My layered demeanour (Episode 26)

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(Himanshoo’s pov)

‘You’ll come along.’

‘Are you crazy?’

‘Come. Come. Come.’

‘Leave my hand. What will I do there?’

‘How can I go alone? Be a little considerate.’

I kept my hands on my ears in order to prevent myself from getting deaf. I had just entered the living room when I saw this visual. Sweety was dragging Shaurya by holding his arm and urging him to go somewhere. ‘Stop screaming,’ I shouted at them. They both stopped as I reprimanded them for their actions. ‘Where are you heeded to?’ I asked Sweety.

‘I…I…I’m going to meet my friend,’ she replied in a stuttering tone.

‘At this time… 8:30,’ I replied looking at the time. ‘You’re not going anywhere.’ I instructed her.

‘But it’s really important, Bhai. That’s why I’m taking Shauraya along with me.’

‘Fine. But pick up my call when I ring you in. And yes, also some guards will be accompanying you both.’

‘But bhai…’

‘Shut up.’

(Surbhi’s pov)

I read the name as I calmed myself a bit. I had instructed the guards to wait for me at the parking area and hence warded them off. I looked at an irritated Shauraya as he shooted his angry glares at me. I smiled cheekily at him as I held his hand and entered the restaurant. ‘Don’t worry dear. You enjoy billiards and other stuff. I’ll be back shortly.’

I moved forward when I was greeted by the manager. He directed me towards a reserved area. I moved towards a table. He was dressed in a white tuxedo with gelled hairs. His eyes conveying a lot more to me. He extended his hand to me. I gently placed my hand in his and he led me forward. ‘Why are your hands so cold?’ he commented. I quickly drew my hand back as I nervously took a seat. I roved my eyeballs to the surroundings in order to avoid contact with his eyes. ‘The place is so sober,’ I uttered.

‘I’m not proposing you,’ he sneered. ‘Anyways, why are you dressed like this.’ I was actually dressed in a plain jumpsuit.

‘We’re not on a date,’ I mockingly replied to him.

He flinched his eyebrows as he let out a gentle laughter. We ordered some food as we began having it. Surprisingly, we both had nothing to say as our eyes did the work.

‘Hi sweetheart.’ My eyes traced the source of the voice. A girl all dressed up came running towards us and hugged Karan. I was more shocked when she pecked him on his lips. I stood up in a rage as he held her by the waist and passed a smile at her. I picked up the wine glass from the table and threw the wine on his face. I stomped out of there when he held my hand and pulled me towards him.

‘Don’t you dare do this.’

‘You’re hurting me,’ I uttered as his grip tightened on my arms. I tried to jerk him off but he eventually left my arm.

‘You know what, both your eyes and words are contradictory. I don’t know why are you doing this but…’ I couldn’t complete my words and I left the place wiping off that one tear that had escaped betraying me. ‘Surbhi doesn’t cry for anyone except two people in this world.’ I had muttered in order to calm myself.

A/N: Again no precap guys. I thought and wrote the episode on the go. And sorry for being late… just not in the mood to write these days. I guess I’m too lazy.

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  1. Nusz Khan

    Muahhhhh Saya! xx

    You rocked this episode, but it was short aha.

    I know you’re busy so I don’t mind but when I get bored sometimes I read your episodes over again xx.

    Can’t wait for the next update and also by tomorrow Destiny Vs Love will be finally updated xx

    Love you and take care xx.


    1. He- he. Sorry for keeping it short. I thought this would be enough to post ??. Thanks for the lovely comment and I’m happy that you re read it sometimes. waiting for your ff ??
      love you too and take care

  2. Amazing! No words 🙂

    Love u

    Sunehri mehta (sunuzurahsanjokrilima besties forever ) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Thanks sunehri ??
      Love you too

  3. Mannat

    Hey says you finally updated it ….. thanks for updating …. your this episode was like crossing a boundary line ….. it was just an amazing dear … you know you have superb writing skills …. and don’t say you are lazy … because human nature is like this only …. we easily get bored of doing one task …. … take your time and write ….

    1. Thanks for that lovely comment ?? . Am overwhelmed
      Thanks for understanding my lazy nature ??

  4. So sorrryyyyy for being late?? But the episode was rocking! Thumbs up to you ?? And don’t worry about the short update? And yeah sometimes I also feel lazt to write ??? And yeah I have posted my “Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction”
    And here is the link for you ?;
    I hope you will read it, and looking forward to your comment?

    1. Hey, you don’t need to be sorry. You can comment any time. ?
      Thanks for the lovely comment and yeah, I’ll surely read the episode and comment there. ??

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