: saya

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