My layered demeanour (Episode 25)

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(Vicky’s pov)

She had called me to her house to talk something important. I entered her apartment and was surprised seeing some people packing stuff and loading into trucks. ‘What’s all this?’ I questioned seeing her locking the house.

‘We are shifting from this place to another house. Bhai doesn’t like this house.’

‘Ok. But why did you call me here?’

She handed over a letter to me. After thinking for a few seconds, she said, ‘This is my resignation letter. I don’t need this job anymore. Now, don’t ask for any reason.’

‘Ok,’ I gave in even before giving an attempt. ‘Don’t tell me this but tell me where you all went after party?’

‘You don’t need to know all this.’

‘No one tells me anything,’ I crossed my arms and sulked at what she told me.

‘Aww! So cute,’ she exclaimed and started laughing.

‘This is not cute and stop laughing,’ I retorted back.

She pulled my cheeks as she said, ‘No one is telling you for a reason. Don’t let your hands get dirty in this murkier battle.’ I couldn’t counter to what she said. She bid me farewell as she went towards Shauraya who was waiting for her.


(KVB’s pov)
I was in office working on my laptop but my concentration was not there. I stared at the wallpaper. We were both hand in hand, looking into each other’s eye. The picture sent me back to the party moments a few days back when we were doing the same dance. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door which distracted me. Vicky entered the room and handed over a letter to me. ‘What’s this? I questioned as I began opening it up. I lifted up the letter in front of my face in order to hide my expressions from Vicky. My mouth was left hung open as I read it entirely. I composed myself as I asked him, ‘But why?’

‘I don’t know as she didn’t tell me.’

‘Ok.’ I got up from my place as I proceeded towards door when Vicky questioned me, ‘Where are you going bhai?’

‘Nothing important.’

‘You’ll not find her there.’ I looked at him surprisingly when he said that. How came he knew where I was heading to? Were my actions so obvious? He further said, ‘She has shifted her house.’

‘I was not going to meet her,’ I refuted his claims and went out. But then I returned back to him and asked, ‘What’s her new address?’

He chuckled looking at me. I hid my discomfort as I pleaded him to reply quickly. He told the address and I ran out of there.


(Surbhi’s pov)
We had shifted to our new house. I was sitting on the swing chair with Shauraya in the lawn. Bhai had gone out for some work. We three were living in a rented farmhouse. I went towards the kitchen to get a glass of water when I saw him standing at the door. Is it my hallucination? How can Karan be here? I pinched myself to realize that it wasn’t any dream of sort. I panicked seeing him as I asked, ‘How come you are here?’ He told that he was let in by the servant who was about to call me.

‘What do you need?’ I questioned.

‘Your time,’ he replied. I looked at him with wide eyes as he re-phrased himself, ‘I mean let’s go out for dinner.’

‘Are you asking me out?’ I questioned him. He was pretty gutsy, I must admit.

‘Hmm. You can say so.’

‘Sorry. I cannot come.’

He moved a step closer as I took one back. I looked into his intense black eyes. He encircled my waist with his arms as he pulled me in closer. ‘I’ll wait for you at restaurant Refereno. Do come at sharp 9. Otherwise, I’ll come at your house and I hope that you won’t like a showdown between your brother and me.’ He smiled as he moved in closer and placed a peck on my cheeks. He moved backwards still holding my gaze. I placed my hand on the cheek where he had kissed. I ran my hands on the arms to calm down the goose-bumps. ‘Did he just blackmail me? What does he think of himself? I won’t go.’ I looked from the window at his car moving away.


No precap.

i haven’t decided anything.

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